Blog Monthly Growth Reports

I was in blogging field for more than three years, and recently turned into Full-Time Blogger, and I think it’s the right time to publish blogging monthly growth reports.

I term growth as

  • Increase in traffic.
  • Growth in income.
  • Increase in Email subscribers.
  • Growth of the brand.

blog monthly growth reports

Inspired by many people like Matthew woodward posting income reports monthly, I thought to do such thing in a different manner.

One of the hardest thing I’m facing till now even as a Full-time blogger is Laziness.

It keeps me distracting whenever I blog, and I thought posting growth report makes a change in my blogging career since posting growth reports keepsĀ a pressure on me since I need to show growth, and so I can’t give a damn to my laziness.

Let’s wait for few month and I will tell you whether it worked or not. Meanwhile, I challenge my fellow bloggers to post such reports and track your growth.