A2 Hosting Review – Stunning SSD Hosting & Solid Uptime

Being stunned by its performance, I'm updating A2 Hosting review based on my experience and my customer feedback.

A2 Hosting probably received a positive response from my New Zealand clients, and you can find what I love and hate about a2hosting ( learn more ) in this review from bloggingio.

A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting is a matured web hosting with ultra modern technology, and it's one out of few companies which implement the latest advanced techniques to their servers.  Let's check out A2 hosting review below.


A2 Hosting History

During August 2001, Iniquity ( the former name for A2 Hosting) started to host few sites. While the company was grown to host thousands of websites within a short span of 2 years, they want to go global, and they named the brand as A2 Hosting.

From the initial stage onwards, they are developer friendly, and they are the one who started using PHP5 first on their servers. They grew their business as a storm and getting a positive reply all over the web. At 2011, they began providing VPS Hosting for the clients.

2013 is the year where SSD drives becoming quite popular and costs 5x than the traditional drives. However, that doesn't stop A2 Hosting for using SSD drives on their servers. The good thing is that they are using SSD drives for their shared web Hosting too while many big brands promoted by gurus don't even have SSD drives.

SSD drives are known for its speed. By survey, SSD drives act 300 % faster than traditional hard drives used by your old-aged Web hosting company.

At 2015, they have become one of the reputed hosting company with 24 x 7 x 365 guru technical support. Let's look at the a2 hosting review below.

A2 Hosting Plans

A2 Hosting offers six different Hosting to customers.They are

1. Shared webHosting

2. VPS Hosting

3. Managed VPS Hosting

4. Reseller Hosting

5. Dedicated Hosting

6. Cloud Hosting

They are providing 51% off on all types of Hosting plans exclusive for bloggingio customers.

Let’s have a look at their Shared Web Hosting plans


I recommend you to buy Swift Plan for $4.90/month where you can get
  • Unlimited SSD disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains Allowed

If you want your site to be 20% faster than others, then you can opt for Turbo plan.

A2 Hosting Review – Features

#1 Up To 300% Faster SSDs

Some hosts claim to offer Solid State Drive Hosting but only host your OS or MySQL databases, not your files. A2 Hosting uses SSD for everything, so you get the biggest speed boost possible. That's why their SSD Hosting loads pages faster than its competitors.

Research conducted by PrestaShop, A2 Hosting outperforms all other companies since standard hard drives can only perform hundreds of input/output operations per second, SSDs can deliver thousands every second!

This is what I loved to write first in my a2hosting review post, and you can learn more about it here.

#2 Turbo Option – Up To 20X Faster

According to an Aberdeen Group study, just a 1-second page load delay can cause a:

  • 7% decrease in your conversion rate
  • 16% drop in visitor satisfaction
  • 11% fewer page views
  • A potential drop in search engine rankings.

Don't fall victim to a conservative host. Choose A2 Hosting! Their Turbo servers provide a drop-in Apache replacement that load pages up to 20X faster page loads compared to standard hosting. Turbo Hosting comes with

  • Fewer users per server
  • SwiftCache – Powered By APC/OPcache & Turbo Cache
  • Hosted on SwiftServer SSDs
  • Uses less CPU and memory than Apache
  • Handles connections faster and more efficiently
  • Provides enhanced stability.

Get your website hosted on the fastest servers in the world

#3 SwiftCache – Site Accelerator Option

Unlike other hosts not allowing caching solutions on shared servers, Turbo customers get access to their exclusive SwiftCache Site Accelerator. Their SwiftCache cPanel plugin provides pre-configured caching for your applications from a single interface for even faster page loads.

SwiftCache Options:

  • Turbo Cache – Automatically detects your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! And WooCommerce installations. The entire HTML contents of a page are stored in Turbo Cache and served without running PHP for up to 20X faster page loads.
  • OPcache/APC – External tests show OPcache can cut PHP page response time in half. OPcache comes pre-configured with PHP 5.5 while APC is available on earlier PHP versions.

#4 Priority Plus Resources

Priority Plus doubles your CPU cores and adds GB of RAM to your account so you’ll be able to maintain your site’s speed during traffic spikes.

Have you heard any such company offering such extra things during traffic spikes ? Most hosting companies will ask you to upgrade to VPS but A2 hosting is not like your old host.

Learn More

#5 High-Performance Swift Servers

You don't like slow websites. Neither do your visitors. The bottom line is if your site loads slowly, your visitors and potential customers will just hit the back button on their browser to find a different site.

a2 hosting review and comparsions

As a product of 10+ years of experience, their SwiftServers come fine-tuned for performance and your account includes speed boosting tools. SwiftServers features:

#6 Free Content Delivery Network

Wouldn't it be great if you could boost your site's performance and security for free? Do just that when opting into CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN). Their CDN is a group of servers connected worldwide that automatically determines the fastest route to deliver your site to your visitors.

A2 Hosting's CDN Benefits

  • Increased Site Speed – Pretty cool, right?
  • Enhanced Security – CloudFlare CDN recognizes and blocks many malicious threats before they can even reach your site.
  • Easy Setup – Click the CloudFlare icon in your control panel for a 1-click CDN setup.
  • Increased Uptime – If one CDN server is unavailable, your site's traffic is automatically routed through the next nearest server.
  • Free – Other hosts charge for CDN access. Go free Now.

#7 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support

REAL US-Based Support. They never Outsource! 

Submit a ticket. Email them. Call them. Chat with them. Post on their forum. Wherever you are. Whenever you need us, 24/7/365.

They’re here for you! They‘re here for you at 3:00 AM, when the ball drops on New Years Eve or even on February 29th.

They’ve hand-selected our support technicians. The Guru Crew is here to track down the solution to your hosting questions. Whether you need advanced PHP Hosting support or have a question about how to get your blog set up, the Guru Crew is here.

#8 Up To 6X Faster – A2 Optimized

A2 Optimized is a best WordPress plugin, exclusive to A2 Hosting customers, providing auto-configuration for your site, so you get the best WordPress performance. With auto-optimizations like compression and caching, you can turn your focus to building your site and writing content.

#10 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Their network mostly gives you 99% uptime due to their 24x7x365 working hours, there will be technical persons all time round the clock, and they won't let you down.

A2 Hosting Data Centers

In this a2 hosting review post, I thought to mention their data center features and locations. They exclusively own all of their web servers. Each server is ultra-reliable, expertly tuned by the team of engineers and monitored 24/7/365. This way you can be confident A2 Hosting securely hosts your crucial websites, files and data.

Primary Data Center Location

  • USA – South field, Michigan

Additional Data Center

  • Europe – Amsterdam
  • Asia – Singapore.

Some of their data center pictures

a2 hosting review

Some more pictures from their official website.

A2 Hosting Review- Reactions

Check out some fresh a2hosting reviews from Social Sites.

Someone at IM forum dropped a great comment which shows how much he is confident of A2 Hosting.

a2hosting review

a2hosting review ssd

A2 Hosting Pricing

Since I recommended Swift Plan, which costs you $4.90/month only when you use this link with coupon code FLEET51 . Now you can buy hosting for $62 for 12 months while Hostgator / Bluehost costs around $95 for the same configuration and that too without 300% Faster SSD Hosting.

Now the choice is your's What are you going to choose?

Faster Moderately priced Web Hosting vs. Slower over priced Web Hosting?

Try a2 hosting with 45 days money back guarantee


1. Click below to copy the coupon code and then choose your preferred plan ( Lite , Swift or Turbo )

Your exclusive coupon – FLEET51

Your exclusive link – https://bloggingio.com/exclusive/a2hosting

2. Enter your domain name and you will get the order summary like below , pay for the hosting.




A2 Hosting is good regarding Unlimited space, domains,SSD Hosting, Uptime and customer support. I didn’t find any problem with them and hoped you too will have good experience with them.

Competitors like BlueHost, Hostgator offers such plans for $95, but a2 hosting comes with 51% Off price and that too recurring discount. So it's the best Web Hosting regarding pricing too. Don’t regret to buy a2 Hosting and  If you have questions regarding A2 Hosting,  shout your questions in comments.

A2Hosting Hosting

A2Hosting Hosting

Blazing Fast SSD


    24/7/365 support


      99.9 Uptime


        Turbo Servers - 20% improved speed


          RAID-10 Storage



            • 300% Faster SSD Hosting
            • Never sleeping Support
            • Exclusive plugin to speed up site
            • Reasonable Low Price
            • Fastest Shared SSD Hosting


            • Nothing to Mention
            Mohan Raj

            Mohan Raj Minimalist Internet Entreprenuer

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            John B - August 7, 2015

            if anybody want a fast and reliable Web Hosting then A2 Hosting is the King of Hosting. Notable Mentions about SSD.As you mentioned, SSD will overtake every website in google .

            Ashley Jones - July 27, 2016

            I am looking for a multiple domain plan. I decided to go with Bluehost but now I am in confusion. Can you please suggest Bluehost or Hostgator? Which among two is the best and can easily cator high audience and with no downtime?

              Mohan Raj - July 27, 2016

              Since you asked best of two, I suggest you to go with Bluehost . Apart from your suggestion, I don’t recommend it and will let you suggest you a2 hosting or Fastcomet

            Fakharuddin - July 31, 2016

            Hello Mohan,
            Excellent and true review about A2Hosting. I’m also using their shared hosting packages for several of my website. I’m really satisfied with A2Hosting shared server respond time and awesome up-time. Professional bloggers should consider A2Hosting for better loading time, better server up-time and site security.

              Mohan Raj - August 1, 2016

              A2 Hosting performs way better than many companies and that’s why I love using and promoting it 🙂

            Chiyo - August 6, 2016

            I have a prestashop currently hosted with ipage. First, its good but then turn into nightmare when my shop getting bigger. I plan to move other hosting, was thinking a2hosting or fast comit hosting. I read good feedbacks about fastcomit but realize may it was fake. Now Im confuse which i will choose coz they both have good feedbacks and great bundles. Anyone can help? Please no fake feedbacks for the sake of affiliate please.

              Mohan Raj - August 6, 2016

              First of all thanks for commenting and I know how it hurt when you bought wrong products promoted by someone. I only promote products that I use for long term. For example, I promoted Fastcomet only after using it for over 90 days and same regarding a2 hosting.

              As a common man’s answer, I would recommend both a2 hosting and Fastcomet since both rocks regarding customer support and performance.
              If you are on a budget, I suggest going with Fastcomet else you can choose A2 Hosting.

              There is a 45 days money back guarantee ; you can opt out of their services

            Bryan - September 19, 2016

            I would recommend A2 hosting to anyone out there. My site was experiencing some issues until i was told that it was an overloading error. Thanks to the guys at the A2 hosting they corrected the problem by removing a bad wp plugin embedded in my site, My site is bug-free right now. I didn’t have a clue on how to do this myself. Litespeed server, Unlimited bandwidth … I mean you get a lot of cool add-on features that comes with their package. It’s worth the price.

            Habibur - November 25, 2016

            Hi Mohan,
            A2Hosting one of the best hosting provider. You highlights their services perfectly and I think their service great for me. I hope to purchase their hosting plan. Thanks for share your own experience.

            Tanmay - May 21, 2017

            hey Mohan
            I really find your post very informative thank you
            keep it up for the good work

              Mohan Raj - May 21, 2017

              Our A2 Hosting reviews will be updated soon with uptime reports, speed of the servers and more about their customer support. Stay tuned.


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