A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever?

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review

In this post, I reviewed the new A2 Hosting Turbo Max. The plan was launched recently with an improvement over A2 Hosting Shared Hosting services.

Being an existing customer, I got this email and immediately tried them for our site. As you can see, A2 claims the Turbo plan comes with 2x faster first byte and 40 faster CPU Processing and able to handle 9x more concurrent users.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 1
A2 Turbo Email.

This A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review talks about

  • Overview
  • Resource allocation
  • Uptime & Response time
  • TTFB Checker
  • All other features

Let's dive into the review.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review

What is A2 Hosting Turbo Max?

A2 Hosting Turbo Max is the fastest shared hosting launched from A2. The plan emphasizes the very best tech stacks that can improve your site speed, just out of the box.

1. A2 Optimized WordPress Setup

The USP of A2 Hosting is there Optimized WordPress Setup. Many companies like Cloudways follow such setup now but A2 was a pioneer to introduce this optimized setup for so long years.

What is special? Unlike basic setup via cPanel, A2 Hosting does the automatically optimized setup that can work just out of the box. You don't need caching plugins to configure your sites.

A2 uses W3TC plugin for optimization and this is how the setup works. You can play around the options and choose the best optimization for your site needs.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 2

Turbo Cache is an interesting option which works this way: The first time a page is requested: a static copy of the html to display the page is stored on the server. Subsequent requests to pages that have been cached are served from the copy instead of running the scripts and database queries over and over again.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 3

2. Fastest Server Performance

While A2 Drive & Startup plan itself do wonders when it comes to performance, A2 Hosting Turbo Max has scaled up the game among competitors.

The website was hosted on A2 Michigan DC and check the Time-to-first-byte (TTFB) across US & UK locations.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 4

The results are impressive considering the site works without CDN. To double confirm, I run the site on different tools to measure TTFB.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 5
With Physical server location in the US, the London location recorded the same TTFB as the US which is impressive.
A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 6
GtMetrix reports 150ms TTFB checked from Dallas Location

The Overall results are interesting and I can definitely recommend them if someone looks for cheapest yet fastest shared hosting.

3. Stable Uptime

A2 Hosting uptime is great providing 100% throughout our testing period. I choose a minute downtime checkup the tool checks the site every 60 seconds. I also put the site to test on our secondary monitoring tool and all I can say, the uptime is 100%.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 7
This is two days of tracking. Give me some 15 days, I will update with more data backed screenshot.

Since Turbo Max is their plan, lesser sites deployed per server, thus uptime never gets affected.

4. Latest Tech Stacks

If you look at A2, all they talk is about Speed. If you go back through history, they are the first host to introduce SSD in 2013 and also the first host to add the latest PHP versions on the site for performance improvement.

Thus in 2020, the Turbo plans come loaded with LiteSpeed webserver which is 70x faster than Apache and 20x faster than Nginx. Even a few people claim Nginx is greater than LiteSpeed but also admits Nginx requires some tweak in setup but LiteSpeed just works out of the box.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 8

That's the reason many companies are opting for LiteSpeed based server architecture for faster performance. Note, A2 only uses LiteSpeed on Turbo plan while the cheaper plans comes with Apache Web Servers.

The addition of NVMe SSD is another milestone in A2. Since they own & operate their data centers, A2 makes aggressive changes than other hosts which rents DC from third party providers.

NVMe SSD is 20x faster than normal SSD and 100x faster than traditional HDDs. Since NVMe is deployed, the processing is faster, thus A2 Turbo got a faster performance at the server level.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 9

Quic is the latest HTTP protocol which is the successor of HTTP/2. A2 is one of the fewest hosting companies on the planet to deploy Quic. The greater benefits are HTTP/3 delivers files 20% – 30% faster than HTTP/2.

5. A2 Comes with Great Support

With my six years of experience with them, I have no big complaints. Sometime the chat queue will be long, so I waited for a few times to chat with the agent. The support will be usually quick and fix the issues by themselves instead of throwing you a link that teaches how to fix the issue.

Most of the issues are automatically fixed after sending an formal email regarding the same.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 10

They also check outdated applications and notify the same via email

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 11

You can also perform manual scan on your website to fix issues through their inbuilt PostMan security tool.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 12

On a whole, A2 Hosting truly live by the word, “Managed Hosting” and offers the best value of money.

A2 Turbo Max Perks

The first and foremost thing is DDOS protection. A2 enabled DDOS protection by default on their servers which saves you a lot of cost and time, if in case of an attack.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Can you any other host with such an awesome feature focused towards customers goodwill? If you have paid annually yet needed an refund, A2 Hosting will provide your pro-rated refund by calculating pending months. In fact, I had an extra account which got renewed automatically and I requested for an refund and no surpise here, they never asked an question and refunded the entire amount.

Free Site Transfer. No matter how big or small your sites, A2 does zero downtime site migration at ease. Make sure you choose the right data center while signing up as there is a DC transfer charge if you wish to change later.

Cons of A2 Turbo

1. Typical Shared Hosting Limits

This is not A2 specific but the limit of shared hosting. The server is not auto-scalable, that means, if your site gets huge traffic, there are chances of your site goes down.

However, to overcome this, A2 provides a “Performance Plus” addon service that can maintain server speed during a traffic spike. I'm not sure how it works and a better one needs a Managed Hosting that can be auto-scalable.

A2 Turbo Max Pricing

The A2 Turbo Max starts from $14.99/month for long term billing while the monthly billing will be $24.99.

A2 Hosting Turbo Max Review: Fastest Shared Host Ever? 13

The pricing is similar to the starter plans of Managed WordPress Hosting companies like WP Engine, Kinsta but offers unlimited NVMe space and unlimited site hosting.


This A2 Turbo plans can be a great alternative to SiteGround GoGeek plan as the pricing was increased last month.

With Anytime Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and get started with A2 Turbo now with 40% Off on first-year billing.