3 Best AAWP Alternatives 2023

When it comes to creating product feature boxes, the AAWP WordPress Plugin is a valuable tool that makes the job much easier. However, AAWP may not work for everyone. 

Here is the list of AAWP alternatives to look at. 

AAWP WordPress Plugin Alternative

1. Lasso

In my review, Lasso is my overall best AAWP alternative plugin. Lasso helps increase your click-through rates for your affiliate products, making it easier to monetize your content. There are various features incorporated into the core of this Lasso WordPress plugin. 



  • Innovative Displays. Have partnership with other content providers to produce eye-catching affiliate link display advertisements to raise your website's credibility and boost your Click Through Rate (CTR).
  • Dashboard. Your master affiliate links inventory, with the location and status of each link included, all laid out for you.
  • Profit and Market Opportunities. Quickly turn all your link and keyword rich content into affiliate links using a single tool.
  • Amazon Integration. Lasso and Amazon affiliate connections make things automatically keep up to date.
  • Link Cloaking. Instead of using the permalink provided by each affiliate link, use your own unique URL so you can control the look of your URLs.

Personal Experience:

I've been using Lasso on many sites, and more than conversions, it saves my time. The product box creation can be done in seconds, way faster than any other tool in the market. Below is my Lasso dashboard.

3 Best AAWP Alternatives 2023 1

It also scans all the Amazon links and notifies you the out of stocks products. On one of our sites, there are 470 out of stock products, and it also shows locations (list of URLs) wherever the product box is placed. Now, I can replace the product in the product box, and voila, the same will be updated on all the URLs. No more manual work of editing each post separately.

3 Best AAWP Alternatives 2023 2


Lasso offers an Intercom powered live chat option available inside the Lasso WordPress plugin page, or you can also login to app.getlasso.co to contact the support.

3 Best AAWP Alternatives 2023 3

There are also knowledge base and how-to instructions for everything you might experience within the range of their services.

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2. AzonPress WordPress Plugin

The cheaper alternative to AAWP is AzonPress. AzonPress is a WordPress plugin that helps Amazon affiliates manage their accounts. AzonPress claims to improve your revenue by at least 250%. AzonPress integrates simplicity and capability. This plugin's features range from simplified affiliate processes to advanced functionality.



  • Geo-Targeting. AzonPress allows you to control your affiliate links' geo-targeting. You can send traffic from one country to another.
  • Comparison Tables. Using responsive comparison tables will help your viewers make informed selections and instinctively hit the Buy button.
  • User-friendly Plugin. The AzonPress plugin was designed for both expert and beginning users. So, anyone may use this plugin to grow their business.
  • Shortcode-enabled. With AzonPress' Shortcode feature, you may reuse product specifications and tables. It's as simple as copying and pasting the shortcodes.
  • Accurate Tracking. No more manually tracking affiliate links. Amazon can now track referral links from your site with AzonPress.


  • Single Site – $31 per year
  • Agency – $63 per year
  • Unlimited – $127 per year


You can open support tickets on AzonPress, where you can look into and solve every concern you have. Additionally, they provide a FAQ page to save you time by providing simple solutions to your questions, as well as frequently asked ones. When you purchase with AzonPress, you have a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

My Personal Experience:

In a nutshell, AzonPress is the cheaper alternative to AAWP. If you want to save costs by moving away from AAWP, then this should be your choice. Not feature wise, there won't be a big difference between both the plugins. I've been personally using them on four of our sites.

3 Best AAWP Alternatives 2023 4

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3. Content Egg Pro WordPress Plugin

Content Egg Pro is the next best AAWP alternative on my list.

Content Egg is an all-in-one content solution that includes websites focusing on profit from online advertising, affiliate websites, comparison websites, and product reviews.

Affiliates who utilize Content Egg have to deal with a less intimidating interface while setting up affiliate websites, which translates to substantial time and money saved in the process.



  • Responsive templates. Blocks for product output that are designed for all users. It is compatible with all themes.
  • Search filters. Filter your searches by using the following parameters: price range, discount, merchant, and CC license.
  • Links cloaking. Make your affiliate links more successful by including a redirect at your affiliate link.
  • Offer module. In manual mode, you can add new offers as well (option for price update is available).
  • AMP & SSL ready. Simplify the web pages so they are both user-friendly and informative.
  • Up-to-date products. Scheduled automated updates will include all offers, discounts, and pricing.


  • CE Pro Plugin: 1 site – $49.99 per year
  • CE Pro Plugin: 3 sites – $69.99 per year
  • CE Pro Plugin: 10 sites – $99.99 per year
  • CE + AE + CTracker plugins – $99.99 per year


Content Egg customer service can be reached by submitting a ticket on their official page. Content Egg is responsive to pre-sale and post-sale questions. The user guide and other technical support are available on their documentation page.

Personal Experience:

ContentEgg is my go to plugin whenever I need to display Amazon product deals with pricing. I've been using them on four sites and am completely satisfied with how it grows my income.

3 Best AAWP Alternatives 2023 5

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What is an Amazon affiliate program?

First of all, let's briefly discuss what is an Amazon affiliate program and why WordPress plugins are needed?

Many affiliate programs rank Amazon Associates as one of the most popular in the world. Amazon's affiliate program represents 33% of all sites with links to this as well. Dating those two points, we see that more than 27 million websites are currently utilizing WordPress as their content management system (CMS), and because of that, a huge lot of people want to utilize an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin.

What is the AAWP WordPress Plugin?

AAWP is the most popular WordPress amazon affiliate plugin for professional Amazon affiliate marketers. If used adequately, this plugin significantly boosts specialty site income. Worldwide bloggers and Amazon affiliate marketers prefer it for its real-time data, unique design, adjustable settings, and user interface.

There are several ways to increase your amazon affiliate commission. Also, this plugin is great for low-traffic sites. An increase in click-through rate means more earnings.

Which is the Right AAWP Alternative for you?

For our overall verdict, Lasso is a top choice if you are looking for complex features to enhance your content. AzonPress is also a good AAWP alternative if you are tight on the budget. Last but never least, Content Egg is a user-friendly choice that caters to experts and beginners.

Affiliate plugins can be found all over the internet for various affiliate programs. However, it is challenging to look for successful affiliate sites. In this guide, we hope we have helped you find the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. 

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