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How To View Instagram Private And Public Account Anonymously?

Discovering genuine motives for anonymously viewing someone's Instagram profile can be curious. However, the question remains: How can one discreetly explore private and public Instagram accounts without leaving a trace? Worry not; this article aims to provide you with various anonymous Instagram viewer alternatives, enabling you to peruse others' profiles incognito and without detection.

How To View Instagram Private And Public Account Anonymously?

1. Get Help From A Search Engine

You can get to know almost everything you need by searching the web. With that in mind, you can search for the person online. 

Let us spread light on how to do that;

Step 1 – Go to your Google Chrome or a web browser of your choice

Open Google Chrome

Step 2 – Type the Instagram username of the person whose profile you want to snoop into on the search bar

How To View Instagram Private And Public Account Anonymously? 1

Step 3 – Press enter 

Press enter

The web results might contain some Instagram photos, videos, or posts published by them. However, we cannot expect accurate results all the time, especially if you are searching for a person who has a private account.  

But this method would work fine if you search for a famous personality. Their multiple photos will appear on the search results, and you can view them without following their accounts.

2. Use Your Friend’s Account

Send request

Though sending a friend request for a private account to see the profile, photos, and Instagram video is an easier option, it is not an ideal choice if you want to view it anonymously or if your Instagram account was compromised

Therefore, using one of your close friends accounts (with permission) to view someones Instagram story, highlight, or profile and what they post would be a better choice.

However, your friend must be one of their Instagram followers already, or else your friend must send a request for them to know about their current status and updates. You would be lucky if the person accepted your friend’s request when you were online. 

Alternatively, you should be aware that the person you want to watch anonymously should not know you are using your friend’s account to view their Instagram photos and videos. Therefore, this method involves a little bit of risk.

3. Check Other Social Media Platforms

If there is a situation where you cannot send them an Instagram request and track their activities or photos, you can track them down on their social media networks. 

That is, you can see if they have posted any photos or videos on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

How To View Instagram Private And Public Account Anonymously? 2

(Note: you can view photos and videos of an Instagram user only if you are a friend or follower or else if their account is a public profile) 

Suppose the person has blocked you on all their social media, then this method does not suit you, so jump down to the next one!

4. Sign Up For A Fake Account.

If your friend did not agree to use their account to view someone’s profile or insta story, then an alternate option you have is to create a new account. 

How To View Instagram Private And Public Account Anonymously? 3

Thankfully, Instagram does not charge users to create one or more accounts or delete instagram account. Also, your account with yourself gives you complete freedom to watch someone’s reel, insta post, and IG story. 

Although creating a new public Instagram account using an Instagram app takes time, make it high-quality. Provide a real Instagram user name, a trustable profile picture, and a proper bio, and stay active by posting Instagram reels or Instagram highlights.  

So that the person you want to view on Instagram will not identify that you are trying to watch them anonymously. 

Moreover, you can follow a few other profiles to familiarize yourself with a real account. However, you could not expect those accounts to follow you back. 

Once you have your fake account ready, send a request to the person you want to spy. That’s all, your job is done! Now, you have to wait until the person accepts your request. 

5. Make Use Of A Third Party Viewer App

The last and final way to view private Instagram accounts anonymously is to use a third-party Instagram viewer tool. 

You can use these apps like anonymous Instagram story viewer or story saver by installing them on your mobile device or using a web browser on your desktop or laptop. 

Though it is a super quick way to view someone's profile without leaving your footprint, you need to sign up on some apps, pay for a subscription on a few, complete the surveys, and verify yourself as a human.

How To View Instagram Private And Public Account Anonymously? 4

Besides, we recommend you use only apps from a trusted company, read online reviews, and check their ratings, as choosing the platform to view anonymously should not affect your safety. 

But don't worry. We will guide you in choosing one that helps you view others' Instagram profiles, private photos, favorite stories, reels, and Instagram activities. 

Remember that most of these apps work simply by asking for the username of the Instagram profile you wish to spy anonymously, verify it, and complete the survey to see their photos.

How To View Instagram Private And Public Account Anonymously? 5

That’s all. With the help of these sites, you can ensure that you are not letting your trace anywhere and, at the same time, able to spy on others and view Instagram stories.

What Drives People To View Instagram's Private And Public Account Anonymously?

Though it is challenging and risky, a few people want to view a private Instagram account for the following reasons; 

Private account
  • While scrolling through an Instagram feed, you might come across a private account with a profile picture tempting you to see what's on their Instagram profile, stories, and music in Instagram posts with multiple photos.
  • Some people are curious about what their partner shares in their private accounts.
  • There is a need to look up competitors' profiles for recent insights and statistics.
  • To monitor an employee's profile and Instagram content if there is an emergency or need.
  • As a parent, if you would like to safeguard and keep an eye on your child’s Instagram activities without being found by the child.

Anonymous Instagram Viewer – The Last Line

On a final note, anonymous viewing of someone’s Instagram account is good only;

  • If your account is blocked or cannot recover Instagram account
  • If you are having a business account and want to spy on other competitor accounts
  • If you have any valid reason 

However, we advise you not to use these tactics to anonymously view others' Instagram accounts for any illegal purposes, to spoil others' privacy, or to snoop into others' personal lives.

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