Astra Vs Divi

Astra Vs Divi – Which WP Theme is Best?

Summary: Astra and Divi are in a different league. While Astra is a WordPress theme that works for page builders like Divi.

On the other hand, Divi has grown into a complete theme builder which helps you build a theme from header to footer without touching a single line of code.

Astra vs Divi Overview

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 1

The WordPress theme, Astra is used extensively by over 600,000 users all across the world. What makes Astra a good WordPress theme is the theme's lightweight size, compatibility with most page builder plugins, pre-made templates, and WooCommerce integration.

Divi is yet another extremely popular WordPress theme cum visual page builder powered by Elegant Themes. The WordPress theme helps users create impressive designs with the greatest ease. With the launch of Divi 4.0, things are getting better and now become a mature product with Theme Builder launch.

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 2

The WordPress theme comes with Drag & Drop Building, Visual Editing, Custom CSS, Inline Text Editing, Global Elements, and over 800 pre-made templates.

Astra Vs Divi Features

1. Pre-made Templates

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 3

Astra helps users create the most fascinating designs without having to put much effort and time. What makes it really possible is the wide range of pre-made templates. Besides, all the templates are conversion-optimized.

For using a template, all you have to do is have the Starter Templates plugin activated, and next, you must get to the Appearance tab. The next best thing to do is select your favorite page builder, select one of the pre-made templates, and click on the “Import Complete Site.”

With Divi, customers can have over 800 Pre-made templates and over 100 full website packs of varying categories to choose from. On top of that, users can find new layouts to choose from every week alongside royalty-free images, icons, and illustrations.

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 4

Using pre-made templates is unimaginably simple. For that, you must install the Divi Builder plugin. Next, as you create a page on your WordPress dashboard, you must choose to use Visual Builder.

After that, choose the option, Browse Layouts. This will launch the “Load From Library.” Next, you could get to the Pre-made Layouts tab wherein many Pre-made layout packs are categorically listed.

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 5

After you select one, you can check out the previews of individual page layouts from the pack. Once you find a suitable page layout, you only have to click on the “Use This Layout” to use it.

Summary: Divi is the ultimate winner compared to Astra when it comes to starter sites or layouts since it holds over 1100 predesigned layouts.

Apart from it, there are a lot of Divi Community that shares their own designed layouts, thus making them even better for the pricing you're spending.

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2. Performance (Speed)

Speed is a very important factor to consider while choosing a theme. While Astra is just 50 KB, Divi is comparatively larger in size. However, the performance of a theme may not always have to do with the theme's size. In fact, many other aspects may affect performance.

To keep things really simple for ourselves, all we can do is perform a real-time test on both the themes. I had themes installed on my demo sites.

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 6

As tested, the Astra site loaded in 900 ms while the Divi site loaded in 1130 ms. However, with cache plugins, the Divi site's load time improved; from 1130 ms to 756 ms while doing the same Astra loads in less than 500ms. This certainly makes Astra the winner in terms of performance.

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3. WooCommerce Integration

When you are planning to host an online store, the theme is certainly something that needs to be chosen with utmost care. If we see things from the customers' point of view, they would always love to shop on a user-friendly and less cluttered interface.

Astra allows you to build a WooCommerce store for a much reasonable price than many other theme providers. On top of that, Astra offers unlimited site support.

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 7

Astra helps you with an exceptionally intuitive design for your online store plus a lot of customization options.

Apart from that, Astra offers a decent plugin-compatibility, mobile-friendliness, SEO-friendliness, and performance. Most importantly, integrating WooCommerce with Astra is unbelievably simple. Astra also sells Sales Funnel Builder for more conversions.

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Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 8

Divi offers seamless integration with WooCommerce too with no additional cost to help you build amazing online stores to sell your products and services online.

Further, Divi offers users WooCommerce Modules to build powerful online stores in minutes.

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 9

4. Page Builder Support

Even since page builders plugins came into the picture, it has brought largely revolutionized web designing by making web designing by far less tedious and exceptionally creative.

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 10

These page builder plugins are grid-based and use drag and drop editing. This largely helps users to build the most exciting designs without touching a single line of code.

Astra works smoothly with all the well-known page builders such as Divi, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer, and SiteOrigin.

Divi, on the other hand, is a visual page builder too besides being a popular WordPress theme and is extensively used. This is the reason that Divi does not support any other page builders.

This gives Astra a leading edge over Divi.

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Astra Vs Divi Support

Even though most themes nowadays are pretty easy to work on, we can't rule out the fact that we might sometimes run into some technical difficulties. At times like these, good support can prevent us from losing our valuable time.

Astra offers a decent customer support service through tickets alongside a powerful knowledge base and lots of video tutorials.

Divi has a very reliable customer support service through live chat and email. I have contacted the support team a couple of times and found it to be exceptionally fast in responding.

Besides, you also have powerful documentation for users to refer to anytime they like.

Astra Vs Divi Pricing

Apart from the Astra FREE version, users have 3 premium packages to select from for advanced features. Astra Pro for $59, Essential Bundle for $169, and Growth Bundle for $249.

Divi is the winner when it comes to pricing, thanks to no confusing packages like Astra and when you use our Divi Discount Codes, you can save more on Divi Purchases.

Astra Vs Divi - Which WP Theme is Best? 11

These are the monthly subscriptions. However, users can also have one of these plans on a lifetime subscription by paying a one-time price. Astra Pro includes 20 Free Starter templates and unlimited website usage. You can also look for Divi Black Friday time for even better savings.

Essential Bundle includes more than 60 Free Starter templates, unlimited website usage, and WP Portfolio Plugin.

Growth Bundle comprises Addons for Beaver Builder, Addons for Elementor, Schema Pro Plugin, Convert Pro Plugin, SkillJet Academy, and new plugins in the future in addition to the features of Essential Bundle.

You can buy Divi on either yearly subscription of $89/mo or on a lifetime subscription of $249 one time price.

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The Divi package includes access to plugins such as Extra, Bloom, and Monarch in addition to Divi. Apart from that, the packages also offer you hundreds of website packs, product updates, premium support, and unlimited website usage. Further, the Divi package also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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