Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It?

You might come across this name Awario at least once in your timeline, thanks to the massive launch powered by a veteran team of Internet Marketers.

I was one of the initial customers of Awario and I was really happy to cover about them in this Awario Review.


Awario Review

I was a great fan of Mention - One of the earliest social and web monitoring tool and I started using them since 2013.

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 1

According to me, tools like Mention are the most under-rated one in SEO industry.

You can use them in million ways to bring quality traffic, influencer finder, link prospecting, competitor reverse engineering, easy to find new affiliate programs, find new web 2.0 that actually works and there are many other things I can do with this Social and web monitoring tool.

Though I started using Mention, there are always some limitations like limited reports on the free version, pricing etc and the tool, Mention got no other real competitors.

I finally found the Best Mention alternatives, in the form of Awario. Let's go deep into Awario Review.


Awario is designed to help you take care of your brand while online. It is a social media and web monitoring tool that helps you to identify how your brand is being spread out while online.

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 2

The program gives you instant help for getting more out of your marketing content.

The General Purpose

You could look at how people are sharing your brand and business information online. Seeing what people say about you could help with finding better solutions for work.

With Awario, you can quickly get information on what people are saying about you. You can find all the mentions about you that people place while online.

This lets you see what you should focus on. You could concentrate your marketing work on whatever people are talking about the most. This, in turn, produces a better plan for marketing that you are bound to benefit from.

Before going to features, let me explain what are the things you can do Awario.

Use Cases

For Bloggers

1.Find New Blogs for Guest Posting

If you're a pro blogger, you might know relevant backlinks are most important. Even though we do manual prospecting or use tools like Ninja Outreach for prospecting & outreach, still it's not possible to find 100% of blogs that exist in your niche.

The role of Awario is vital here. If your niche is Hosting and looking for new blogs for guest posting, monitor the keywords like "WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting etc" and set up an alert with Awario.

I did the same and here is the result. There are 3.4k web mentions for the keyword "WordPress Hosting" and I downloaded the data using export option.

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 3

You can also choose News/Blog option to find more blogs for guest post.

Now, I uploaded the data to Ninja Outreach to find which blogs accept Guest post out of 3k blogs (approx value) and start doing outreach before your competitors reaching them.

You can repeat the process daily, setup follow emails on Ninja Outreach and get the powerful backlinks from your niche.

2. Social Prospecting

Apart from regular email outreach, you can find people who're tweeting about topics in your niche. Once Awario finds you a list of influencers, follow them, share their contents and make a friendly conversation with them.

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 4

I choose to display authors aka Social influencers

Then make a positive approach for guest posts and I bet you'll get more response than the usual email outreach campaigns.

3. Bring Targeted Traffic & Increase affiliate sales

Whatever the niche, there will be some products which might be outdated, developer stopped updating the products and most issues like billing, price increase etc, People come online to share the frustration on Social media sites.

Identify similar products in your niche and its social mentions.

If someone says " {Product A} is the worst to buy, I never recommend them",

reach them, retweet or comment, and say

"Hey, I too felt the same, I recently started using {Product B} and I completely love it"

Share your affiliate URL or review post or comparison post or any of your best landing pages and see your affiliate earning increases"

For Brands

1.Social Insights

Your brand owns a biggest ecommerce site in your country, set up an alert with your competitor's keywords and choose the country and watch the mentions.

Reach out frustrated customers of your competitor's and bring them to your platform, if someone leaves a positive mention, ask them to add reviews on Google which helps to create a positive experience for new customers.

2. Find social media Influencers

As discussed above, set up an alert for products you sell in your niche and watch out the influencers in your country or in your language. Once Awario starts sending reports, find the potential influencers, reach them and make a pitch.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, there are numerous things you can do with Awario. Really the sky is the limit with this modern web monitoring tool.


1.Consistent Monitoring

With Awario, you will always get information on what people are saying about you. Awario reviews all major social media platforms and other communication spots for details on what people are doing.

The best thing, you'll get instant notification of your targeted keywords. While I left the tab open and worked on other things, I got 97 new mentions for my monitored keyword.

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 5

Awario will help to see how well your content is being shared no matter what you might want to focus on. You do not have to turn anything on or off. You just have to enter in the points that you want Awario to search for.

The program will give you full information on what people say about them in real time. The process of adding this data is easy to follow.

2.Reviewing the World

Awario analyzes content from all corners of the world. It goes through more than thirteen billion pages every day.

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 6

These include pages from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and YouTube among other places. Awario also analyzes news sites, forums, blogs and much more. Every corner of the online world is scoured by Awario.

3.Finding Important Conversations

You will get information on every conversation people are having about you through Awario. You can sort your mentions by reach. 

This lets you see the most widely shared bits of content about you first. You can respond to any of these remarks as you come across them.

4.Sort Conversations

You can sort all the conversations people have about you as you see fit. These conversations can be arranged based on things like keywords you want to focus on.

This may work if you have certain bits of content that are vital for your use. You can also choose to omit certain keywords. You can search for your content while specifying certain bits of data that you want to ignore at a time.

This, in turn, reduces the potential you have to come across unwanted searches that are not relevant to your business.

5.Simple Folders

You can take the mentions about you and put them into several folders.

These let you keep tabs on everything including what types of mentions people have about you and where those mentions are coming from.

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 7

You can prepare folders on any parameter you want to work with. You can also set up these folders to automatically collect messages that feature certain parameters. By working with enough details, it becomes easier for your content to be organized.

You can also click on the star icon on individual mentions to save them for later use. These can be moved to individual folders as you see fit. Any mentions you have replied to can also be moved to a separate space.

6.Convenient Analytics

The analytics features of Awario make it easier for you to find how your mentions are moving. This includes details on how many people are mentioning you at certain times.

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 8

Details on the social media accounts and pages that these mentions are coming from can also be found through Awario’s analytics feature.

7.Mobile Support

You can get information on your mentions from Awario through a mobile app. The included app lets you look at all your mentions in real time.

You just have to get onto your account through a mobile device. The simple design used makes it easier for you to find data on your site at any time.

8.Email Updates

My most loved feature is email updates. 

Awario gives you regular email updates on your keywords. The program informs you on how well your targeted keywords are being shared from one spot to the next. 

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 9

You can get details on how many mentions you are getting and where they are coming from.

These reports can come in each day or once a week. You can adjust the settings to your desire so you know what you are getting from the online world.


You can use Awario with a monthly or yearly plan. There are three choices for you to work with:

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Monthly billing

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 11

Yearly billing

Click Here to get detailed pricing information.

The Starter plan is for individuals or small businesses trying to get their brands up and running. For $29 a month, you will get three alerts with up to 30,000 new mentions per month. An alert, in this case, is a keyword or other entity that you wish to monitor.

You can also store up to 3,000 mentions per alert with the Starter plan. This is enough for when you need full historical information on how people are reaching your content.

The plan also uses a Boolean search program. This uses a more intuitive approach for finding content. This, in turn, produces a better layout for handling data as necessary.

This gives you the added help you desire for making your content run. This can be useful for all the needs you have for managing your content and making it work to your overall liking.

The Pro plan works for small and medium-sized businesses. It is also for those trying to build their brands. Businesses looking to track competitors can also use the plan. This is good for $89 per month.

This offers ten alerts that you can configure with support for up to 100,000 new mentions per month and 10,000 stored mentions per alert. You can share your reports with others through this program. You can also export your data through a CSV file.

The Enterprise option is for larger brands that want to do more when marketing their content. This is for businesses bearing with multiple competitors and products. This is good for $299 per month.
This uses up to fifty alerts with 50,000 share mentions per alert plus 500,000 new mentions each month. You can use the data export and shareable report features here for your convenience.

Enterprise members will also get an account manager. This is a personal point of contact that will assist you with any concerns you have over using Awario.

All three of these plans are available in monthly or annual terms. You will get two months of service free when you order an annual plan. This is good for all the programs open from Awario.

A free 14-day trial is available as well. This is for the Starter version of the system. This trial is available with no obligation.

You do not even need to send a credit card out to get access to the free trial.This trial feature provides you with access to what Awario has to offer. You can use this to see if Awario is right for you.

Awario Vs Mention

Mention, another media monitoring tool works in a similar way and here is how Mention dashboard looks like

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 12

Compare to Awario dashboard

The big difference comes with pricing.

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 10

Awario Monthly pricing

Awario Reviews: As a Marketer, How To Make The Most of It? 15

Mention lacks in most features for basic in solo and basic plan. While Awario provides those features in starter plan itself.

Awario is the best compared to Mention

There are no better reasons needed for you to get started with Awario.


Awario will do well for when you are trying to find information on your business. This includes data on what people are saying about you.

Repeating the words, Sky is the limit to do things with Awario for Blogger, Internet Marketers and brands.

Awario Reviews first appeared on BloggingIO.