Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

5 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin 2023

The Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin enables integrating Amazon links to your site faster and easier. Boost your sales and get a commission while enjoying a steady income.

To boost sales for your Amazon products, utilize the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins listed here.

The Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins are

1. Lasso WordPress Plugin

I would recommend Lasso WordPress Plugin as the overall best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

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Lasso has numerous features built into its core. Lasso helps improve the monetization of your content, increasing click-through rates for your affiliate products. 

Additionally, Lasso helps to prevent missed revenue due to broken links. It helps your site seem phenomenal, which helps your bounce rate go down. Likewise,  Lasso is designed to assist you in spotting the links that are generating the most clicks. It also has direct integration with the Amazon Associates program.


  • Custom Displays. Work with partners to develop eye-catching affiliate link displays to gain your audience's trust and increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) on your site.
  • Dashboard. A master inventory of all your affiliate links, with information about where they are and whether there are any potential linking opportunities.
  • Monetization and Opportunities. View every unmonetized link and keyword on your site and convert them all into affiliate links in a matter of seconds.
  • Amazon Integration. By using Amazon and Lasso affiliate links, products will be automatically updated every day with the latest information.
  • Link Cloaking. Use your own custom permalink for every affiliate link to help improve the look of your URLs.


  • Most Flexible – $29 per month / per website
  • Three Months Free – $260 per year / per website


Not only do the qualities listed above offer outstanding value, but Lasso's excellent customer service also adds to the appeal.

Given Lasso is being available round-the-clock, Lasso offers a more convenient and faster method of handling concerns. Lasso provides you with the knowledge base and user guides to address every possible problem with a single click.

Readout Lasso Review here.

2. AAWP – Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

AAWP is my next choice for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

5 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin 2023 2

AAWP is one of the most popular Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins, especially among WordPress users. With the AAWP plugin, you'll have the opportunity to boost the value of your affiliate website as well as gain higher profits.

Amazon geotargeting directs customers to the retail locations. To boost sales, you can employ comparison tables and product box optimizations. This is not to mention that numerous premade layouts are already in place, and you have the option to utilize your own CSS to format your product table the way you like.


  • Amazon Partner Networks. Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, UK, United Arab Emirates and USA.
  • Geotargeting. Follow Amazon foreign visitors' leads and forward them to their local Amazon store.
  • Automated Data Updates. Price and product information will be updated automatically using Amazon's Product Advertising API.
  • Tracking ID. You can assign a personal tracking ID when you activate the plugin, and the plugin will generate affiliate links, incorporating your own ID.
  • Amazon Prime & Extra Commissions. Promoting articles from your blog that are tagged as Amazon Prime content and raising your commission rate when marketing these articles to new subscribers of the Prime membership.


  • Personal – €49 per year
  • Plus – €129 per year
  • Pro – €249 per year
  • Ultimate – €399 per year


AAWP regularly keeps its service on track! You can directly contact them via email and live chat. Also, AWWP is releasing updates regularly as well as uploading online documentation and FAQs. AAWP has proven to have high customer satisfaction and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check out AAWP Alternative here.

3. AzonPress WordPress Plugin

AzonPress, the most popular Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin comes next on my list.

5 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin 2023 3

AzonPress is a WordPress plugin that helps affiliates of Amazon manage their Amazon Associate programs efficiently. AzonPress claims to increase your The estimate of the amount of money you will earn increases with this plugin by 250%  revenue by at least 250%.

AzonPress is an advanced and powerful Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress users, integrating incredible simplicity with excellent functionality. The benefits of this plugin are extensive, from streamlined affiliate processes to complex functionality. 


  • Product Tables. In the search box, simply enter the product you are looking for, and it will appear alongside product information from Amazon in an intuitive product showcase table.
  • Countless Affiliation. Use as many different types of products as feasible to promote. Connecting to AzonPress is simple: just install and get started. From there, you may select, offer, and advertise any product you like.
  • Geo-Targeting. AzonPress helps you define the geographic targeting options for your affiliate links. Redirecting visitors from one country to another Amazon store is now possible.
  • User-friendly Plugin. The AzonPress plugin was built for more advanced users as well as those who are still in the early stages of their blogging efforts.
  • Accurate Tracking. You no longer have to keep track of all your affiliate links manually. When using AzonPress, Amazon is able to follow referral links from your site in the smoothest way possible.


  • Single Site – $31 per year
  • Agency – $63 per year
  • Unlimited – $127 per year


AzonPress offers support tickets where you can address every concern you have. Also, they have a documentation page for faster and easier answers to your questions, as well as FAQs. AzonPress also gives a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

4. Content Egg Pro WordPress Plugin

Next on my plugin list is Content Egg Pro, the best all-in-one WordPress Plugin for websites.

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Content Egg Pro offers online profit through advertising, affiliate websites, bargain comparison websites, and product reviews. 

Content Egg helps affiliates set up and manage several affiliate networks using an easy-to-use interface, which results in considerable time and money saved in setting up affiliate websites.


  • Up-to-date products. Automatic updates will be made to the offers, discounts, and pricing displayed on the site.
  • Links cloaking. Add a redirect to your affiliate links to make them more effective.
  • Responsive templates. Blocks for product output that are designed to be professional. Almost any theme will work with this.
  • AMP & SSL ready. Create websites that are simple to use and valuable.
  • Autoblogging. Content Egg will automatically develop websites. Let the plugin select keywords for you, and it will discover videos, deals, news, and other material on its own.
  • Import into WooCommerce. With WooCommerce, you can import and synchronize Content Egg products. Automatically or by manually configuring which offer is synced with a certain product, it can be done.
  • Affiliate Egg integration. Content Egg modules can be linked to separate Affiliate Egg parsers.


  • CE Pro Plugin: 1 site – $49.99 per year
  • CE Pro Plugin: 3 sites – $69.99 per year
  • CE Pro Plugin: 10 sites – $99.99 per year
  • CE + AE + CTracker plugins – $99.99 per year


Get in touch with Content Egg customer service via email by submitting a ticket.  They will respond to you with either pre-sales or post-sales concerns. You can also access their documentation page for a user guide and other technical support. 

AmaLinks Pro plugin is my next easy-to-use extension choice.

5 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin 2023 5

Connecting to the world's most popular affiliate program, Amazon Associates is a hassle-free task.


  • Amazon Compliant Pictures. You get access to the full range of images and sizes in the API data. You must keep your website in full compliance to use images on your website.
  • Prime Eligible Badge. When your product is offered on Amazon Prime, use a tag to ensure that your visitors see the tag and make it more likely that they will purchase the goods. 
  • Affiliate API Disclaimer. To prevent accidental API calls, this disclaimer indicates the date and time that the API call was made. It is important to include this statement, which reveals your intent to include pricing information or photos obtained via the Amazon API.
  • Amazon Product Features. The features are extracted directly from the API-listed product features. It shows the most popular and relevant topics in a bulleted list format, with checkmarks, so you may make your own tweaks if you so like.
  • Call-to-Action Button. A good CTA button is necessary for any Product Showcase. Allow people to find what they are looking for more easily by providing a clear call-to-action phrase in the button. 


  • Blogger – $67 per year
  • Basic – $127 per year
  • Premium – $197 per year
  • Platinum – $797 (One time payment)


You can visit the AmaLinks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page before you post anything. Please be sure to fill out the customer support form if your concern is not resolved. They will respond to your query as quickly as possible.

Also, if you are still unsatisfied, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days. No questions asked.

Buyers Guide: Amazon Associates Program

One of the finest methods to earn passive money in digital marketing is by using affiliate marketing. Most bloggers use affiliate marketing as a method to generate additional cash from their passivity.

Before getting right into it, you must have a lot of questions!

What is an Amazon affiliate program?

There are several benefits to monetizing your website or blog through the Amazon Affiliate program, often known as “Amazon Associates.” It's pretty simple. All you have to do is register with Amazon Affiliate links in place, and Amazon will approve you right away. 

In simple terms, when someone uses one of your links to buy an item on Amazon, you get a commission.

What are the opportunities lined with Amazon affiliate programs?

The Amazon Associates program has numerous compelling reasons to be an affiliate, including:

  • Amazon is a well-known and popular name that people use daily.
  • You can join for free.
  • You will be approved into the program regardless of your traffic or other measurements.
  • You have an almost limitless number of items you can advertise.
  • There are numerous tools on Amazon that are useful in the process of selling specific products or a specific category of products.
  • You have a well-functioning reporting system that tells you what gets clicks and what sells.
  • Direct deposit enables you to get money directly deposited into your bank account.
  • You will still receive a commission if your customer buys something during their visit, even if they do not directly purchase yours. But if they do, you earn a big commission.

Why is an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin  required?

Plugins are the essential elements that make up your WordPress site's framework. Incorporating vital services into your website is essential, whether you're looking to add contact forms, boost search engine optimization, raise site speed, launch an online store, or provide email opt-ins. Plugins can be used to accomplish any task that you require your website to perform.

Which is the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin For You? 

I would recommend Lasso and AAWP plugin as the top-most pick. 

Overall, Lasso is the overall winner! It offers the best value features that every affiliate would dream of having. Lasso sets the bar high among the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins!

Yet, there will always be the best that stands out among them! Both Lasso and AWWP are your perfect options! AAWP is an affordable plugin to get started, especially if you are new to Amazon associates.

All plugins mentioned above are already narrowed down as the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. No matter what you use among them, you can guarantee the best service!

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