10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023

Best Blogging Niches

Are you coming across this word ‘blog niche’ lately?

Are you getting confused about choosing the best blogging niches?

Read on.

I can't describe how Blogging changed my life in the last seven years, and I'm grateful for tutorials available on the internet. However, only a few of the sites guide new bloggers in choosing the niche. Here are some of the blogging niches for you to try out.

This is the list of best blogging niches to start a blog. Choose the ideal niche based on your interest and learn how to make passive money with it.

What is Blogging Niche?

A blog niche is a crafting idea you will frame your entire write-up. It is the support system for making you a successful blogger. 

Everyone has some interests based on which they can explain an idea more. Blogging niche is all about choosing the suitable writing theme and following only that. 

Best Blogging Niches 2020

1. Own Hobby

10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023 1

Following your hobby is the best blogging niche for anyone to get started. Every individual has some kind of hobby within themselves. Maybe you have not realized it yet, so explore yourself, and when you find it, you can implement the same into your write-ups.

When you choose your hobby as your blogging niche, you get a lot to write about, and then it becomes an exciting journey. 

For instance, if you have a passion for drawing, painting, sketching, or others, you can implement the related ideas onto your blogs. You can convey the sketching tips to your readers to keep your blogs informative and attractive. 

Moreover, when you make your hobby your blogging niche, you will most likely never get out of ideas. Some of the sub-niches that you can follow under your hobby are photography, painting, book reviews, movie reviews, and much more. 

This niche has a wide range of topics that people find interesting to read about. Therefore, try this out while starting your blog. It all depends upon how broad you can think of your hobbies as blogging opportunities or niches. 

2. Health and Fitness

10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023 2

In my opinion, Health and fitness are the top blogging niche with vast topics. There is a big audience that follows these types of blogs always. You can work out on something under this type of niche. As this is one of the most preferred niches, the competition is also high amongst bloggers worldwide for people becoming more and more health-conscious.

If you have time, you can always go ahead and explore the topics over the internet and find a few common issues already explained a thousand times in blogs. You can forever skip those topics as the audience already has many blogs over the internet to read about them. 

But if you still want to try out, you can give a unique angle to those topics to draw attention and justify the time they invest in reading your blog.

Or, you need to try and think of something new that revolves around health and fitness topics. You can start blogging about diet plans, exercise without spending money, better treatment, home remedies for different illnesses, and other ideas. 

There are many developed countries where the healthcare sector makes around 10% of all GDP. So, this niche is pretty much demanding over the internet, and if it interests you, you can consider picking this up to make profitable turnovers. 

Furthermore, companies dealing with products and services associated with health and fitness would approach you to promote their products over your blogs. It further widens your earning potential in the long run. 

3. Finance

10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023 3

Finance is yet another popular blogging niche rapidly pacing over the internet. It's because everyone wants accurate information on earning money, saving money, and managing their finances better. Finance-related blogs help connect with a broad audience among all informative niches. 

Each individual wishes to earn money right, but with less effort. So being a blogger, you can provide them with the information they need with in-depth research. Apart from that, you can also guide your blog’s ways to invest and multiply the money earned. 

Some of the sub-topics you can write under the finance niche are budgeting, progress sharing, investment, debt-paying, money-saving tips, and others. These topics receive good traffic, and the bloggers earn money through affiliate marketing, brand promotion, and other such methods. 

If you have established your blogging niche and have a good reach, the financial institutions might also consult you to promote their services over your blogs in exchange for money. It has good potential to earn more with the help of blogging. 

The most common finance niche blog topic that trends over the internet is budgeting plans for individuals. These blogs usually help the readers deal with their over expenditure and note how to control it. Finance budgeting blogs typically find ways to cut their living costs and save more. 

But, when you write, you need to provide 100% accurate information as even a little discrepancy may worsen scenarios for people. And in the end, it will bite you by affecting your blog.

4. Business & Marketing

10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023 4

Business and Marketing are the top blogging niche with most blog topics with many things to cover, and you can be unique all the time with your blogs. As small businesses and start-up companies are growing on a large scale, marketing blogs are highly essential to help promote brands or give tips to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

You can prefer certain sub-topics when writing about the Business and Marketing niche. The sub-topics include B2B marketing, B2C marketing, small businesses employment practices, entrepreneurship, etc. 

These are some of the heated discussions over the internet and are a perfect niche if you have some background knowledge of marketing and business aspects. You can also focus on writing blogs based on particular marketing aspects such as social media, networking, etc. 

You just need to be precise about your strong zone under the business and marketing niche. As per the statistics, around 61% of small businesses invest in social media marketing. It explains the potential of picking up this niche as you can easily reach out to a broader audience seeking informative blogs. 

Moreover, picking business and marketing niches will also help marketing brands reach out to you to promote their services over your blog. There is excellent earning potential if you have made your points clear in your blogs and reached a decent number of readers. 

5. Travel

10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023 5

Travelling can never go out of style, and there is a tendency for people to check out the blogs on the travel destinations they are planning to visit. Moreover, making a successful blog to reach out to the audience is quite comfortable with the travel niche. It is a vast niche that cannot be covered entirely in eternity. 

You can take up affiliate links of hotels while writing about your own travel experiences. Some officials might also approach you to promote travel buys or avail of their services to earn some good money from your blogging. 

You can cover some of the sub-topics under the Travel niche, such as travel deals, specific destinations, family travel, solo travel, and others. These topics can help you get a good audience in no time as people are always happy to know about new places to travel to.

Try adding high-quality images complimenting your topics to your blogs to make the blog even more attractive. There is excellent earning potential with travel blogging, and it motivates individual bloggers to continue pursuing their passion. 

6. Relationship

Relationship Niches

Relationship blogs are often tempting for people to know about dealing with things beyond their control. The relationship with a partner, family, pets, friends, and others can be truly enhanced with some advice. 

Being a blogger, if you are picking up this niche, you need to be very precise while choosing the ideas to write. Whether you are writing about handling family disturbances or taking care of pets, you need to be truly useful in your points. Do your research only after which you can write about something significant that would work. 

Relationship blogs are usually helpful for people to deal with their daily life problems that hamper relationships with loved ones. Moreover, they can also learn some new things to implement for starting a new relationship. You can know what to do to win the affection of your pets while they are growing.

The sub-topics you can choose for this niche are pet-human relationships, relationship advice, love bond, family, friendship, and others. It will assist you in reaching a selected group of audience that would make your blogging life better. 

7. Food

10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023 6

Food is, no doubt, a very popular niche that is picking up the pace today. 

I mean, who doesn't love food?

Many restaurants are now affiliates linking to the food bloggers to promote their brand. Food is also one of the endless niches that cannot be covered entirely until eternity. You can be unique every time, depending upon your creativity. 

There are several food items across different countries and continents. If you opt for this niche, you can choose from several sub-topics such as a specific continent or country food, food recipes, seasonal food items, health benefits of particular foods, and a lot more. Pick up your choice and make sure you research a lot about it. 

The food blogging niche also has a wide range of popularity amongst the audience and earning potential. If you can blend your blog in the right way, you will surely get a good blogging experience. 

As per the statistics, 1 out of every four people prefers eating fast food every day, explaining the demand for food for people. They love to explore and know about new food items that they can try. So, emphasize this factor. 

8. Technology

10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023 7

Technology is a growing niche in the blogging market and has many income opportunities. There are several earning opportunities if you choose a technology niche for your blogs. This niche requires background knowledge, without which the write-ups might lose the spark. 

You can go for affiliate income, get paid from software companies, and avail yourself of more opportunities to ensure that your blogging does not go in vain. Apart from monetary profits, there is a lot of information that you can convey to your readers to help them get more ideas about technology. 

Technology blogs are more researched and must replicate quality knowledge. There are many such topics that you can pick under this niche, such as specific technical gadgets, PC or Mobile games, latest technology news, software tutorials, and others. 

As per the statistics, around 8 billion devices will get paired up with the internet by the end of 2023. It signifies the growth of technology, and the bloggers can make their journey successful by keeping the people updated with the latest technologies through their blogs. 

9. Jobs and Careers 

10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023 8

Jobs and careers signify a topic that people search a lot over the internet in the present era. Especially in the post-COVID world, people have been laid off by companies. 

If a blogger can combine their knowledge with statistical research, some promising career and job solutions can be offered to the broader audience. 

Many people to date are searching for jobs over the internet but do not know the right way to approach them. Therefore, the bloggers can pick up this niche and write on any sub-topics such as job search sites, preparing for interviews, additional courses in different fields, etc. 

These details will help the individuals prepare and find jobs in their desirable sectors. For most readers, blogs are the source of confidence. Moreover, many job search sites and portals pay bloggers for writing about their services. 

10. Entertainment

10 Best Blogging Niches to Blog in 2023 9

The entertainment niche is a big world, and if you are entering into it, you need to be very attentive to the most minor things you see or experience. If you are passionate about music, movies, TV shows, sports, and others, then prefer writing blogs on those topics to help you earn good through the ad revenues. 

Some of the sub-topics of this niche on which you can write are movies, trending news from Hollywood, TV show reviews, release date announcement blogs, sports updates, music options, new popular releases, latest information about the entertainment sector, and others. 

What to Know After Choosing a Blog Niche?

Once you have finalized a niche from the above-recommended resources, your next step is to get a domain name and hosting. I have written a separate post on “How to Start a Blog From Scratch” with the utmost clear information. I'm putting a brief content here for faster learning.

Choose a domain name that is both memorable and branded. Once your site becomes an authority, people will reach your site directly by searching your domain name.

Get a Best Web Hosting for Beginners, a data center nearer to your target audience. If your audience is based in Australia, then you need to SiteGround as Bluehost doesn't have a data center present in the country.

At first, prepare 3-5 topics and publish all at once to gain popularity. Repeat the same, build high-quality backlinks, and make passive money online.


These 10 preferable blogging niches can help individuals grow their skills and make a profitable income through blogging. Choose one of them and go with the flow to generate handsome income.