5 Best Cheap PBN Hosting Under $5 (2019)

In this Best Cheap PBN Hosting post, I've put together a list of both PBN Hosting Networks and premium PBN hosts. Do check out at the end, which is better to get started!

Basically, there are two types of PBN Hosting

  1. PBN Hosting networks like Easy Blog Networks, etc
  2. Using Premium companies like HostGator, Bluehost etc

PBN Hosting Networks basically works in a way built around keeping common PBN requirements like different class C IP,  data center locations, cloud providers etc.

The other way, get an account with premium companies and use them as your blog network.

Here are the five Best PBN Hosting in 2019.

1. FastComet

There is one solid reason why I recommend them as the Best Cheap PBN hosting, same renewal prices.

If you get an account with any other companies like Bluehost, HostGator etc, the renewal charges will be 200% of our first year discounted price.

While FastComet charges the same pricing for renewals and also one of the Fastest service provider in 2019!

Just think, if you get an account with $2.95/month, you'll be entitled to the same price throughout the life.

  • Options to choose from eight data center locations across the US, UK, and Asia.
  • Free CDN to mix up your nameservers
  • Free Private DNS, you can a custom nameserver to show PBNs are not really a PBN.
  • Free domain name (.COM, .ORG, .NET) and same renewal prices
  • Awesome customer support, to build more trust,this blog too hosted on FastComet for the last three years

2. Stablehost

The tagline “Affordable” suits best with Stablehost, where the shared packages are cheap as suitable for PBNs.

Whenever Stablehost launches new features or introduces a new data center, they tend to offer lifetime discounts.

For example, with their recent Spain launch, the shared packages come with a 75% discount for a lifetime.

  • They use Singlehop premium centers in US and Miss Brand Premium EU, thus you'll be getting a premium IP with every account.
  • Access to Spain and Sweden locations which you don't find with most companies, a best PBN hosting option if you're building an EU blog network.
  • Use cPanel for site management with all basic features like Email accounts, site redirection etc.

3. Namecheap

As the name says, the company offers one of the cheapest hosting suitable for PBNs.

The package starts from just $1.28/month (discounted price) and the renewals are so cheap for just $2.58/month

The starter plan itself allows three sites, I don't remember any other company allows more than one website on a cheaper starter plan

You can choose between US or UK  for Best PBN hosting diversification.

Namecheap website builder is easy to use so you can leave WordPress CMS for this site builder, to diversify your CMS platforms.

4. InterServer

The price is fixed at $4/month for the lifetime and with all unlimited features. Some of the most common advantages of InterServer are the prices are even lower for monthly plans.

It is also one of the greater SiteGround Alternative that comes with great pricing and support and options to register or transfer your existing domains for just $1.99/month thus you'll get savings on domains registration too.

While most companies use Singlehop data centers, there is a possibility of a similar set of IPs, but InterServer is different since they use their own centers in USA.

5. Miss Hosting

MissHosting headquartered in Europe offers one of the cheapest PBN where you can host your sites for just $0.99/month, though you need to pay higher for renewal charges.

But the initial discount is higher, you can pay up to 36 months to enjoy greater discounts.

Coming to Miss Hosting, they've locations in Chicago, US, and Stockholm Sweden and there is a new location coming soon in Sao Paulo, Brazil thus you're getting a diversified IP environment for your sites.

6. Hostinger

Though I haven't used them officially, I can give them a go, since they're one of the reputed brands in the industry for their lowest prices.

While writing this Best PBN Hosting post, the charges are as low as $0.80/month and even they promise you to offer the same type of discounts during renewals.

Hostinger offers 24/7 support via live chat, free SSL and even a free domain if you pay for annually and moreover, there are a 30 days money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose if anything goes fail.


There are a lot more services claims to offer cheap PBN hosting for less than $2/month but most of them seem to be the reseller of some top companies,

eventually, you'll get similar Class C IP which I don't recommend if you're planning to host a Perfect Best PBN Hosting setup.

Do I missed any other company that's ideal and if you recommend them? please drop your comments.

About the Author: Mohan Raj

Professional Cloud Consultant and a passionate blogger. Currently, building our first SaaS product for marketers.

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