5 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Builders (Free + Paid) in 2023

Am I late to the party?

There are already a lot of blog posts wrote on the topic “Best Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Builders”

For my personal use, I thought of getting a theme builder and searched for the above keyword and got confused with my already confused mind.

Some blogs claims there are N number of WordPress Theme Builders

But they aren't.

There is something less than 10 real WordPress Themes Builder in the market and I thought why not write the perfect blog post on the topic.

So, here is our list of Best Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Builders For Using in 2023.

I'll try to keep this blog post fresh and if you think I've missed any good product, please update us through comments.

Best Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Builder

1. The Divi Builder – Overall Best

5 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Builders (Free + Paid) in 2023 1

The Divi Builder is a very popular visual WordPress Theme builder that can be used with any WordPress Theme.

Basically, it can be used with a simple drag and drop technique without the slightest need for any coding.

The fact that it is compatible with any WordPress theme and the 46 content Modules provides users with endless possibilities to create the most stunning layouts. You can create unimaginably brilliant posts and pages using this amazing theme builder.

Also, it offers a wide range of configuration controls that allows to customize this best drag and drop WordPress theme builders in any way they like. You can modify the colors, spacing, and topography in just a couple of clicks.

The Divi WordPress theme builder also supports custom CSS which means you can add custom styles to individual parts.

The Global Items feature is an amazing feature that allows to save a certain item to the Divi Builder Library and that way, the same item can be placed on multiple pages.

Also, you can access your Library elements from any page. Thus you can design WordPress themes like Squarespace theme designs.

By now around 554,210 have used by Divi and created amazing websites. Another interesting and effective feature is, of course, allowing to duplicate the elements, and that way, they can build their websites really fast.

Most importantly, it offers a 30 day Money Back Guarantee which makes your purchase entirely risk free.

  • Divi builder allows you to create stunning layouts with a simple Drag & Drop feature with having to deal with any coding
  • High compatibility with all the WordPress Themes
  • 46 Content Modules to arrange and create brilliant layouts
  • Easy to configure it with its simple configuration options
  • The Divi drag and drop WordPress Theme Builder allows to add Custom CSS to individual parts
  • Also, it is easy to Duplicate Elements; Copy & Paste Items Within Layouts
  • Layout Spacing Control
  • With Global Items, one can add a certain element to the Divi Library and use it on all the pages
  • Most importantly, you can sign up with the Divi Theme Builder without any hesitation as it is entirely risk-free with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

$89 per year or a Lifetime Access of $249 one time with access to all themes and plugins. However, you can use Divi Theme Discount powered by Elegant Themes Coupon and get a 20% OFF Coupon on a yearly access plan and 10% OFF on a lifetime plan. Rest assured of Premium Support no matter they buy it on a yearly or lifetime basis.

Check Divi Reviews

2. Elementor

The Elementor is one of the leading best drag and drop WordPress Theme Builders. There are several reasons behind its stunning popularity among the masses. The Elementor WordPress Theme Builder offers a single point of control.

Designing a website using the Elementor is extremely simple. Also, it is pretty powerful and flexible. Most importantly, it helps to build web pages that are pixel perfect and that will load extremely fast.

Also, it allows us to integrate marketing tools with the design for exceptional lead generation and conversions.

Creating landing pages, blogs, and online stores is ridiculously easy with the Elementor Builder with 80 design Elements and a lot of add-ons for extended functionality.

Most importantly, it has great compatibility with WordPress Themes and Plugins like Thrive Themes.

  • Provides with a Single point of control
  • Makes web design Simple, powerful and flexible
  • Build web pages that load exceptionally fast
  • The design can be easily integrated with popular marketing tools. This will eventually help in lead generation and conversions.
  • Options for creating landing pages, blogs, and online stores
  • It helps a user customize every part of one's website to a large extent
  • Offers 80 Design Elements
  • Great compatibility with all WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Tons of add-ons for extended functionality.

Elementor is available in three plans; the Personal plan at $41 with 1 site support, the Business plan at $84 with 3 site support, and the Unlimited plan at $169 with unlimited site support.

3. Themify Builder

Themify Builder is certainly one of the most extensively used best drag and drop WordPress Theme Builders available in the market. With 40 pre-designed layouts, it makes web design pretty fast and easy.

Users can actually see the live previews of every edit using the frontend edit mode. Also, users can undo and redo things while designing their layouts. What makes things extremely convenient and quick is the feature to duplicate the existing modules and rows as well as the feature to copy/paste modules and rows from one page to another.

The Themify Builder offers users over 60 animations to choose from and add to their designs. Also, users can customize the style to a large extent by modifying the Google fonts, Slider Background, Video Background, Parallax Scrolling, Color, and Row Overlay.

It allows users to create extremely responsive web designs. Most importantly, the inbuilt cache system helps in fast page loading and also, it helps users create really SEO friendly design that can be indexed by the search engines.

Last but not least, it supports multi-sites and is compatible with all the WordPress Plugins.

  • 40 pre-designed layouts
  • Preview live design using the frontend edit mode
  • It allows you to undo and redo also import and export
  • Users can duplicate the existing modules and rows
  • Allows users to copy/paste modules and rows from one page to another
  • With a layout portion is modified, every page using that layout part will be updated as well
  • It allows users to make the design more interactive using over 60 animation effects
  • Users can customize the style by changing the Google fonts, Slider Background, Video Background, Parallax Scrolling, Color, and Row Overlay
  • Both Backend and frontend of any website design is pretty responsive and will work equally well on all the device platforms
  • The builder has its own cache system that helps the pages in loading faster
  • Also, it supports multisite and tons of add-ons for additional functionality
  • Themify Builder is compatible with all the WordPress Plugins

Themify Builder can be used for free with any WordPress Theme. However, in case you want extended functionalities, you can buy the add-on bundle for $39. Besides, Themify themes are available in 3 packs; the Single Theme for $49, Master Club for $89 and the Lifetime Club for $249

4. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is extensively used by users from all over the world. The best drag and drop WordPress Theme builders offer an amazing mix of simplicity and flexibility. It allows users to design a remarkable website using a simple drag and drop technique.

The web pages created using Beaver WordPress Theme Builder are extremely fast and work equally well on all the devices. Users can actually choose from dozens of amazing page templates and customize any theme using a child theme.

Row and Modules can be reused in creating various web pages. It supports multi-site as well as WooCommerce. The Beaver Builder allows users to create extremely SEO optimized websites.

You can integrate shortcodes, Thrive Quiz Builder or easy pricing tables with the design.

  • Build fast and responsive sites
  • Dozens of amazing page templates
  • Build column based layouts in minutes
  • Child themes for customizations
  • Used with any theme and users can switch themes with having to lose any content
  • Allows to Save and Reuse Rows & Modules
  • Offers Multisite & WooCommerce support
  • Also, it supports Shortcodes and can be used with Thrive Quiz Builder.

Standard for $99, Pro for $199, Agency for $399

5. CloudPress

If you are looking for a reliable best drag and drop WordPress theme builders to create absolutely responsive and mind-blowing web designs, CloudPress is certainly a great option to consider. Every design created using this CloudPress builder is pixel perfect.

One of the features that I personally liked to a large extent is the CloudPress sync plugin that actually allows you to transfer your CloudPress site to your hosting. This is certainly something not very common in the other page builders like Thrive Architect (Check Thrive Architect Reviews here).

The builder allows you to see live previews of every change you make. On top of that, it offers over 100 predefined blocks to help users build pages in the quickest time. It allows users to add widgets as well as customize the search results page and the 404 pages.

It is compatible with all the popular browsers and most importantly, it is based on very clean coding which is why the web pages created using it are actually very lite and fast. Most importantly, it offers users complete control over the design and also, allow them to add Parallax and Video Backgrounds.

  • Create responsive designs that work equally well on all the devices
  • It offers a sync plugin to transfer one's CloudPress site to your one's hosting
  • Users can actually see the live preview of every change
  • Create stunning designs using a drag and drop option
  • Use over 100 predefined blocks to Build Pages in no time
  • Reuse Headers, Footers
  • Integrate Google Maps, Social Media Widgets and Contact forms
  • Integrate audience measuring solutions like Google Analytics & SEO Plugins
  • Customize the Search Results Page and the 404 Page
  • Parallax and Video Backgrounds

The Single Site for $59.99 on a onetime payment, the Starter plan for $7.99/mo, the Professional plan for $14.99/mo, and the Unlimited plan for $29.99/mo

My Personal Choice of Best WordPress Theme Builder

It's really a tough game to choose the Best of all Wonderful best drag and drop WordPress Theme Builders out there since each WP Theme Builder is good at something.

Finally, I recommend the Divi Builder.

But why not Elementor? I can hear you.

Divi Builder is backed by Elegant Themes and powered by a large community compared to others. If someone designs a custom Divi layout for a shop or school, it can be available to download for other users in the community.

I don't see such things with any other WordPress Themes Builders.

How good when you get access to an unlimited number of Divi layouts that too for free! You just need to download and import it to your Divi Builder account.

Divi Builder comes with 46 content Elements which is more than to any best drag and drop WordPress theme builders.

There is something called Divi Leads Split testing and smart split testing which is not present or not exist with most other drag and drop WordPress Theme Builder mentioned in this post.

There are few more things like Divi Builder is available in 32 languages, more than 20 layout templates, etc clearly show why Divi WordPress Theme Builder is ahead of other similar Builders.