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7 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting of 2022

A high-quality enterprise-level hosting platform will give you access to an infrastructure that is highly developed and capable of taking every serious charge.

Here is the Best Enterprise Wordpress Hosting that ensures the greatest quality of your needs.

1. Kinsta (www.Kinsta.com)

Kinsta is a relative newcomer in the WordPress hosting market. However, they are popular because of their desirable entry-level valuations and excellent overall quality, they also have succeeded in making a verified name for themselves. 

  • Speed Obsessive Architecture –  Developers utilize state-of-the-art technology such as Nginx, PHP 7.4, LXD software containers, and MariaDB to ensure that your website is loaded in a matter of seconds. Full resource insulation, automatic extensibility, and data integrity.
  • High-Security Network – Strong and passive action to deter threats and bad activity in its tracks. Prolonged uptime tracking, DDoS attack prevention, software-based controls, SSL support, and hardware firewalls.
  • Next-Generation Infrastructure – Developers only use the advanced software in Kinsta, from one's server hardware to the software developers operate.
  • Google Cloud Platform – All is synchronized over the premium-tier Google network, built to reduce distance and hops, allowing in the quick and safe transport of your files.
  • Developer Features – Include one-click launching systems and with the multi-user access controls for protected and robust continuing innovation.
7 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting of 2022 1

Kinsta Enterprise Pricing

      Kinsta has 4 enterprise packages offers: (A) 60 WordPress installs, up to 1 million visits, 100GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth for $600 monthly. (B) 80 installs, 1.5 million visits, 150GB disk space for $900 per month. (C) 120 installs, 2 million visits, 200GB disk space for $1200 monthly, and (D) 150 installs, 3 million visits, 250GB disk space for $1500 a month.

2. WP Engine (www.WPEngine.com)

WP Engine has conclusively demonstrated to become one of the top companies offering optimized WordPress site plans of almost all sizes. In today's technology, WP Engine is one of the best places out there when it comes to hosting WordPress.

  • Accelerate Development Process – WP Engine ensures the teams boost efficiency with features and resources such as Dev, Stage, and Prod Environments, SSH Gateway, and Git integration.
  • Wordpress Expert Workers – WP Engine guarantees that your website is installed correctly for your business and provides real-time vulnerability analysis detection, free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates, specialized EverCache caching technology, and an international CDN.
  • High-Performance Infrastructure – WP Engine has collaborations with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform include a variety of enterprise-grade management to achieve rapid, extensible, extremely accessible, and safe lightning experience.
  • Free Marketers – WP Engines help marketers to have tools that allow them to publish fresh content and modify emerging themes without relying on development resources.
  • Secure Experiences – WP Engine guarantee to protect sites with real-time threat detection.
7 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting of 2022 2

WP Engine Enterprise Pricing

      WP Engine enterprise level commences at $600 a month and extends up to $40,000 a month. Users could perhaps rely on that very enterprise plan to be able to manage up to 5 million visits per month, give users 400 GB to 1 TB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Users can also load up to 100 WordPress files.

3. Cloudways (www.Cloudways.com)

Cloudways offers enterprise-level WordPress hosting engineered for almost every level of the performance-traffic sites, such as fast-growing publishing companies, large e-commerce retail chains, and movie studios.

  • High Availability Hosting For Heavy Workloads – WordPress Enterprise Hosting consists of a large number of nodes powered by the Google Cloud Platform to protect the wellbeing and accessibility of all subsystems.
  • Scalable Hosting For High Traffic – Enterprise WordPress Hosting balances the tons of traffic flowing to your website. Just like demand increases, extra support are immediately distributed to persistent usability.
  • Dedicated Onboarding & Priority Support – Cloud engineers and WordPress experts could convert and customize your site to its high-availability and load balancing system.
  • Scalable Hosting built for WordPress Enterprise – Every software is installed on different nodes and new nodes will immediately start up every time of heavy traffic, ensuring that the website remains running smoothly.
  • Fully Managed Solution For Enhanced Enterprise Hosting Experience – Cloudways are constructed into more advanced and well-equipped Enterprise Hosting for excellent hosting service experience.
7 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting of 2022 3

Cloudways Enterprise Pricing

      All features including dedicated onboarding, needs from WordPress experts, regulated backups, traffic dynamic routing, controlled security, dedicated firewalls, and a comprehensive Knowledge Base hosting plans costs at $1300 for 1 site and 1 million page views.

4. Liquid Web (www.Liquidweb.com)

Liquid Web is renowned for its rapid and high-quality support, recognized as ‘Heroic Support.' All Liquid Web hosting servers are highly tuned for speed, functionality, continuing to make it a completely trouble-free hosting system.

  • Fast Website – Developers have designed a program that exemplifies the team's concern with effectiveness. Whether users are searching for quick membership pages, shops, courseware or forums, it is the best option.
  • Automatic Plugin Updates – Developers obtain a copy of your site and check plugin changes for you every day, instantly enough that you wouldn't have to think about keeping your website abreast of the latest again.
  • Migrate Site for Free – Developers are working to ensure your site is moving around easily and quickly. You'll know exactly what is going on at every step of the way, without actually raising a finger.
  • Expert Support 24/7 – Support team understands WordPress, does have a deep background in troubleshooting bad results, and does not rest until the issues are resolved.
  • Guarantee Security – It has been specially optimized to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sites and ensure protection.
7 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting of 2022 4

Liquid Web Enterprise Pricing

      Liquid Web currently provides three levels of controlled WordPress web hosting, beginning at $119 a month for 5 TB of daily data transfers, 10 domains, and 100 GB of solid-state storage. Just like other managed WordPress hosts, Liquid Web has one-click downloads, device support, and accessibility to hundreds of apps and WordPress plug-ins through its Fantastico library.

5. Pagely (www.Pagely.com)

      Pagely is a WordPress-only hosting solution built for a fast-growing enterprise with mission-critical portals. They are powered by most of the world's top digital publishing companies, including Time Inc, Disney, and eBay.

  • Fully Managed Wordpress – Core and plugin upgrades, active monitoring, and advanced tuning for optimum speed and efficiency while loading your VPS.
  • Powered by AWS – Through using Amazon Web Services, your WordPress site increases the efficiency, reliability and usability of the largest franchises in the market.
  • Built-in Redundancy – Developers have duplicated essential features and functions of each device so that, in the case of some kind of malfunction, systems are in place to rapidly provide backup or replacement.
  • Expert Technical Support – Real professionals who use WordPress every day who understand the complexities of getting the most out of the system. Support is available 24/7.
  • SSL Acceleration – Profits from quick loading times over https:/with built-in HTTP/2 SSL acceleration.
7 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting of 2022 5

Pagely Enterprise Pricing

       Pagely offers two enterprise packages of WordPress hosting such as Preconfigured Plans and Custom Clusters. The lowest price starts at $2,500 a month plan gives you unlimited visits, 150GB of disk space, 2TB of bandwidth (CDN included), and up to 400 WordPress installs.

6. Wordpress VIP (www.wpvip.com)

      WordPress VIP is an enterprise-only hosting deal proposed by WordPress.com producers. Their value proposition is that they are the quickest and perhaps most safe WordPress enterprise solution provider.

  • Highly Available and Robust APIs – Sync WordPress to all types of systems and processes, which include mobile applications and separable front ends. There are infinite possibilities.
  • Backwards Compatibility and Forward Flexibility – Allow your pipeline from maintenance changes and launches, and never panic about what edition you are operating.
  • The Power of Open Source – Eliminate lock-in vendors, savor the clarity of the public road map, reap the benefits of the knowledge base in the enterprise developer community, and participate in massive ecosystem.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Savings from license fees, along with our specialist support programs, eliminates CapEx and OpEx pressures relative to other approaches.
  • Freedom to Focus – Set up your resources in line with their highest value efforts. Feel free to leave upgrades, performance , security, and scale to Wordpress VIP.
7 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting of 2022 6

WPVIP Enterprise Pricing

      WordPress VIP is the most valuable choice to get started on this list. In addition, there is a $15,000 setup fee. After that, the monthly bill would be at least $5,000 (up to $20,000).

Although you can only access up to five sites on this package, the best part is that it's all unlimited:

  • Unlimited visits every month,
  • Unlimited space on disk,
  • Unlimited width of the unit.

7. Servebolt (www.Serverbolt.com)

      Servebolt generates incredibly fast controlled WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. The Servebolt Performance First Cloud platform is based on what they call “Bolts.” This enables several website creations, processing, and production sites, making it much easier to test and encourage changes from one place to another.

  • Faster Page Loading – Servebolt Cloud configuration lets the website run better.
  • Server-level Caching – Automated server-based processing enables both frontend and backend incredibly fast.
  • WordPress Developer Toolbox – The Servebolt area involves Git, SSH, SFTP, and WP-CLI Developer Tools.
  • SSL Certificate – Servebolt provides a quick-to-install SSL certificate for each site.
  • 24/7 Security – All systems are regularly checked, updated and repaired with the newest security updates.
7 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting of 2022 7

Servebolt Enterprise Pricing

      Bolts are much quicker, with better availability and effectiveness. In fact, Servebolt has obtained Top Tier status in all thirds of the latest Signal Performance Benchmark Tests. Servebolt plans start at $59 a month and 2 months free if paying annually, for 1 account, 2 GB of storage, and 400k pageviews. 

      Managed Enterprise WordPress hosting providers include a lot of valuable programs to keep your site in tip-top condition. However, each one of them has a significantly different purchase and competitive price. Give your best shot to measure up the possibilities to choose the host you would like to collaborate with.

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