5 Best Image CDN For WordPress in 2023

Are you frustrated with the poor page loading of your website due to images?

It’s high time you must keep them in check and for that, an Image CDN can help you big time.

If you are running an image-heavy site, then using the Best Image CDN is an optimal solution as recommended by Google.

What is Image CDN?

A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a global server network capable of optimizing website performance by leveraging the nearest server to the users to accelerate asset transfer. 

Image CDNs are different from that of standard CDNs in so many ways. Image CDNs not only send images through a point of presence or POPs to the edge servers but also decrease image loading time in suitable formats no matter what device a visitor is using.    

Standard CDNs, on the other hand, just deliver images through POPs to the edge servers. With Core Web Vitals getting into ranking factors, optimizing images play a vital role in it.

Advantages of using an Image CDN

  • Delivers faster page loading
  • Helps in scaling your website easily
  • Reliable uptime
  • Enhances user experience
  • Workflow simplification by easy image editing and management 

Best Image CDN Services

So, let’s now look at the best image CDNs for WordPress. 

WP Compress

5 Best Image CDN For WordPress in 2023 1

Optimize your images efficiently with the help of WP Compress to improve your SEO performance, bounce rates, and conversions. It can help fix latency in load times within 60 seconds. 

WP Compress provides options that you can enable or disable depending on your requirements. Your asset loading speed can improve to be 3.5 milliseconds with the help of this service. It is packed with impressive features so you can get maximum benefits.

Using WP Compress, your images load with the proper size. As a result, it saves up to 70% in image size and contributes to enhanced load times. Its lightning-fast CDN can deliver images in no time and increases global performance. WebP Delivery is utilized to create an advanced format for supporting multiple browsers to boost performance.   

A central management portal is included to let you manage client websites effortlessly. You can configure settings, view reports, and optimize images using this portal. It minimizes the need to log into individual websites to execute these processes. 

WP Compress features a monthly client quota that you can use depending upon your website plans and you can also add 1-time credits for your current images. Notify your clients with detailed reporting emailed automatically to them every month.

Leverage the dedicated support team of WP Compress that helps whenever you are stuck. 


  • Bronze: $79/month, 5k image optimization, free custom domain
  • Silver: $149/month, 10k image optimization, free custom domain        
  • Gold: $249/month, 25k image optimization, free custom domain
  • Limited time lifetime deal


5 Best Image CDN For WordPress in 2023 2

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to optimize your image? 

Optimole can help!

The service provider can process all your website images in real-time. And the best part is that Optimole if sully cloud-based. Depending upon the browser of the visitors and viewport, it can pick the images. It, then, walks the extra mile to optimize images automatically.

Most of the LCP issue can be solved by simply delivering adaptive images to the users browser viewport.

Optimole serves images through an ultra-fast image CDN. The Lazy Loading system is included to display images and it does not need any JavaScript or jQuery libraries. Consequently, it saves 80% image size without compromising its aesthetics. 

Irrespective of what device you use, Optimole can take care of image optimization. Besides, it works well for the device screen of all sizes. It serves your images from a free CDN that works with 200+ server locations globally.   

Optimole takes care of all your website visitors by serving them excellently even if they have poor connection speed. For low-quality internet connectivity, it downgrades the quality of the images automatically to let them view it at faster speeds. 

Track how much bandwidth and server disk space you have gained back by utilizing the transparent optimization statistics of Optimole. It offers easy integration for WordPress plugins through the Optimole plugin. 

Optimole is fully compatible with page builders including Beaver Builder, Elementor, and block editor in WordPress 5.0. There are multiple algorithms in use that allow you to optimize your images the way you want. 

You can add watermarks to the images to ensure no one can copy them. Optimole uses next-gen image formatting systems like WebP and Retina.   


  • Free: 5K visits, 48-hour email support
  • Starter: $22.52/month, 25K visits 
  • Business: $46.12/month, 100K visits
  • Business 2: $81.52/month, 250K visits
  • Business 3: $175.82/month, 750K visits
  • Business 4: $282.02/month, 1.5M visits
  • Business 5: $423.62/month, 3M visits


5 Best Image CDN For WordPress in 2023 3

Site Accelerator of Jetpack is a service dedicated to image acceleration as well as editing. It can efficiently optimize website images to enhance the page loading speed. It also serves static files such as JavaScript and CSS along with images from the global server network.

Jetpack filters your images without changing the database. It applies to featured images and other images in your posts via the filter – image_downsize. The image format supported is WebP. 

For static files like CSS and JavaScript shipped with WooCommerce, WordPress Core, and Jetpack; they host those files from their global CDN to reduce server loading. Jetpack filters each asset URL loaded with WordPress pages. 

Jetpack supports image purging. Just contact them with the file link from your website. It serves and optimizes website images with gif, jpg, and png formats only. 

Price: Its price starts at $3.50/month for unlimited image CDN


5 Best Image CDN For WordPress in 2023 4

Accelerate your website images by employing BelugaCDN and global cloud’s magic. It leverages 15+ years of experience in operating high-performing networks for creating optimized CDN products. 

BelugaCDN uses a dual-stack network, i.e., IPv4 + IPv6 network to deliver 20 to 40% faster image loading. Get real-time statistics on website traffic using the BelugaCDN SONAR. There are a total of 9 SuperPOPs and 28 POP for improved service.  

Setting up of this solution and managing it effortlessly because it offers an easy-to-use user interface. It offers the option of image purging to allow you to remove a specified image from your website; you can do it instantly with just a click. 

BelugaCDN takes care of your website security by offering multiple security tools to secure your images and other content. The solution is developer-friendly as well as it offers advanced settings and automation through RESTFUL API so you can fully control your content. 

Furthermore, you get built-in DDoS and website protection with BelugaCDN. It also offers you with a custom SSL certification to establish your brand credibility; 

It involves no contract for the long-term, so, you are free to change the service in case you do not like it. And if you find any difficulty, you can contact their amazing customer support as well. 

BelugaCDN also offers priority support in case you want your issues to be addressed on a priority basis. 


  • Pay as you go: $1/month, unlimited traffic, cancel anytime
  • Pro: $20/month, 2500GB traffic, $0.008/GB overage, 30-day free trial
  • Business: $150/month, 25,000GB traffic, $0.006/GB overage, 30-day free trial
  • Enterprise: $1000/month, 200,000GB traffic, $0.005/GB overage, 30-day free trial


5 Best Image CDN For WordPress in 2023 5

WordPress.org offers a plugin – ShortPixel Adaptive Images to optimize all website images and counteract any related issues that you may have with images on your website. It can size images properly, crop them smartly, and optimize them to improve page loading speed.

This plugin is easy-to-use and can process images within seconds. They serve these optimized images from their global CDN spread across the world. It uses the advanced image format of WebP to display your website images. 

With this plugin activated, you don’t have to receive complaints regarding image size, format, and more; because it can efficiently take care of all these things. It’s not just any plugin or tool to optimize your images, instead, it is provided by WordPress.org itself for better performance of your website. 

ShortPixel Adaptive Images can replace inefficient images with optimized ones with just a click. Its sophisticated algorithms reduce image size without hampering its visual quality. 

ShortPixel Adaptive Images offers smart cropping, Lazy Load option, delivers proper images based on visitors’ viewpoint in WebP format. Besides, it supports animated Gifs as well. Utilizing a global CDB, it offers caching. 

ShortPixel Adaptive Images supports major page builders, sliders, image galleries, etc. and JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF image formats along with SVG place holders. It offers unmetered CDN traffic and counts credits only for image optimization. 


The free plan includes 100 credits while the paid plans begin at $4.99/month.  


5 Best Image CDN For WordPress in 2023 6

Leverage Cloudimage to optimize your website images in terms of size and scale, make them responsive, and protect against misuse.

Resize your images, generate thumbnails, iframes, and crop images in no time. Cloudimage offers easy scaling of infrastructure to transform unlimited images. 

Deliver optimized images depending upon visitors’ screen size for enhanced user experience. Place watermark automatically overlying your images to protect your images from getting copied. You can also tag images with a custom text or serial number. 

Compress any image from PNG or JPEG into JPEG 2000, JPEG-XR, or WebP for decreasing their sizes while accelerating loading times. Protect your images and Cloudimage token from misuse by using an Alias, whitelist trustworthy domains, or signing your URLs. 

Cloudimage offers multiple CDNs with 1000+ caching nodes or POPs. 


Cloudimage offers a free plan, with no overuse, 25GB image cache, and 25GB visits while its paid plans start at €29/month.

Amazon CloudFront 

5 Best Image CDN For WordPress in 2023 7

Amazon CloudFront is one of the fastest CDN services you can use to optimize your website images and boost loading speed. Its services come with low latency, developer-friendly environment, and high performance. 

CloudFront has been integrated with AWS and works flawlessly with other services including DDoS mitigation, AWS Shield, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, or Elastic Load Balancing. Here is the blogpost by AWS Engineer on resizing images with AWS Cloudfront.

Get started within minutes and use the familiar AWS tools like AWS Management Consoles, APIs, AWS CloudFormation, SDKs, and CLIs. At present, the CloudFront network includes 216 PoPs with a resilient backbone for superior uptime and speed.  

For security, CloudFront offers a free AWS Shield Standard and AWS Certificate Manager to create SSL certificates and manages them. It also provides a multi-tier caching to lower server loads and improve latency. 

Amazon CloudFront lets you estimate your monthly bill through the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator and there is no minimum fee. 


Images are one of the crucial aspects that affect your website speed. Thus, optimizing them can result in faster page loading, fewer server load, higher uptime and performance. Based on our comprehensive research, we found the above-mentioned Image CDN providers to be great at their service offerings. 

So, choose the best image CDN for WordPress based on your requirements and budget to deliver a high-performing and reliable website for your visitors.