5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India 2019

This post “Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India” analyzes the most available managed hosting solutions in the market and we started testing each company and find out which one impressed us.

Gone are the days, the typical web hosting which offers common solutions and there are specific needs based on CMS and the thing happened is managed services.

Here are the five of Managed WordPress Hosting in India for 2019.

1.  Kinsta – The Best Managed WordPress Hosting India

Kinsta got a great recognition in short times, thanks for offering a greater alternative to industry leader, WP Engine.

Though WP Engine is still the #1 managed WP Hosting company, Kinsta started offering something for people which they don't find with WP Engine.

5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India 2019 1

With that said, here are the features of Kinsta

  • Powered by Google Cloud datacenters, options to choose between any location
  • Based on real testing (check review), Kinsta offered an average of 99.99% uptime and response time is 160ms
  • Cheaper to get started compared to WP Engine
  • 24×7 live chat customer support available within the dashboard
  • Automated daily backups & restore
  • Since powered by Google Cloud, Indian users can use Google's Mumbai data center to load your websites at the very fastest time without any latency.

2. WP Engine – Another Best

WP Engine was founded in 2010 can be easily recognized as the leader, since they're one to bring the concept of fully Managed WordPress Hosting with AWS.

Taiwan is the closest data center location this company offers service for Indian customers and visitors, though they're powered by Cloudflare CDN which has three POP data center locations in India from Chennai, Mumbai, and New Delhi.

5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India 2019 2

With that, WP Engine has come along a long way and now they're not just a hosting company, check the features to know more

  • WP Engine offers the fastest loading time among all companies, an average of 140ms and 100% uptime
  • As said earlier, WP Engine comes with a page performance app which does a lot of jobs like monitoring the load time of each page, bounce rate, conversions, and KPIs which you don't find with any other companies.
  • 24×7 customer support, I don't find a way to complain, the team is perfect.
  • Partnered with Cloudflare for better CDN caching to improve load times across the globe.
  • Due to a lot of applications inbuilt, the pricing is slightly higher than Kinsta (more content from our reviews)

However, if you're using our exclusive link, you'll be getting a 20% OFF on your first billing either monthly or yearly.

3. A2 Hosting Managed  – Cheapest Managed Hosting India 2019

The latest entrant in the Managed space, I was already their customer and blindly I can say the offer fastest shared services for its customers and we the data for it too.

5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India 2019 3

Coming to A2 Hosting Managed, I made a demo site for my own, tested and find more info below.

  • A2 Hosting will be a close contender to WPX since both work in a similar price range, features incl email etc
  • Offers 6x fastest managed hosting servers through A2 optimized WordPress installations, the best of all.
  • Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India due to the localized payment gateway options
  • Free DDoS protection, Cloudflare CDN shield, dedicated IP at just $1.96/month
  • The highest plan offers unlimited site hosting which I bet you don't get it with any other companies in the market.

As a part of the initial launch, there is a 51% OFF and you can get a Managed WP for as low as $10/month (for a limited time)

4. WPX Hosting

Another cheapest Managed WordPress Hosting and Indians will surely love it since they're the only company to offer Email service along with their managed hosting.

Almost 99% of companies never offer email along since they believe they can affect server performance including the likes of kinsta and WP Engine.

5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India 2019 4

However, WPX Hosting does this and here are the other few factors you need to consider.

  • Along with Email, the Managed plans are so cheaper compared to the above two companies.
  • Impressive customer support, available at just 10-20 seconds through live chat.
  • Unlimited site migrations while others provide you a limited migration.
  • Enterprise level DDoS protection powered by Incapsula
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth on higher plans, the only brand to do so.

5. SiteGround Managed WordPress

The list is empty without mentioning SiteGround. If you have checked the pricing of the above products, you don't see something less than $10/month and some of them might get disappointed.

If you're on a such a situation, looking for an affordable Best Managed WP, SiteGround is the only solution I recommend for you.

SiteGround Startup Review

SiteGround is officially recommended from WordPress.org for their contribution towards their WP platform.

  • Offers free site transfer through Automated plugins
  • The company has a Singapore data center thus a good option for Indian visitors.
  • Free in-house developed caching plugins, security rules for better and secure performance.
  • Your site will be placed on LXC based containers even the startup account which most companies use for VPS deployment (kinsta use them same but pricing will be like $30/month) and
  • SiteGround is the only company to do the same for shared servers for pricing as low as $3.95/month


At BloggingIO, I'm constantly looking for best servers since we handle a lot of sites and thus need to work on multiple servers. As of now, the above five are the Best Managed WordPress Hosting India I can recommend.

Most companies offer a minimum of 30 days to 60 days money back guarantee and if you've signed up for some companies but didn't suit, you can cancel the account and get a full refund within those days.

So, literally, you've nothing to lose.