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Best SERP tracker 2019:


Here are the five of the Best SERP Tracker Tools in 2019.

​#1 SERPWoo

The leader in introducing the option to track top 100 pages for any given website. It's one of my most recommended rank tracking or SERP tracking tool, you can find them on my list of recommended blogging tools.​

This is how my cutest SERPWoo SERP Tracker looks like

Best SERP Tracker Tools 2019 – Buyers Guides & Reviews 1

I choose to display top 20 alone to write this post, but you can check out how top 100 results looks here.

SERPWoo shows the daily movements of your site in a graphical interface; thus you can get a clear idea about your site movements.

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From the above image, you can see SERPWoo shows all the top 20 website and its movements.​ If a website jumps high in ranking, I watch them closely and if I can replicate any other backlinks like guest posting, Forum link or even commentluv backlink.

If it's possible, I will do before anyone else thus securing my position or even climb to some higher positions.

SERPWoo also incorporates third-party data from Majestic, OSE to make the SERP tracker better than others.

Find Parasites & Web 2.0

Not on all Web 2.0 works. Even if some Web 2.0 works for some niche, it won't work for other niches. 

For example, ranks well for Android related niches, but it won't work well for weight loss niches. 

The best way to find the Web 2.0 that ranks for​ your niche: Choose some 10-15 keywords, add them to SERPWoo.

When the tool starts displaying top 100 results, you can see merely 4-5 web 2.0 alone ranks at some positions #30 to #60. 

Make a list and do deploy your own web 2.0 sites as per our guide mentioned in best SEO tools post, you can see higher ranking in a month.​

Historical SERP Archives​

How useful this feature? You can choose any date and jump on it and check the rankings? ​

I choose ​a year backdate and I can see the top 100 results. This helps you to know how authority sites are dominating SERP results.

Apart from the best SERP tracker tools I mentioned in this post, no other tool offer this SERP historical tracking features.​

Best SERP Tracker Tools 2019 – Buyers Guides & Reviews 2

#2 Serpstat ~ Another Best SERP Tracker 2019

Serpstat is the another tool which helps you to track a keyword with upto 100 domains. Serpstat is a complete SEO tools that comes with Competitors analysis, backlinks analyzer, rank tracker and SEO audit.

This is how the quick view of ranking updates looks in Serpstat.

Best SERP Tracker Tools 2019 – Buyers Guides & Reviews 3

Another method to view the quick rankings 

Best SERP Tracker Tools 2019 – Buyers Guides & Reviews 4

I added my keyword "Thrive Themes" and check how it crawls till 100th domain and display ranking of each domain for all the days.​

As did for SERPWoo, I took a screenshot of top 20 domains tracking via Serpstat for tracking up to 100 domains, check this link.

Best SERP Tracker Tools 2019 – Buyers Guides & Reviews 5

The Significant difference between these tools are SERPWoo comes with a graphical view while Serpstat shows results in a table view.

Since both, the tool depends on Google API the results are accurate and same most of the time.​

As already said, ​Serpstat is a complete SEO tool, I talked more about Serpstat in the Serpstat review and also recommended it as the best seo tool.

So I'm skipping those parts and talk about Pricing.

Since Serpstat is an SEO tool, it costs more and I recommend Plan B which comes with $69/month and track up to 700 keywords. 

If you don't know, I bought Serpstat for three year license and I got 40% Off. So if you get Plan B for three years, the monthly cost ​will be around $40.

#3 Ahrefs SERP Checker

Ahrefs’ SEO toolkit has a built-in SERP checker. Just enter any website or web page in Site Explorer and head to the Organic Keywords report. Here, you will see every keyword the website or web page ranks for in the top 100 search results.

Best SERP Tracker Tools 2019 – Buyers Guides & Reviews 6

Hit the SERP Overview for any keyword to see crucial SEO metrics for each of the top 100 results—Domain Rating (DR), URL Rating (UR), backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, and their estimated organic search traffic.

That way, you’ll get a clear idea of what it takes to rank for your target query and how much you can benefit from it.

Thanks to the SERP position history, you can see which results have been volatile lately. Such keywords often present a good opportunity to rank.

Best SERP Tracker Tools 2019 – Buyers Guides & Reviews 7

The tool is perfect for tracking SERPs locally, across 170 countries to be more exact. The cool thing is you don’t have to bother switching between different IPs or proxies.

#4 SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher was an another cool tool from Mangools, team who developed KWFinder (Check KWFinder Review), the finest keyword research tool in the market.

SERPWatcher is different from traditional SERP trackers in the market. The following videos explains a lot about SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher bets big on Dominance index. Based on your ranking positions and estimated visits, SERPWatcher Dominance index shows how well your site is performing in search results.

I already wrote an detailed review on SERPWatcher, and you can learn more features of the tool along with the guide.

#5 SEMrush Position Tracker

SEMrush includes an impressive position tracker tool that comes with daily ranking updates, both desktop and mobile locations can be tracked, even further one can track Local SEO rankings with SEMrush.

The only downside, the tool won't available individually, all you need to get the entire SEMrush suite if you don't use other features.

You can always use our SEMrush Free Trial for 2019 to sign up and test drive the tool to look whether they suits your business.

What is SERP Tracker?

SERP tracker is the method to check the rankings of your website for any given keyword.

Suppose your keyword is "SEO tools" and wrote content for it, the tools identifies the position of your website on Google Search results for the keyword "SEO tools" and then shows you're at position #15 or #30 or something like that.

95% of tools have this feature, and they call it as SERP tracker.

But I say, all those 95% of tools are traditional SERP keyword tracker tools.

Let's have a look at this statement.

The bot of SERP Tracker tools crawl the entire search results page for a given keyword and finds our websites even if it ranks at position #50 or #85.​

Though they crawl entire results page, they show the position of your site alone, leaving rest of sites. What happens if the tool shows the top 100 websites ranking for a given keyword?

We can monitor each and every site's movement, thus having a very good idea of how every other competitors are trying to rank for the keyword.

The tools which show the top 100 results for any given keyword alone gives the complete meaning of the word Best "SERP Tracker" 

The tracker that tracks the top 100 domains for any keyword.

We analyzed over 50+ SERP Trackers tools and found only two tools that offer the functionality of tracking top 100 websites for any given keyword. They are truly the best SERP Trackers 2019.

To my knowledge, SERPWoo and Serpstat are the real SERP Trackers with tracking capability upto 100 domains.​

If you still reading this Best SERP Tracker 2019 content, I would greatly appreciate it and I would be pleased if you use our links to get those top tools.​

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