What is TF-IDF? Why Should You Care About It!

I recently came across the concept of TF-IDF for better On Page Optimization and dug up further to understand how underrated the technique is.

I tried up few tools with some random post on this site and understood I didn't do the perfect On Page SEO.

Best TF-IDF Tools

In this post, along with the introduction of TF-IDF, I also recommend the Best TF-IDF Tool to test your websites and optimize with advanced On Page SEO Optimizations.

What is TF-IDF?

Website Auditor, the best TF-IDF tool in the industry states

TF-IDF (short for “term frequency-inverse document frequency“) has long been used by Google to figure out the relevancy of pages in its index to a given query. The TF-IDF algorithm helps you to optimize your pages for topical relevance so that they rank higher up in search engine results.

Google has been using TF-IDF way long before, the Google Pattern says it all.

In layman's terms, TF-IDF is the new keyword density you should care about. Instead of going for a keyword density of 2.5% for any single focus keyword, you should optimize the post with the many topical relevance keywords for better search engine rankings.

The best thing for marketers, the SEO tool companies made it easy for us to check the TF-IDF of our blog posts. Here is the list of best TF IDF tool you should get started today.

Website Auditor

The tool developed by SEO PowerSuite was probably the only tool that made me comfortable for TF-IDF analysis. You can use this best TF-IDF tool with the free version of Website Auditor.

Just download the free version and open the software, Check Content Analysis -> TF-IDF ( term frequency-inverse document frequency)

Choose your page and then click next, enter the focus keyword of the article. For example, I choose this URL https://bloggingio.com/ahrefs-alternatives/ entered the focus keywords and see how impressive the tool comes with recommendations.

Now, I need to simply change the content as per the Website Auditor TF*IDF recommendations. The best thing, you can do this even with the lifetime free version of Website Auditor.


Text-tools.net is a complete tool focused towards TF-IDF feature thus enabling you to optimize your blog posts with perfect On Page SEO. Here is the complete video of how Text-tools works

Text-Tools.net don't have a free version, so I skipped testing them since I was completely satisfied with the other two Best TF-IDF tools.

However, you can try Text-tools.net for just $9.97 for 3 days.


Ryte is a premium digital marketing suite helps you to monitor, analyze and optimize web pages for better SEO results. But you can play with their free plan for one site where you can go TF-IDF analysis.

To get started, head over to content success -> Analyze -> New Analysis

I don't recommend Ryte for TF-IDF analysis as I found the data aren't accurate and doesn't offer a feature like Website Auditor which helps you to optimize the existing post with these keywords.

Apart from it, Ryte prices over $100+ per month which is definitely not worth the ROI.

Enter the focus keyword and choose the location, region, and language and you'll find the report with most used keywords and once you click on competition, the tool will map you the keyword relevancy of top ten results.

Do you recommend any other tools for TF-IDF apart from the above mentioned best TF-IDF tools?

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