5 Best WordPress Themes For Thrive Architect in 2019

The Thrive Architect visual page builder makes it easy for you to produce a conversion focused site from the ground up.

To make Thrive Architect interesting, you need a good WordPress theme that aligns well with the page builder plugin.

While there are so many themes out there in the market, I choose these five Best WordPress Themes for Thrive Architect and do check out Thrive Architect Review if you aren't aware.

Here are five of the best WordPress Themes For Thrive Architect.

1. Thrive Themes

Start your search with our #1 recommendation, Thrive Themes.

Their themes are focused mainly on producing conversion-based design and also it correlates well.

The best thing, you'll get working on the same interface since both the products come from a single company.

Being a Thrive Themes user at this blog, I can make things quicker when compared to sites where I use Astra and Architect.

The latest update is that the existing themes are only available for Thrive Membership account holders since they're going to launch a new set of modern themes in the near future.

2. WP Astra

The pre-built templates used by Astra can help with producing stunning websites.

You can customize pages without having to add any codes. You have the option to produce unique layouts and headers as there is a lot of customization options.

WP Astra comes with Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery to make the site loading faster than ever.

Astra is also light in weight as it uses around 50 KB in resources while this is different from others that use more than 300 KB of data.

Such above features, when combined with Architect, can produce stunning results which you can replicate any type of websites.

Also concluding that WP Astra officially supports & designs their product compatible with Thrive Architect and do check our Astra Review published at BloggingIO.

3. OceanWP

The main focus on OceanWP is that it can handle WooCommerce and you can produce a site that is fully ready to handle WooCommerce functions with no limitations.

The setup also gives you extra help for managing buttons for adding items to a cart or for producing a floating cart among other ecommerce-related features for producing a better site all around.

Quick-view features and off-canvas filters can also be added among other effects for your site. The special effects that you produce will assist you in generating a more unique design that adds a nice look to your site.

With that, I conclude OceanWP (Review) is the Best WordPress themes for Thrive Architect if you're building Woocommerce sites.

4. GeneratePress

The lightweight features of GeneratePress make it outstanding from others since it uses a layout that is less than 30 KB in size.

The clean code of GeneratePress and the lack of a jQuery dependency make it more interesting for mobile-based sites.

The validated HTML support also adds extra help for producing a better site that is suitable for many of your work needs.

You can use various premium modules for getting your GeneratePress deep customizable and I explained such thing in my review of GeneratePress.

If you're confused between Astra, GeneratePress, and OceanWP, here is our post- Astra vs. GeneratePress vs. OceanWP: Best of Three?

5. StudioPress

The last of the options to look is StudioPress.

StudioPress Genesis helps you in producing outstanding WordPress sites in a just few hours.

You can use StudioPress with the Genesis Framework to design child themes.

StudioPress is the industry leader in the WordPress market and releases a new design every few months once and also offers updates even for older.

When I use Architect with StudioPress site, I really loved the final output which is unable to do without this page builder plugin.

Which Works For You?

All five of these options for your Best WordPress Themes for Thrive Architect are suitable in many forms.

You should look at each option and figure out the general requirements for your site when seeing what you should be using when planning a site the right way.

You should only use the right option that fits your needs based on what you feel is appropriate for your work and for getting more out of the content you plan on generating in any form.

In that case, I suggest you go with Astra for affiliate type blog sites or OceanWP for WooCommerce based sites.

However, you can also choose the other theme options which work flawlessly with Thrive Architect.