10 Best Web Hosting in India For 2019

Web Hosting in India is extremely popular these days with the stunning rise in the number of websites, online stores, and blogs over the years. A lot of people in India looking for Best Web Hosting India, despite their tight budget, want to experiment with their first website or blog every day.

Needless to say, we Indians expect a good value for the money we invest in something. In India, best web hosting definitely means a reasonably good mix of all the features at a very affordable price alongside an exceptionally user-friendly interface and unimaginably helpful customer support.

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In this post, we share 11 of the best web hosting India 2019 companies, keeping in mind the kind of service India customers are looking for. We are also pretty much sure that you will find the most suitable web hosting for yourself as you read this post till the end.

List of Best Web Hosting India 2019

1. HostGator India

HostGator started back in 2002 and it certainly happens to be one of the most popular web hosting service provider's names among the customers in India. In fact, it is one of the first few names to cross the mind of every user in India whenever one thinks of the best web hosting in India for the reason that it has been pretty affordable and has been around for quite a long time now. Also, it allows you to start for as low as Rs 99/mo which is an extremely good option to experiment with.

Another factor that gives it an amazing leading edge is the fact that it is extremely easy to set up a website on HostGator. If we consider the important features, they are pretty dependable. It has an uptime of 99.9% and a decent page loading speed as talked on this HostGator India Review. As far as the security is concerned, it is pretty good too and in fact, HostGator has largely established this fact over the years. Most importantly, HostGator is among those web hosting companies that still carry on with email hosting for free with their web hosting plans.

Also, every plan comes with Free SSL and you don't really have to handle much technicalities on their own as long as they choose HostGator. For web hosting users in India, choosing HostGator gives you the advantage of localized web hosting in India with GPX, local payment gateways, and local language support. Also, with HostGator, you have the advantage of 45 days Money Back Guarantee.

Cloudflare integration is ridiculously simple with HostGator. With Cloudflare CDN, you can have your site exceptionally secure and at the same time, deliver your data better and faster to your global audience. Most importantly, it offers a good backup policy to keep your data exceptionally secure and safe. You can have your data backed up regularly with the help of HostGator’s CodeGuard backup solution.

2. Bluehost India

Bluehost is yet another Web Hosting Company that has started a long time back. Bluehost started all the way back in 2003 and it is one of those web hosting companies that have made web hosting simpler for the customers even back in those days when web hosting used to be taken as something closely and largely associated with coding.

Over the years, it has largely helped its customers break out of this perception and helped them create amazing websites with the greatest ease without having to touch a single line of code. Also, it has played a huge role in making CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. popular among the customers. Check Bluehost India Review and consider its features, it certainly provides the right combination of the best features.

Bluehost websites have the most stable uptime as well as speed. The company has pretty much proved it over the years. Even if we consider the aspect of security, it will not be wrong to say that it provides you with a solid and secure web hosting environment. This is the reason that Bluehost still continues to find its way even though many new web hosting companies have come up over the years.

In fact, a few of its features are pretty much unique and you just can't afford to have the same mix with any other web hosting company. For example, it gives you excellent protection of resources with the help of its isolated systems. Also, you can rest assured of absolute privacy backed by Bluehost's features such as SiteLock, CodeGuard, Domain Privacy, and Unique IP.

It also allows you to deliver your content in a much more meaningful way to your global audience with the help of Cloudflare CDN. Also, most of the Bluehost plans can be easily scaled up as per the growing needs of your business anytime without having to face any downtime. What I like the most about Bluehost is its Customer Support which is characterized by fast, friendly and accurate assistance 24×7.

3. FastComet India

FastComet started in 2013 and it is one of those Web Hosting companies that have grown at a rapid pace over the years. The company not only enticed its customers with the help of its exclusive features like Free Domain Transfer and global data center location but also, offered its customers an unimaginably reliable service in terms of speed, uptime, and security.

If we consider its features, it certainly has the right mix of features. Another important factor that has largely helped it win the confidence of its customers is its Customer Support. FastComet happens to have one of the finest and most responsive customer support with the most competent and friendly executives. You can rest assured of the most accurate and prompt resolutions with the FastComet Support.

If in doubt, check our FastComet India guide on how to get started.

Live chat is undoubtedly very fast with a waiting time of up to 15 to 20 seconds at the most and even tickets are resolved within 20 to 30 minutes. FastComet websites load exceptionally fast which gives your site an amazing leading edge in terms of SEO. Also, it provides you with 9 datacenter locations to choose from; Chicago (IL-US), Dallas (TX-US), Newark (NJ-US), Frankfurt (DE), Amsterdam (NL), London (UK), Singapore (SG), Tokyo (JP), Toronto (CA), Mumbai (India)

Apart from this, it presents you free SSL Certificate and free Cloudflare CDN to deliver their content better to their global audience. As far as security is concerned, FastComet certainly has the most dependable and secure web hosting environment backed by high-quality hardware and constant monitoring.

4. A2 Hosting India

A2 is one of those few names to cross your mind whenever you think of a super-fast web hosting service. A2 started its journey back in 2001 and has been largely able to convince its customers by its brilliant service over the years. What gives A2 a leading edge over the others is its 20x faster Turbo servers alongside 99.9℅ uptime and solid security with the help of its Ultra reliable servers and high quality.

Also, its service is based on PHP 7, SSD and Global CDN. In addition to this, its Guru Crew is one of the most brilliant support team in the entire industry to assist you 24×7 with your queries and issues. Most importantly, you can rest assured of excellent security backed by automated backups, constant security in conjunction with the industry's best security technologies.

Another factor that makes A2 pretty much the favorite of many people is the fact that it gives you a very user-friendly interface and you can set up your website with the greatest ease. Another powerful option that A2 offers with most of its plans is isolation which keeps your site extremely secure and at the same time, gives you perfect control over your resources.

As talked on our A2 Hosting India Review, choose the best Turbo hosting with Singapore data center and enjoy the fastest hosting to your sites.

Free Site Migration is another handy feature it offers and you can transfer your site to A2 without having to face any downtime. If we consider its pricing and plans, it certainly offers you the right value of money in all sense. On top of that, it offers customers a wide variety of plans for different purposes and categories.

It also offers anytime money-back guarantee and in fact, this is something you can't afford to have with any other web hosting company. It offers free SSL certificate by Let's Encrypt with all its plans.

5. SiteGround

Started in 2004, SiteGround has helped many customers create stunning websites over the years. If we visualize the picture of web hosting back then, it had quite a complicated picture and most people thought creating a website was not possible without a decent knowledge of coding. However, web hosting companies like SiteGround and a few others have largely helped many people to create amazing websites with the help of CMS.

Also, back then, it was really important to keep things simple for the customers to encourage them to break out of their fear of coding and SiteGround has been able to keep things really simple for its users from the very beginning.

If we consider its features, it offers a very impressive page loading speed supported by speed technologies such as SSD, Nginx, SuperCacher, CDN, HTTP/2, PHP7.

As far as the aspect of Uptime is concerned, with SiteGround, you can rest assured of 99.9% uptime backed by Linux containers, constant server monitoring, and account isolation. This also makes your site unimaginably secure. If we consider the range of web hosting solutions it offers, it certainly offers a wide range of web hosting plans for various purposes.

It also offers you 6 data center locations across USA, Europe, and Asia to choose from. As far as the pricing is concerned, it allows you to start for as low as $3.95/mo. Al the plans come with free SSL certificate, free Cloudflare CDN, free Daily backups and more. One of the most important factors behind its stunning popularity among the users happens to be its customer support.

As a matter of fact, SiteGround Customer Support comprises the most knowledgeable executives that are extremely friendly and accurate when assisting the users. Another good advantage you have with SiteGround is the fact that it allows users to create free email accounts with its all plans.

6. ResellerClub 

ResellerClub started all the way back in 1998 with its headquarters in Mumbai and it had a brilliant journey so far characterized by a very dependable service. Over the years, it has very well helped its users with the right mix of very reliable uptime, solid security, and high performance. By now, it powers more than 200000 web professionals.

Also, it has been largely able to provide users with the right solutions for varying purposes. Another factor that has made it extremely popular among the users is its reasonable pricing. Setting up a site on ResellerClub is exceptionally simple with the help of HTTP API. ResellerClub websites loads at lightning-fast speed backed by Varnish Caching, PHP and other advanced speed technologies.

It is also one of those web hosting companies that put utmost emphasis on security and it ensures high security with the help of constant monitoring of server and, of course, extremely powerful virus protection. This is for the same reason you can always expect a persistently good uptime as well with ResellerClub. Another salient feature of ResellerClub is the fact that it offers an extremely knowledgeable and friendly 24×7 support via phone, email, tickets, and chat.

If we consider its pricing, it certainly is the cheapest option available in the market for users in India. The Personal Shared Hosting plan starts for as low as Rs 160/mo and it comes with a Free SSL. Also, it lets you create unlimited email accounts when most of the web hosting companies has discontinued this feature. 

The Secure Shell Access is a pretty handy feature for anyone with a decent knowledge of web hosting technicalities and configurations. It is included in almost all the plans. Using this feature, one can execute commands, and manage files. Last but not least, it offers users a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. Kinsta India

Founded in the year 2013, Kinsta is one of the best web hosting names when it comes to managed WordPress with cutting edge technology. Also, the company has emerged at a pretty rapid pace. Kinsta is based on Google Cloud Platform which makes it more reliable and offers services from Google Mumbai data center to Indian websites.

Over the years, Kinsta has largely proved its high stability and high performance. If we consider the features, you can certainly rest assured of the right mix in all senses. Kinsta websites are extremely fast backed by technologies like Ngnix, PHP 7.3, LXD Containers and MariaDB. In addition to this, it allows you to deliver your content faster to your global audience with the help of free Global CDN.

If you are wondering as to how secure is the Kinsa platform, it is certainly very secure backed by DDoS protection and constant Hardware monitoring. As far as your data security is concerned, your data is exceptionally secure with daily backups. Apart from this, Kinsta also has one of the finest customer support teams. The Kinsta Support team is exceptionally professional and knowledgeable.

Besides, you can always expect the friendliest and the most accurate assistance with Kinsta Support. For users in India, you have the advantage of Kinsta’s Mumbai data center. As far as the plans are concerned, Kinsta offers a wide range of plans for you to choose from. Also, you can contact the Kinsta sales team in case you want to have a customized plan created with the exact amount of resources that you may need for your business. 

Most importantly, Kinsta is a fully managed platform and this is the reason that you can be least bothered of the technicalities and anyone can use Kinsta irrespective of their levels of understanding of technicalities. The company has maintained a consistently good track record so far in terms of its service.

8. Cloudways

Cloudways is yet another web hosting company that puts utmost emphasis on technology. Also, it is a fully managed web hosting platform. If we consider its features, they are very reliable. Over the years, it has largely pleased its users with its brilliant uptime, speed, and rock-solid security. Even though it uses advanced technologies, it keeps things exceptionally simple for the users and this is another big factor behind its stunning popularity.

Setting up a site with Cloudways will merely take about 10 to 15 minutes of your precious time. Cloudways provide users with 5 Cloud providers to choose from. As far as the aspect of security is concerned, Cloudways has its technical experts monitoring its server and network 24×7 alongside the industry's best security practices. Cloudways websites load exceptionally fast with the help of the industry's best speed technologies such as Optimized Stack, Advanced Caching, PHP 7 Ready Servers, and CloudwaysCDN.

Another great advantage you have with Cloudways is the fact that you can easily scale up your cloud resources whenever your business experiences any extent of growth and need an increase in resources. With Cloudways, you can scale up your resources with just one click. With Cloudways Free Migration, you can easily transfer your website without having to face any downtime. 

As far as the Cloudways support is concerned, it offers 24×7 assistance via phone, chat, and email with no long waiting time. The executives are also pretty competent and friendly in helping the users with the two Cloudways datacenters in Mumbai and Bangalore in India.

As far as its plans are concerned, it presents a wide range of plans and all the plans come with Free SSL Certificates, Free Migration, Unlimited App Installation, and 24×7 Support. It allows you to start for as low as $10/mo.

9. Hostinger India

Hostinger started its journey back in 2004 and has users from all over the world. One of the factors behind its success so far is its affordable pricing. Even though it offers its service at a low price, you can largely rely on its features. In fact, it has largely established this point over the years by its persistently good service.

As far as the aspect of speed is concerned, it offers 3x optimized speed in conjunction with SSD storage. It also offers a pretty decent uptime and has proved it too over the years. Another good feature included with all its plans is the free website builder and for anyone who is very specific about the site’s design, it will certainly get your site design close to your imagination with the greatest ease. 

Hostinger's support is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. You can always expect dedicated assistance via chat and email anytime you want without any difficulty. As far as the pricing is concerned, you can rest assured of exceptional transparency with Hostinger and you absolutely have no reason to worry about any hidden charges. Also, it is commendable about the ways Hostinger is striving to help and educate its users over the past many years now.

The Company not only believes in helping its users in growing fast but also, helps them to a large extent in materializing it. If we consider the aspect of security, Hostinger certainly offers a pretty reliable and secure web hosting environment backed by perpetual server monitoring by the experts. 

Every small or big glitch is resolved in no time before users can feel any difference. Also, it is among those web hosting companies that offer maximum discount on Black Friday. It certainly is a good option for any user in India no matter if one is just a beginner or an expert.

10. GoDaddy Web Hosting India

GoDaddy started in 1997 and it is much known as a domain service provider. However, over the years, it has done a brilliant job in web hosting too by having been able to provide users with the right solutions for their purposes; from blog sites to online stores. GoDaddy web hosting is not only affordable but also is pretty reliable with a stable uptime and a secure web hosting environment. 

It offers over 125 apps for user to choose from. Most importantly, it ensures best-in-class security and stability backed by 24×7 server monitoring, DDoS Protection, and other best practices. As far as setting up a website on GoDaddy is concerned, it is ridiculously simple and takes about 15 to 20 minutes at the most. Also, you can easily scale up your resources such as CPU, RAM, etc without having to face any downtime.

If we consider its speed, GoDaddy websites load extremely fast. As far as the GoDaddy pricing is concerned, it is pretty reasonable for sure and you can start for as low as Rs 99/mo which is good for those who want to experiment with their first website or blog. However, we suggest you start with GoDaddy's Deluxe Plan for better performance.

GoDaddy has a very responsive and extremely knowledgeable customer support and it has been largely able to win the confidence of its users with 24×7 assistance via Live Chat and Phone. Most importantly, GoDaddy has a very strong community to learn and share.

GoDaddy Domains have been pretty popular in India for a long time now but over the years, there has been a substantial increase in the demand for GoDaddy hosting as well. 


Choosing the right web hosting can be a little difficult but surely not impossible and this post should make things a lot easier for you. It took us several hours to try out the service of many providers to find the best web hosting for users in India.

Even though we have tried to give you a very comprehensive picture of all the web hosting companies that we included in this post, we would still recommend you to visit their websites besides reading our post and only then, make a choice.

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