Best WordPress Comments Plugins That Rocks (2018)

No one can overlook the importance of an active comment system in one’s blog posts. In fact, comments can make one’s posts a lot more attractive and interactive for the readers.

In this post, we are going to share 5 Best WordPress Comments Plugins that can largely get the readers more involved, engaged and increase every possible chance for publishers to grow their traffic and monetize their contents to a massive extent.

Best WordPress Comments Plugins

1.Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments has a pretty modern and advanced approach to commenting that can actually help your website have high visitor-engagement with a lot of techniques to keep them motivated to keep commenting.

Most importantly, this plugin can create such an exceptional commenting system that visitors would be actually captivated to comment and to such an extent that they would even not mind sharing their email address to express their interests in the website they are in.

Thrive Comments is a part of Thrive Themes (Read why I use most Thrive Themes Products here). At BloggingIO, I replaced the existing WordPress Comment system to Thrive Comments.

At the present market, no other comments plugins are as flexible as Thrive Comments and look what Thrive Comments has to offer

Best WordPress Comments Plugins That Rocks (2018) 1


  • It offers high engagement and interactivity with likes, upvotes, featured contents, badges, and social media sharing. This eventually encourages visitors to comment more and more.

  • It redirects a first-time commenter to a free gift page and it shows up a social share button to a repeat commenter for them to share their comments along with the actual post.

  • It also allows its users to set up post comment actions which may either be redirecting a commenter to related posts or be showing up social sharing options.

  • It offers brilliant reporting tools to help the users keep up with the visitors’ activity over time and a user can plan one’s next strategies based on that to increase the visitors’ engagement even further.

  • The automatic resource links feature is an amazing feature and it generates an auto-link the moment the user types a word and that way, it saves a lot of time in replying.

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2. Jetpack Comments

The Jetpack WordPress Comments plugin transforms the default comment section into a much-advanced comment section with integrated social media login options. The plugin is widely used by people from all over the world because of its amazing functionalities.


  • It offers an advanced comment section with Integrated Social Media login options. Visitors can comment as a guest or by using any of the popular social media profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

  • It is exceptionally easy to activate and all one has to do is visit Jetpack from settings on the dashboard and click activate.

  • The heading, “Leave a Reply”, as well as the color scheme, can be changed as per one's choice from the Discussion tab in Jetpack settings.

  • The user can approve comments by login to the website admin.

  • The comment form is pretty nifty and sleek. It maintains a good flow of comments without affecting the post in any way.


3. Facebook Comments

The Facebook WordPress Comments plugin is a brilliant plugin that actually allows visitors to comment on posts using their Facebook profiles and they can either it share it with their friends or friends of friends. Activating this plugin is just a matter of one click and also, the plugin is not much complex.


  • The Facebook Comments plugin is not much complex and is pretty easy to manage.

  • It allows visitors to comment using their Facebook profiles. It keeps commenting really simple with straight and simple login options.

  • Also, it allows them to either share it with their friends or friends of friends.

  • It allows its users to moderate the comments as well and a user can choose to keep only the most relevant comments and eliminate the irrelevant ones.

  • It has brilliant support with a five-star rating. The support team is pretty fast and technically sound in assisting its users with every single query or issue.

4. Disqus Comment System

The WordPress Disqus Comment System Plugin can be pretty effective in building up an excellent engaging environment and it allows publishers to engage with their audience to increase readers’ engagement and interest in the website.

In simple words, this plugin helps publishers grow their traffic and monetize their contents.

Update: It seems Disqus free version started showing ads on sites. If you love Disqus, pay monthly, and get rid of ads. Else you can move to our awesome recommended Thrive Comments.


  • Easy to install without having to touch a single line of code. This not only saves a lot of time but also, makes things incredibly convenient to manage.

  • It automatically pulls in the existing comments and that way you don’t lose a single valuable comment.

  • It offers excellent monetization options to increase your revenue. In fact, a lot of publishers have experienced outstanding growth in their revenue ever since they activated this plugin.

  • It offers an amazing analytics dashboard to analyze the overall engagement and subsequently, a user can plan his next move towards increasing the readers’ engagement.

  • It offers multiple and flexible login options for commenting such as login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, SSO, and guest commenting. With multiple options for login, the visitors can comment at their greatest ease.

5. Replyable by Postmatic

The WordPress plugin, Replyable powered by Postmatic is an unimaginably advanced plugin for commenting.

It’s a pretty smart commenting system wherein it keeps the best comments and eliminates the ones that are just a waste of time. It works both online and offline with visitors allowed replying to comments directly without having to receive too many emails.


  • The comment system works in accordance with the all international spam laws and users can subscribe to it without having to worry about spam.

  • It is highly responsive and works brilliantly on all the device platforms, be it PC, tablet or mobile. This would eventually help users obtain comments from platforms other than PC or Mac.

  • It offers users with great choices. Users can either subscribe to all the comments on a specific post or choose to receive direct replies on their comments.

  • Comments can be moderated by the user using simple email commands and this will certainly save you a lot of time.

  • It is compatible with all Best WordPress comments plugins including Epoch, wpDiscuz, Inline Comments, Commentluv. Also, it is compatible with your current antispam and moderation workflows.