8 Best WordPress Hosting India For 2022 (Reviews)

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Finding the top WordPress Hosting in India is a hectic task thanks to hundreds of companies launching up every time.

Here is our guide on choosing the WordPress host for India that is secure, fast, and comes with great support.

The above uptime/speed results are obtained by monitoring our sites hosted on the above companies for the last 15 months.

These are the Best WordPress Hosting India of 2022

1. A2 Hosting

  • Website: www.a2hosting.in
  • Price: Rs. 342/month
  • Datacenter: Singapore

A2 Hosting is the Fastest WordPress Hosting in India with 67% Off on first billing.

A2 Hosting was founded in 2001 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A2 operates in its own data centers in the USA, Europe, and Singapore. If you check Hostgator or Bluehost, they are US registered but they outsource their staffs but A2 operates 100% of US-based people.

A2 offers the fastest WordPress solutions thanks to the A2 Optimized WordPress installations it loads faster than most hosting services.

8 Best WordPress Hosting India For 2022 (Reviews) 1

Note: I'm also one of their paying customers since 2016.

According to Hostingstep reports, A2 loads at an average of 172ms which is followed by SiteGround 340ms.

8 Best WordPress Hosting India For 2022 (Reviews) 2

A2 Hosting Pricing starts at Rs.248.92/month with 51% Off as found on our A2Hosting Reviews.

There are many reasons to recommend A2 as the best WordPress host for Indians but there is a sole reason, I recommend them ahead of other companies is local payment options.

A2 Hosting partnered with CCAvenue, a payment gateway company in India so that you can pay through your debit card either powered by Visa/Mastercard and even Rupay card too works with them.

When I started blogging back in 2013, I struggled a lot to get a WordPress hosting account since most cards won't work with international companies and I ended up buying from local companies where the service was absolutely terrible.

Apart from it, there are many reasons to recommend A2 as best WordPress  Web hosting for India but for a sole reason, I recommend them ahead of other companies.


  • 100% USA based customer support
  • Localized payment gateways
  • Fastest WordPress hosting available.
  • Free SSD & SSL
  • Complete WordPress Management solutions.
  • Free daily backups
  • Singapore location
  • Free Cloudflare CDN


  • The basic plan supports only one website
  • Renewal charges are higher.

2. FastComet 

  • Website: www.fastcomet.com 
  • Price: Rs. 209 per month
  • Datacenter: Mumbai, India

FastComet is the perfect WordPress hosting for Indians if you running India based sites. If you are planning to run Amazon India affiliate sites, I can't stop recommending this host as it can handle flawless traffic from its Mumbai data center.

The FastComet WordPress hosting plans start from $2.95/month with 70% off limited time offer for first years. All the plan comes with free SSD disk space and SSL. You can also enable free Cloudflare CDN when needed. There is a 45 days money-back guarantee where you will get unlimited bandwidth on all the plans.

The disk space varies based on the plan, however, you will get up to 35GB space and professional customer support. Once you get an account, don't forget to use free site transfer to move your WordPress site from your existing host.

Since I already discussed a lot about FastComet Review, I directly go with Pros and cons.

Also, I compared FastComet Vs A2 Hosting

Pros of FastComet

  • Free SSL certificate /CDN/SSD
  • Free daily & weekly backups
  • BitNinja Powered security updates
  • 1click WordPress install & automatic updates
  • Free email spam protection.
  • Unlimited email accounts.

In fact, this blog too hosted on FastComet, you might saw how faster my site loads.

8 Best WordPress Hosting India For 2022 (Reviews) 3

Cons of FastComet

  • Setup fee for monthly billing plans.

The FastComet plan starts from $2.95/month and has data center locations in eight locations (maximum location by any company)

3. SiteGround

  • Website: www.siteground.com 
  • Price: Rs. 250/month
  • Datacenter: Singapore

Not so many companies get the opportunity to get recommended by the WordPress team itself. SiteGround was founded in 2004 and it's being a decade they are in the industry yet not so famous like HostGator in India.

Hostingstep reports that SiteGround is the only company to get 99.99% uptime in their last one year test reports.

Pros of using SiteGround

  • Amazing uptime (99.99%)
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Free SSD/SSL/CDN
  • Free daily backups
  • Free WordPress install/ Transfer from the old host
  • WP Auto updates
  • Five data center locations.

Cons of using SiteGround

  • Setup charge for one-month hosting plans.

The SiteGround plan starts from $3.95/month even for 12 months package and in case if you're confused between choosing FastComet Vs SiteGround, check out their performance here.

4. Kinsta

  • Website: www.kinsta.com 
  • Price: Rs. 2500/month
  • Datacenter: Mumbai, India

Kinsta is the WordPress the only premium managed WordPress hosting with the Mumbai server location.

Started in the year, 2013, Kinsta had a huge contribution to the industry so far. Kinsta is one of those WordPress companies that are known for their cutting edge technology powered by the Google Cloud Platform.

The Company offers Managed WordPress Hosting for all categories of users; from bloggers, developers to marketers, and online business entrepreneurs. 

As far as the service is concerned, it certainly cannot get more reliable than this with the right mix of extremely powerful features that make them Best WPEngine Alternative to get started.

8 Best WordPress Hosting India For 2022 (Reviews) 4
  1. Kinsta sites load extremely fast because of speed technologies such as Nginx, PHP 7.3, LXD Containers and Maria DB
  2. It offers a highly secure environment comprising DDoS Protection and Hardware Firewalls
  3. You can rest assured of a very stable uptime with Kinsta because of its uptime checks every two minutes
  4. Kinsta offers exceptionally dedicated WordPress customer support via live chat and email
  5. Kinsta has 20 data center locations and also, it has a data center in Mumbai, India which makes its service pretty favorable for India.
  6. We also compared Kinsta Vs SiteGround in a separate post comparing both in terms of speed, uptime, and support.

Kinsta offers you 10 different WordPress plans of varying sizes and resources to select from. You can start for as low as $30. Many Amazon India sites are hosted here as I pointed in my another hosting review.

Also, you can have a plan customized for your purpose by contacting its sales team just in case you feel you need more resources than what is offered at the most by the available Kinsta plans.

5. Cloudways

  • Website: www.cloudways.com 
  • Price: Rs. 600/month
  • Datacenter: Mumbai, Bangalore

Cloudways is the cheapest WordPress Cloud hosting with multiple data center options for Indians present in Mumbai and Bangalore.8 Best WordPress Hosting India For 2022 (Reviews) 5

  • Cloudways offers a brilliant page loading speed for WordPress sites with its combination of industry’s best server and cache technologies
  • As far as the uptime is concerned, it is nearly 100% all the time with its constant server and network monitoring
  • It offers a fully managed and secure environment.
  • Cloudways offers Indian users Mumbai and Bengaluru as the two data center locations to choose from
  • Also, it offers an unimaginable fast and friendly support via tickets, phone, and live chat

With Cloudways, you have over 10 different plans to choose from and the best thing about its pricing is the fact that you can pay as you go with no lock-in. The minimum cost you can start with Cloudways is for $10/mo but can be further reduced through Cloudways Promo Code.

6. HostPapa​

  • Website: www.hostpapa.in
  • Price: Rs. 99/month

HostPapa offers the cheapest WordPress optimized Shared hosting plans for just Rs.99/month with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You will also get free domain for the first year where you can register .in domain.

Canada based Company, HostPapa started back in 2006. HostPapa WordPress Hosting has largely helped users break out of the perception that starting a website necessarily requires the knowledge of coding.

The Company had a brilliant journey so far with users from all parts of the world and is certainly a good option for the Indian users too. 

If we consider its features, it has the right mix of features for sure. Needless to say, it is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to WordPress.

  • HostPapa offers a brilliant loading speed with the help of its enhanced caching mechanism
  • Your website is unimaginably safe and secure with its Advanced Firewall alongside its Auto-Detect and Remove Malware feature
  • The Free Cloudflare Content Delivery Network helps users deliver content to Global audiences at an extremely fast speed including five CDN locations in India.
  • As far as the uptime is concerned, you can rest assured of 99.9% uptime guarantee with HostPapa

HostPapa provides users with 3 excellent options to choose from; the WordPress Starter, the WordPress Business, and the WordPress Business Pro. The minimum amount you can start for with HostPapa is Rs 99/mo.

7. Resellerclub​

  • Website: india.resellerclub.com
  • Price: Rs. 60/month
  • Datacenter: India

Founded in 1998, Resellerclub, the Mumbai based Company has done a remarkable job over the years with its products for all types of users especially WordPress optimized hosting plans.

For Indian users, it is surely a very good option with excellent features offered at an affordable price. 

Also, a few of its features are pretty much advanced such as Codeguard and Sitelock.

8 Best WordPress Hosting India For 2022 (Reviews) 6
  1. Daily Malware Scanning in conjunction with Automatic Backups keep your site unimaginably secure
  2. Its high-performance infrastructure offers a reliable uptime of 99.9%
  3. Also, it offers an exceptional speed with its cutting edge technology like varnish caching
  4. Setting up a website is exceptionally simple with Reseller Hosting
  5. Resellerclub offers proactive support via email, phone, and chat

When it comes to the plans, it offers you two main categories to choose from; WordPress Lite and WordPress+Security. Every category has 4 different plans. 

The WordPress+Security plans can be a little expensive but it is always wise to choose this category. However, you can start with Resellerclub for as low as Rs 150/mo.

8. HostGator India

  • Website: www.hostgator.in
  • Price: Rs. 209/month
  • Datacenter: India

Founded in 2002, HostGator is one of the oldest companies and had a huge contribution in making web hosting a lot popular among the people over the years. 

As far as the range of its services is concerned, it offers a wide range of services for different types of users. Also, it offers a wide variety of plans and pricing.

HostGator is also one of the ideal options for Indian users as it offers extremely simple options to set up your website and manage it.

8 Best WordPress Hosting India For 2022 (Reviews) 7
  1. HostGator offers a blazing fast speed with the help of its Varnish cache in conjunction with its Global CDN
  2. Scaling up your RAM and CPU resources is ridiculously simple and quick with HostGator
  3. The Automatic Failover feature alongside powerful server architecture offers great stability in uptime
  4. It has its data center locations in Houston and Provo
  5. Automatic WordPress Update ensures that your WordPress site is always running on the latest version

HostGator offers 4 different plans to choose from; the Starter, the Performance, the Business and, the Professional. It allows you to start for as low as Rs 249/mo as you can find on hostgator india reviews on our blog

Consider This Before Choosing India WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting has got increasingly popular over the years and it is reflected by the stunning growth in the number of blogs and websites in India over the past few years. However, a lot of people who are just about to start with their first website are not very sure as to which Company they should buy a WordPress plan from. 

Great Uptime: I hold an account with all the above companies to host my niches sites and I'm enjoying good uptime for my sites, which is also important for ranking well in Google results. There may be some companies that offer cheap services India but the uptime will be poor since they host a large number of sites on a single server.

Response time (Speed): Again, I use more than 8 companies but left other companies since they lack fast loading sites, for example, this site bloggingio.com hosted on FastComet loads under 150ms but sites hosted on local server companies take more than 1500ms to load.

24×7 customer support: All the above companies offer 24/7/365 customer support and at any time, even now browse their website and you'll find they're online to solve your queries. These are the characteristics of the best WordPress Hosting India companies.

Renowned company: There are more than 100+ companies launching every year but only survive for a longer period of time. Our recommended WordPress companies were founded back in the 2000s.

Easy payment options: A2 offers Indian payment gateway, you can even use your Rupay or UPI to make payments.

Easily scalable: Once your websites start getting traffic, you need to find the best VPS options to handle large traffic. All the above companies offer easy access to the cloud, VPS, and dedicated server.


This pretty much brings us to the end of this post and reaching this far, we are should you have found a suitable plan to start with. 

We have spent several hours testing about all the above companies to ultimately come up with our list of the Best WordPress Hosting for Indian users. 

This post “Best WordPress Hosting India” aims to share with you the best services available on the market. Do you have any suggestions or in doubt whether the above three hosting company satisfies your needs? 

Do comment and we can have discussions.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Which hosting is best for WordPress?

FastComet is the best hosting for WordPress in India due to the Mumbai location since its located in the center part of India.

2. Which hosting is best in India?

The overall best hosting in India is SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and ChemiCloud.

3. Is WordPress hosting?

No, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) where you can host your content through getting a WordPress hosting account from top companies.

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