Best WordPress Themes For Amazon

Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliate Sites

a programsAmazon Affiliate is one of the hottest program in the industry to make money online, yeah our team too run several sites with Amazon affiliate program alone.

What I have understood, even if you rank at the top 3 positions, the site design plays a vital role in conversions.

While we struggled earlier to choose the Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliate sites, but upon lot of testing and failures, now we have a list of best themes that offers the best conversions.

Whatever the themes, we use Thrive Architect on the above, which is our most loved page builder plugin since its launch. Though people recommend you some other plugins based on price, an extra set of features, or something else.

But when it comes to turning an ordinary looking blogpost into a conversion-focused page, Thrive Architect is the only plugin I can recommend anytime and even my latest Facebook post conveys the same.

Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliate Sites 1

Here is the list of Best Themes For Amazon Affiliate sites.

Astra – Best WordPress Theme For Amazon Affiliate

Astra grown exceptionally faster in the last few months, thanks to its whole new level of customization and less than 50Kb page size and well optimized mobile responsive design, makes them the Best for Amazon sites in 2019.

The best thing, pay once and enjoy lifetime updates using on unlimited websites. On the other hand, pay for less than $50 and use it on unlimited websites for one year.

Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliate Sites 2

The above is our affiliate site hosted on FastComet and powered by Astra, nothing more to say, as you can see the load time and other metrics.

Enough said on positives, the cons of Astra, there are a very few numbers of a blog focused. If you check this page, you can understand they offer a lot of starter sites for varied categories like business, e-commerce, etc but I don't like the blog layouts of them and looking forward to more blog based layouts.

Check Astra Review

2. GeneratePress – Another Best Amazon Affiliate Theme

GeneratePress, the cheapest package to get started works as similar to Astra has the page size less than 30KB making them the Fastest WordPress Themes in the industry right now.

You can customize any part of the layout with ease, just like changing the value here and there.

Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliate Sites 3

GeneratePress is Gutenberg ready and offers a wide range of blog layouts and I feel GeneratePress is winner compared to others.

I mean seriously, if you look at the demo designs, you can actually feel how neat with varied blog layouts.

GeneratePress was priced at just $49/year and comes with unlimited site usage and whatnot, they're offering a 40% discount on renewals.

Check GeneratePress Review

3. MyThemeShop

I started my blogging career with MTS back in 2013 and now they're one of the renowned names in WordPress industry, thanks to their recently launched WordPress plugin Rank Math and other awesome and plugins.

The schema was one of the industry-first fastest WordPress themes launched years back ahead of new age products like Astra and GeneratePress.

Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliate Sites 4

MTS Membership is one of the great assets one needs to hold if you running multiple websites or running a web agency.

Strategically priced, you can get a WordPress theme for just $19 during the launch period and stay around $49 during the rest time. MyThemeShop is known for running special deals occasionally where you can get any MTS products with 80% OFF

4. OceanWP

OceanWP offers free multipurpose but works great when combined with addons and OceanWP has the cheapest pricing where you can get unlimited site usage for less than $50

Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliate Sites 5

Though most themes are WooCommerce focused, they also have a great list of blog themes to get started.

You can also check our OceanWP review where we talked about the general features along with pros and cons.

5. HappyThemes

The company that's not so famous, but you'll fall in love with its design and blog/magazine focused. Most of their design comes preloaded with coupon page layout, which in turn improves conversions on a large scale.

Most of the above layouts come with basic setup and you need to make sure to create changes to make your site ready.

Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliate Sites 6

However, HappyThemes is focused on blog/magazine-styled, you can get started easily within seconds.

For example, it comes preloaded with advanced coupon plugin, video exclusive themes, and an awesome lifetime pricing to get started.

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