Blogger vs WordPress: A Comparison in 2023

Are you someone looking for the right platform to kickstart your passion for blogging? 

Well, there are plenty of platforms for you to consider, out of which the two arguable ones are Blogger vs WordPress. 

But there is grave confusion amongst the new and existing bloggers about which is the best option amongst the two.

So, here is a detailed comparison for you to check and decide for yourself the better platform for beneficial blogging.

Blogger vs WordPress: A Comparison in 2023 1

Blogger vs WordPress

Here are some of the comparisons based on the features of both WordPress and Blogger, which will assist you in getting clearer information about the two popular blogging platforms.


Blogger is completely free to use. You can publish your articles without paying a penny. But if you want a custom domain or any add-ons, you can pay extra. 

WordPress is of two types – and Both are free. But there's a catch, building your blog on needs you to pay for a domain name and web hosting. 

Or, you can say it is self-hosted, which gives complete control over your site., on the other hand, is similar to that of Blogger, where you don't need to pay for domain and hosting and is entirely free for use. 

Customization Level

WordPress allows complete customization to help give your blog or website an intuitive look and also allows you to add PHP, JavaScript, and others. On the other hand, Blogger is also providing optimal customization for setting up a blogging website with limited capabilities.

Blogging website set-up

With WordPress, you need to buy a domain name and hosting, after which only your site runs. However, you can let your hosting provider handle the setup part. But Blogger, you can just set up your account and then upload blogs over the platform.

Number of Pages

WordPress allows unlimited pages over their blogging website, whereas Bloggers are limited to only ten pages.


Both WordPress and the Blogger platform allow users to implement widgets onto their blogging websites.


Self-hosted WordPress might require updating the software manually post notification pop-ups in the dashboard. The Blogger platform comes with an automatic update feature and shares the notification of the update process on the dashboard.


You don't own your blog if you run it on Blogger as it is owned by Google. So, if they plan to shut it down anytime, you can do nothing about it. 

But if you own a self-hosted WordPress blog, you acknowledge and control it completely. 

In-Depth Analysis of Blogger

Blogger is an ideal platform for people who are just starting out. But, go ahead with this platform only if you don't have more extensive plans of earning money from your blogs. This is an excellent place to start sharing your thoughts.

Blogger vs WordPress: A Comparison in 2023 2

Blogger does not need any technical expertise, making it ideal for beginners to start fresh and accessible. Even though there are loads of limitations on the Blogger platform, people still prefer it as it is a good beginner asset for bloggers.

Although earning money is possible with Blogger as it includes in-built Google Adsense, there are loads of functionalities missing that might not help you for good earning potential. Plus, you cannot go beyond the line to increase your visibility over search engines.

This is the situation where WordPress takes over. SEO of a website is decided to rank up higher in search engines. The Blogger platform limits it. Blogger is only good over WordPress if you follow your passion for writing without necessarily making a career out of it.


  • It is completely free for use.
  • The setup process is quite easy without any technical knowledge.
  • You get automatic update features. 
  • You can link your domain to your blogging website.


  • The features are limited over the Blogger platform.
  • There is a page limit of 10.
  • Google, at times, removes the blogs from the internet.

In-Depth Analysis of WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for people who want to gain complete control over their blog and blogging websites. WordPress has many features that allow you to do almost everything you want in your blog.

Check out the cheapest WordPress hosting for your site.

Blogger vs WordPress: A Comparison in 2023 3

WordPress is an ideal platform with impeccable features meant for blogging proficiently. It is a platform that allows you to host your own blogs for which customization is right at your fingertips. It does not matter if you are blogging for personal or professional reasons.

Moreover, you get the chance to implement SEO plugins on your blogging website through WordPress. It will enhance the visibility factor of your WordPress Blogging website. Some of the popular plugins available in WordPress include ‘Rich Snippets,’ which allows you to implement star rating sections in your blog for the visitors to leave you a rating for your post. Check out more about WordPress hosting here.

WordPress is better in all terms over Blogger, but you need to ensure that your blogs are healthy and maintained over time. You can get in touch with the team of WordPress to learn the correct way of managing the website.

Some of the everyday things you must know while blogging with WordPress are plugin integration, theme inclusion, and others. WordPress is a progressive platform that can help your blog reach out to a larger audience in less time than bloggers. In addition to that, WordPress also allows you to earn money handsomely in the long run.


  • Lots of professional themes and plugins.
  • Mobile-friendly website.
  • SEO ready blogging experience
  • Best Social Media integration.


  • A bit complex to understand at the start.
  • cost for buying a domain name and web hosting
  • You need to check for updates manually over self-hosted WordPress.
  •  The customization tools come at a price. 

Why WordPress Seems A Better Option?

WordPress consists of some intuitive features that make it stand out above Blogger. 

Here are some of the things that make WordPress better than Blogger:

  • WordPress ensures you better control your blogs than the Blogger platform.
  • With WordPress, SEO aspects are fulfilled and improvised.
  • You get a plethora of plugins and support services to refine your blogging experience.
  • WordPress can give your blog the reputation it needs.

WordPress breaks the unwanted barriers of the Blogger platform to make it feasible for bloggers.

You just saw a detailed comparison between Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is a free platform, but making good money is difficult. Therefore, if you are willing to have the best blogging experience, go for WordPress with an affordable hosting solution to meet your passion and also keep earning well in the long run. 

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