My Blogging Journey -Niche sites and income reports inside

Hi, Readers. After a long time, I'm writing this blog post.There are 5-10 awesome posts currently in drafts, and it will regularly be published in the upcoming days. Today I'm going to tell my blogging journey so for three years.

So why I'm telling my niche sites details to you?

I faced many ups and downs while building my previous niche sites. Many people may face similar problems while developing their niche sites.

In this post, I will tell you the

– GOOD things, by which you can make passive income with affiliate sites.

– BAD things, which you can avoid while building an affiliate website.

This post is for people who is

– building a niche website

– building micro niche websites

– building membership sites

– looking for tutorials to find long-tail keywords for affiliate sites

– looking for an all-in-one guide to building affiliate sites.

My Blogging Journey so far

I will be revealing all my details in these blog posts. Mean While I will Expose my previous affiliate sites here. This will help you to guide my knowledge in niche marketing.

Site 1 – Niche website focusing towards post-graduate course in India

It's my first niche website built-in 2012 targeting lead generation to Top institutes in India. Since I'm a complete newbie, and I can't afford WordPress at that time.

Since I Earned my first online income through Flipkart earlier in 2011, I invested that money in designing a custom blogger template via chandeep of blogtipsntricks.com.

He is a smart kid, who creates awesome blogger templates at that time ( You can hire him at any time and awesome guaranteed). He is my first friend as a blogger, and I never forget his service, since my online journey of making money started by him. I have added the traffic reports below

niche site 1

blogging journey

Many People seems to change traffic stats, Adsense earnings by INSPECT ELEMENT and try to impress people but it's not a kind of it.

Initially, I built this site to bring massive traffic to my site and not concentrated on making money. But later things changed, and I learned How to earn money from my blog.

Adsense and Me are not going well at any time. Though most of my traffic are organic, Google never approved my site, and it never stopped me to crack money online. It was Flipkart affiliate program by which I made by first ever income. This is the starting point of my blogging journey.

I Placed the books banners at the sidebar and in between posts, and I made a good profit out of it.

To Learn more about placing ad placements in your blog, ready my post “Triple your affiliate income by ad placements.”

Tip No. 1 – When You Make your first online income, then Please re-invest that money in blogging itself, so that you can move yourself to next level.

Later I started to read smartpassiveincome.com, Johnchow.com and Absolutely shoutmeloud.com for money making posts.

The site is no more functioning now, and I think there is no need to show the URL of the site.

But it's not ethics. Hiding my works and saying I made five-figure income online, and then there is no value in it.

If you are just blogging for money, then you people can hide your works.

Some People say, to protect my site from competitors ( Please stop this shit dialogues further), I'm hiding my site details :p

http://emag-revo.blogspot.in/ is the niche site I worked. You can take any inputs from that blog which may be useful to you after sometimes.

Now I'm bankrupt and little money left to me. Though I was short of cash, my brain is active learning Advanced SEO, affiliate marketing, and my life went learning Internet Marketing whole day.

Remember one thing, Internet Marketing is a Golden Egg laying Goose. Golden Egg = Passive Money. Goose = Internet Marketing. Remember old school story? 🙂

Things motivated me but my studies stopped me from doing blogging but I never compromised myself.

Never Compromise yourself and Never Quit blogging at any cost. Because Internet Marketing is the Future.

I tell this quote to myself whenever I fell low on confidence while doing blogging.

Why I am trying to say this stories on a Niche website post is that

Once if you know my failures and struggles, you won't make that failure again, and you can skip those struggles smartly.

Though I can't spend much time on blogging, I used my freebie times for blogging and as a result, my niche site 2 was born.

Site 2 – Single Landing Page affiliate website

I had clear ideas in my mind. I can't be able to blog regularly, and since I can't be regular, I can't think of making money online because one and only if you're blog is active, and then people will visit your blog regularly and then cash flows.

So I stumbled upon an idea and started working on my niche site 2.

Cashback sites are becoming popular at that time and each cash back site will have an affiliate program. I joined one affiliate program by which I earn 10% of my refer's cash back earnings for a year!

Pennyful.in is the cashback website (its free to join) I'm talking about it. I partnered with My non-blogger friend(He don't ask me anything regarding affiliate 🙂 )

My Focus is to build a site with ZERO budget. So I created the site using .blogspot sub-domain.

Domain Name: http://cashbackonmobilerecharge.blogspot.in/

My First Domain name was a funny one and included hypens in domain name. Its one of the biggest mistakes committed by most of the new bloggers. Please avoid adding hypens at your domain name at any cost because such domains will never rank on Google.

Keyword Research is an important thing, and I'm fed up with my First affiliate website due to the ugly domain name. I promised myself to choose a domain name with Keywords.

I found Long tail pro is the best Keyword Research tool and it costs $97, but I can't afford it. But LongtailPro team provided ten days trial with no credit card required to purchase. So I downloaded and used it to find long-tail keywords. One limitation of this account is I can't find Keyword Competitiveness, which is the Heart of Long tail pro tool. Keyword Competitiveness aka Kc considers various factor and provides a final value for a keyword.

The Keyword value will be from (0 -100)

Lower the value + Higher the Traffic = Perfect Keyword

I thank my anonymous friend who helped to find Kc value. In a Facebook group, I asked him to find Kc for the set of Keywords provided by me. He / She (I don't know =D) helped me and suggested a keyword with High Number of Traffic and Low competition

cashback on mobile recharge – Kc value is 9 (Which is ultimately little) and Traffic is about 1800 per month.

So I chose that keyword and created my site on Blogspot.

Presently, Long tail pro is my best Keyword research tool, and I have written article about How to Use Long Tail Pro for keyword research 

Since the site is on blog spot its difficult to drive traffic due to following reason:

  • I can't comment on any site for link building since most sites won't approves those comments
  • I can't spam the internet using black hat techniques since Google May automatically delete such sites. It will collapse all my Works for the sites and it will be great drawback in my blogging journey.
  • I can't do SEO since its one-page website, and I can rank the site only with Meta description.
  • Only thing I can do is NICHE MARKETING

Niche Marketing

I was Going offline to promote my site. I promised my friend that I will pay a part of the money, and We started to work. I choose to promote my website with these affiliate sales guaranteed Six steps

Current Scenario – Though I'm not making passive income with this site, but the earnings are decent ( $50 – $100 for 3 months). Still these site brings me a good amount of leads for pennyful cashback website.

Site 3 – bloggingio.com – Internet Marketing

I started to make passive income with the above sites and through Flipkart affiliate program. Income from Flipkart affiliate program is always special to me because I never used any site to promote my links. I purely dependent on Social Media sites for earning money with Flipkart. As an average, I'm earning $25-$30/week by doing Nothing.

I formulated my tactics to generate income via Flipkart. While writing this blog post, I checked my Flipkart affiliate dashboard, and I made Rs.938 or $15 today alone.

Learn How I make it and You can also Make it by doing nothing.

So let's move to the Topic site 3 – bloggingio.com

Mycyberincome is created with……

So Mycyberincome is created to showcase my affiliate techniques, Genuine reviews about WordPress themes, plugins, and SEO tools. I want to produce contents on topics which are lesser known to people.

Mycyberincome was first created on September 4, 2013, and it's almost two years now. But I'm not regular at blogging till now Though I have written some awesome content.

1. 13 Best Social Signals Seo Tips You Will find in 2015

2. 13 Stunning ways to get Millions of Google Traffic

3. How to Triple your affiliate income in 21 days?

4. WhatsApp Web for Blogging- Take Your Blog Traffic to Next level

I reviewed Hosting companies like StableHost, A2Hosting, WebHostingBuzz etc. Every Blogger promotes single products in each category like Bluehost for Hosting, Studiopress for Themes, etc.

But I Thought of doing something different. Everything has a choice in this world, and I don't want to restrict People Promoting single product. Rather I want to Promote three products in Each Category. All those three products will not compromise on anything and differs only in price.

You can Check My Recommended Hosting, Theme, Plugins, etc.

Traffic Stats:

Audience Overview Google Analytics

I have written only two posts this month. One post exposing Internet marketing deals and one eBook about How to triple your income. I Updated old posts, and this traffic stats showed me that people are showing interest in my blog. It's keeping me to go alive with my cyber income.

Income Reports:

I want to keep my income reports as a separate post, and I just include my previous month income reports here.

Affiliate Marketing – $220

Web Services – $150

Income through Micro Niche  1 – $0

Income through affiliate website 2 – $38


Thrive Leads + Thrive Builder – $120

Hosting (A2Hosting) – $64

My Birthday is coming on tomorrow (August 1) and as my birthday resolution, I want to keep my site active forever. Awesome rich Post, Fun filled product reviews, and Exclusive Deals sections will be a Highlights at bloggingio.com

Let's build our long relationship at this day and my blogging moved to next phase with mycyberincome.

Site 4 – Niche website focusing towards Electronic Products

These will be my latest affiliate site, and I'm bringing you all the things. So You can keep an eye on this post so that you can build your affiliate sites without any hassle.

I'm not going to reveal my site name here. Once it's started to make passive income and become an authority site, I will expose it.

I'm promoting an electronic product by which I can earn a minimum of $18 – $75 per sale. As said before, long-tail keywords is the only thing by which you can rank your affiliate website. Since I'm using long tail pro, I found high traffic and low competitive keywords. Check it

long tail pro blogging journey

Please comment below and tell me which keyword is easy to rank in comments  Lets check your analytical skills 🙂

I just showed a set of keywords, and I have another 100+ keywords to rank for this niche. I will post SERP rankings month wise, and I will show you How little Kc valued long-tail keywords ranks on Google First Page in upcoming blog posts.

Site Details

Domain Name – will be disclosed soon (Brand New domain bought using Godaddy 99cent Coupon – Not an  Expired Domain)

Hosting by A2Hosting

Themes by Mythemeshop (Best for affiliate sites)

Using same plugins as in mycyberincome.

Traffic strategies – Niche Marketing

Here I'm mentioning my  Six Traffic Generating ways in which 2 of them is never known to most people.

Don't forget to wish me tomorrow because it's my birthday and my affiliate website is going live. please join with me for my affiliate website journey.

[bctt tweet=” Making passive income with niche site is not a rocket science.”]

Long-tail keywords along with niche marketing will help you to achieve anything.

Update: There is a little bit problem with he domain name since its was cross matching with some website, I can't be able to work on this site anymore. Right now, I'm working on two affiliate niche sites and posts about it will be live on April month.

Final Notes

I want to thank many people, and I will write a separate post on it. As said earlier, my blogging journey will help anyone who wants to learn

  • Keyword Research
  • Affiliate Marketing Statistics
  • Building affiliate niche.

Hope to catch you Soon.

Any Questions? Suggestions for my writing? tips ?

Please comment below.

Mohan Raj

Full Stack Marketer, loves to build websites that ranks and banks.

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