31+ Interesting Blogging Statistics 2023

Blogging Statistics
Blogging Statistics

Blogging, the most popular passive income generator, has become the active part of one’s income. Around 31 million bloggers revolve around the online world. Do they not have other jobs to do? 

Apart from the individuals, even the company has spent effort and money on blogs. Blogging has been the right way to improve one’s brand. When you go through the blogging statistics, you will agree without any second thought. 

Let us get into the blogging statistics that make my opinion even stronger. 

The Interesting Blogging Statistics in 2023 are

Is blogging hyped? Does it actually drive traffic to your website? If these questions dwell upon your mind, this blog is for you. Whatever the answer, maybe, but the result is certain. Many successful businessmen and bloggers invest a lot in blogging. But, investing in blogging alone does not give you success. 

Instead, go through the statistics and know the current trend and how other bloggers are succeeding. Our post on affiliate marketing statistics will also help you save time. To prove the value of blogging, here is the list of statistics that helps you understand more about blogging. 

Let us split the statistics into three different categories. Say,

  • Blog Length Statistics
  • Blog Traffic Statistics
  • Blog Growth Statistics

Blog Length Statistics

Blog length always plays a special role in gaining ranking. Time to know the stats behind it.

Article exceeding 3000 words give better results – Orbitmedia.com

Apart from the right reason, long blogs always get a high ranking. It is why most bloggers write 3000+ words to get strong results. But, that doesn’t mean that all 3000+ word blogs hit the peak. Instead, the word count has become the magical reason for many blogs with good SEO performance. So, focus a little on SEO too. 

40 percent of bloggers get great results when they use at least 2000 words long – MarketingExperiments.com

Trends have also confirmed that successful blog posts are getting more extended reach when they focus on atleast 2000 word count. 

Longer forms of content ranging from 3000 to 10000 words get the most shares – OkDork.com

The long-form content upto 10,000 words with long-tail keywords gets more shares when it comes to blog shares. The blog ranks higher if the blog has better SEO performance leading to an immediate increase in social media shares. 

Compared to short blogs, long blog posts will have 77.2 percent inbound links – Digitalizetrend.com

Longer blog posts give more information and a higher chance of finding and linking the other posts. So, long blog posts tend to have more than 70 percent inbound links. 

Now, after the length of the blog, the statistics on writing and reading stats are our next view.

23 percent of the bloggers need 2 to 3 hours to write a blog – Ragan.com

According to the survey, every blogger needs around 3.5 hours on average to complete a blog post. It also shows that the bloggers who spend almost 6 hours on a single blog post have a higher success rate. 

38 percent of bloggers who spend more than 5 hours on a post will get great results – Smallbiztrends.com

As said before, the stats confirm that an average of 30 percent of bloggers report success when they spend at least 6 hours on a quality blog post. 

Almost 4 hours have been spent by an average successful blogger to write a blog post – Smallbiztrends.com

Compared to the year before 2014, bloggers now take an extra 65 percent of their time to write a blog. And, the blogs were 56 percent longer when compared to 2014.

38 percent of bloggers update their old blog posts – HubSpot

Updating is a beautiful task for bloggers. Even if a blog post has been published months before, you can still get conversion and traffic out of it. This is why almost 38 percent of bloggers update their old blog posts

Blog Title not less than 8 words drive better click-through rate of 21 percent – Contentmarketinginstitute.com

The statistic helps you know the importance of a title for the blog. Putting forth the right combined keywords and catchy title content can drastically increase the blog's click-through rate.

Blog Headlines with special characters like colons, hyphens drive a 9 percent higher click-through rate – socialmediaexaminer.com

Though hyphens or the mentioned special characters do not influence the click-through rate but are valuable tools to add keywords and clickbait in the blog. 

58 percent of bloggers stick with 2 to 3 headlines before deciding the apt one – buffer.com

Only 1 percent of bloggers try out 11 headlines out of 20 for their blogs among the blogger's pool. But, on average, 58 percent of bloggers go with 2 to 3 headlines to pick up the apt title for their post. 

54 percent of bloggers work with editors where 46 percent edit on their own – Growthbadger.com

According to the statistics, the bloggers most indulge in working with the editors. At the same time, they also view their own posts with good editing.

71 percent of WordPress blogs are in English – WordPress.com

WordPress blog stats showcase that most blogs are in English (71 percent) and Spanish (4.7 percent). So, posts in English have global value as it is the second language in many countries.

60 percent of bloggers who post daily get better results – eMarketer

Posting daily seems a good SEO factor. A majority of 60 percent of bloggers post every day to see better results. 

67 percent of bloggers post only one a day – Hubspot.com

The majority of bloggers post daily to see better results. At the same time, 46 percent of bloggers post multiple times a day to provide robust performance.

Many readers prefer 7 AM to 10 AM as the best blog reading time – Hubspot.com

When the sample 170,000 blog posts, HubSpot concluded that many readers choose 7 AM to 10 AM to indulge in the blogs. Especially on the weekends, this time seems to be the peak time for the readers who love to read blogs.

7 minutes is the preferred reading time for the blogs – medium.com

Medium has researched the performance of the blog posts according to their length. It concluded that the average reading time is about 7 minutes for 1,600 words. The blog with 1,600 words and a reading time of 7 minutes performed well in search engines

After a glance at the writing and reading stats, let us peep into the content-type stats used in the blogs.

Quality content always drives traffic to about 2000 percent – Omnicoreagency.com

According to the search engine metrics, the bloggers put effort and importance into the content quality. It helps in generating more traffic. This is why the best articles always receive high traffic. 

17 percent of the blog post titles start with “How-to” – Hubspot.com

The “How-to” blog comes under the special and popular category for the blog title. It is easily recognizable by the readers. It also gives a clear message about the content in the blog.

A high emotional value blog post has a 1000x greater chance of being shared – Okdork.com

The blog with a higher emotional value headline will get more shares. With a score of 40, there is an excellent chance to get 1000 shares for a single post.

Almost 60 percent of marketers report the same blog content on social media- socialmediaexaminer.com.

Duplicated content in social media has not been penalized. Knowing it, many bloggers repeatedly repost the same content for their blog post after getting it live.

Marketers stick towards different types of content – Statista.com

Almost 60 percent of marketers stick to blogging content, whereas 80 percent use visual content. Some bloggers combine content and visuals in their blogs to get more reach.

39 percent of bloggers add 10 or more images to their blogs – Orbitmedia.com

To retain strong results, images are the direct influence. 26 percent of bloggers use 2 to 3 images in their blog posts to get better reach. At the same time, 39 percent of bloggers use 10 or more images to get strong results.

Rather than the stock photos, photos of real people increase the conversion rate by 35 percent – Marketingexperiments.com

Blogging does not involve adding irrelevant content or images to the context. Instead, make sure you are using the right pictures. It is important to add unique images. New images always boost the SEO value.

Audio content used in blog posts drives results to 45 percent of bloggers – socialmediaexaminer.com

The majority of the audio content involved in posts and podcasts helps 45 percent of bloggers to boost their blog raking. When done right, audio content brings more value to your blog.

Blog Traffic Statistics

To drive more traffic to your blog, it is necessary to promote your content accordingly. Social media has become the best platform to indulge in the promotion. But, there includes paid ads, email marketing, SEO promotions, and other guest blogging. 

So, with this in mind, you can make sure that bloggers drive more traffic. Now, it is time to know the stats of blog traffic.

Video content in the blog drives 50 times more traffic than an organic one – Omnicoreagency.com

According to the research, it is evident that you can increase your organic traffic up to 50 percent using video content in your blog. At the same time, 51 percent of online users love to watch videos rather than long content forms.

97 percent of bloggers depend on social media to promote their posts as per 2019’s research – Orbitmedia.com

Almost all bloggers use social media. But only 29 percent of them see good results. Say that only a few bloggers are using social media correctly to promote their blogs. Added, 69 percent of the bloggers use SEO, and 66 percent use email marketing.

97 percent of the bloggers confirmed their growth and blog traffic after using social media – Socialmediaexaminer.com

Almost 93 percent of marketers agree that social media provides enough exposure to their blogs. It is also said that around 88 percent of them also have got the results out of it. Social media being a free entry platform helps to boost your blog significantly.

Blog Growth Statistics

Knowing about the blog growth statistics seems important if you are truly serious about blogging. Growth for the blog is nothing but the increased conversions on behalf of increased traffic. Let us get into it.

83 percent of bloggers indulge in keyword research, and out of it, 26 percent do it on every post – Orbitmedia.com

17 percent of bloggers never indulge in keyword research. Among the 83 percent, 53 percent do keyword research and benefit from it.

Almost 60 percent of bloggers occasionally indulge in posting guest posts – Webinfotech.co

Guest posting is a great way to strengthen your blog’s backlinks. It also helps in bringing more exposure to your blog. But, only 60 percent of the bloggers indulge in posting guest posts.

61 percent of online shoppers in the U.S. indulge in shopping after getting a recommendation from the blog post- Contentmarketinginstitute.com

Blog marketing is a powerful weapon that leads to an increased conversion rate. It really gets the customer’s attention and shows their purchase decision.

80 percent of bloggers witness positive business results – Growthbadger.com

Good blogging always brings good results. Knowing it very well, 80 percent of the bloggers have been using the right methods to improve their blogging. As a result, they are witnessing positive business results from their blogging efforts.

At the same time, blogs affect the purchase rate upto 47 percent – Demandgenreport.com

It is said that, before purchasing, the customer would refer to almost 3 to 5 blogs to confirm their purchase decision. The blogs still have the credibility and in-depth information that decides the purchase confirmation of the customer.

Future Blogging Predictions

For the past few years, blogging has gone to its peak. Every marketing effort in the blog works out very well. And, the blogger’s community has also been widened compared to the past years. Nothing has changed except the current trends and metrics. Watch over the metrics and start processing your blog.