Bluehost Website Builder Review 2023 – Is It Worth to Invest?

The Bluehost platform is very feature-rich and offers significant ease and simplicity.

However, the Bluehost Website Builder makes web development on WordPress more functional and easier.

Here is a complete review of the features, functionalities, and pricing of the Bluehost Website Builder for a better understanding.

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The Bluehost Website Builder Review Is

What Is BlueHost Website Builder?

The Bluehost Website Builder is a website-building tool that requires no coding or technical experience to use. Users can visually click, drag, and drop material to create a home page and other pages for their website while still having access to all of WordPress' power, flexibility, and features.

The Bluehost Website Builder is a crucial tool to employ when constructing a breathtakingly professional website, regardless of whether you're a rookie or a seasoned WordPress master.

Features of Bluehost Website Builder

Bluehost Website Builder is a highly feature-rich tool in the hands of developers. In fact, the features that this tool packs within itself make it such a robust and efficient web development solution. So, let’s look at all the features that are to be leveraged from this phenomenal website builder.

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Built-in Smart Templates Directory

One of the significant challenges in building your website is designing it in the first place. You need to have the perfect theme and design to give your website the look and appeal that could attract the visitors and make them want to explore the website through and through.

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The challenge is eased out on the Bluehost Website Builder with its quick start innovative templates directory. The website builder is loaded with a huge library of templates that can serve as an ideal design for all kinds of websites in all kinds of niches. 

Be it a personal blog, an e-commerce store, a business website, or just about anything else, you can find a template to meet your personalized needs and requirements on the Bluehost Website Builder.

What makes it better is that the tool itself suggests the templates that shall best meet your requirements so that you can get on with your development work faster as with the quick start suggestions, you wouldn’t have to sift through the entire library but just some of the better options from the best.

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Image Library

The look of a website enhances a lot when you add images to it. However, finding the perfect images for your website that will not make it slow is difficult. The Bluehost Website Builder eases out this difficulty with its excellent image library.

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The website builder is packed with a host of appealing and attractive images with ideal sizes and animations that give a perfect look and appeal to your website, making the themes and templates look more lively. With these images embedded into your website, you can attract more visitors and easily convert them for higher profits and scalability.

CSS Customization

While using the in-built, pre-made templates makes your development work faster and easier, you need to add your own styles, quirk, and personalization to those templates to look different and unique from all the other websites over the web.

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This is possible with CSS Customization features available on the Bluehost Website Builder.

The Bluehost Website Builder is a highly functional platform with excellent customization features and functionalities that you can use to personalize every single element in the templates you pick from the start-up template library. With that, you can make your website uniquely appealing, perfectly personalized to your business needs, requirements, and themes while doing less work.

Seamless Editing Features

You always need to keep working on your website by making constant edits and changes to stay in line with the latest trends and changing algorithms. However, as you make the edits, you need to be careful that nothing ever goes wrong with your live website, or you can run into some huge losses.

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With Bluehost website builder, all editing tasks on the website become extremely easy. For starters, the website builder has a drag and drop editor that makes it easy for you to design and edit your website pages. You have to pick elements and place them in the right places on the templates. This makes page creation and designing a task that you can get done within a matter of a few minutes or hours.

In addition to this quick and easy-to-use drag and drop editor, the website builder makes it easier for you to edit and customize the text and content on your website too. It’s a known fact that the content on any website plays a crucial role in building its appeal and luring the visitors into taking action. So, the content needs to look attractive too for the visitors to read it in the first place.

With Bluehost Website Builder, you can easily customize the font styles, and font sizes your content shall appear on your website. So, you can leverage a lot with custom editing and personalization as far as the look and appearance of the website are concerned.

The best part yet is your get all this access to editing in a very seamless manner with the quick WP access feature of the Bluehost Website Builder. With this feature, you can reach the WordPress admin panel from the Bluehost Website Builder in a single tap and begin editing your web pages and posts from there.

With all of that, there are no limitations to making edits on your website when you use Bluehost Website Builder.

Responsive Features

Unlike the older times, websites are no longer limited to desktops and laptops. With different devices such as tablets and mobile phones, which are more handy and accessible, people like to browse websites through these devices.

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In fact, mobile phones have become the most common devices in use when it comes to using any digital features and functionalities. In that scenario, it becomes very important that business websites seamlessly support all kinds of screens and devices.

Your websites must look alike on whatever screens they are opened with, and they must have seamless navigation throughout devices and screens. This kind of responsiveness can make a website successful in the long run.

With Bluehost Website Builder, you get these responsive features in-built, and your websites are designed alike for desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. With that responsiveness, you never need to worry about the visuals on your website, and you can be sure of delivering consistent and excellent user experiences.

Moreover, the website builder even supports mobile editing features in addition to the responsiveness of the website. This makes it easier to make edits and changes on your website by accessing the admin panel through your mobile.

E-Commerce Support

The e-commerce industry is on the boom, and every business is coming up with new online stores to make it big in the market. However, for an e-commerce store to succeed, it needs to be highly functional with user-friendly features, seamless navigation, and other support features that deliver a fruitful, fulfilling, convenient, and comfortable customer experience.

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With e-commerce support features, the Bluehost website builder makes it possible to have such an e-commerce store built for your business within minutes. Since the website builder is integrated with WordPress, you have easy access to all WordPress plugins, including the many e-commerce plugins readily available on WordPress; WooCommerce is the most popular.

You can easily use these plugins to integrate with the Bluehost Website Builder and create an e-commerce store according to your business needs and requirements.

Benefits of Using Bluehost Website Builder

In addition to such intuitive features and functionalities, Bluehost Website Builder comes with many more benefits. Here is a brief overview of some of the most prominent benefits of the website builder.


When you look at the seamless features that the Bluehost website builder offers, it becomes needless to mention that it is a highly user-friendly platform. With its amazing template library that also suggests the best templates as per their business needs and preferences, the drag and drop page builder and editor, and other customization features, building a website using the Bluehost website builder is a breeze.

What adds to the user-friendliness is the tool’s support for e-commerce website creation and keeping the websites responsive so that navigation is seamless and user experience is not compromised at any stage.

In addition to that, the single-click quick access feature to the WordPress admin panel for quick editing and other customization features are different add-ons to the tool's user-friendliness.

SEO Capabilities

Your website is only as successful as it reaches your target audience. This requires you to create visibility for your website through proper SEO activities. With Bluehost website builder, this becomes easier. It comes with in-built SEO functionalities that make it a point to optimize your web pages and posts for search engines and rank your website higher on the search engine results pages.

With these capabilities, you need to invest much less time, effort, and money on search engine optimization, and you can instead direct your efforts into doing something more strategic and less monotonous.

Round the Clock Support

All-time availability and technical support as and when it’s needed is one of the biggest benefits you can get on any platform. The Bluehost website builder provides you with this benefit.

The experts and technicians at Bluehost website builder are available to attend to the queries of their users 24/7, and the users can have answers to their questions and solutions for their problems almost instantaneously. With that kind of support, you would never find yourself dealing with any issue at all on this robust web development platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

Now that you have learned so much about the benefits, features, and functionalities of the Bluehost Website Builder, you would definitely want to know about the costs you would have to bear for using it. 

Bluehost Website Builder Review 2023 - Is It Worth to Invest? 9

The Bluehost Website Builder is not a very costly tool to use either. It offers the users two different plans, one for the standard websites and the other for e-commerce websites.

The Standard Plan for websites and blogs costs ₹149 per month and comes with all the Bluehost website builder features, including templates, images, and other built-in tools and functionalities. 

Moreover, you can use the subscription to create and host as many websites as you like at this cost. All the websites will also have a secure SSL certification to add to your website's security features and protocols. Additionally, you need not pay for the domain either as it’s included in this subscription cost itself and remains valid for 1 year.

The E-commerce package that supports you to build online stores using the Bluehost website builder costs ₹449 per month. This costs more because, in addition to all the Standard package features, this plan offers additional online store creation and maintenance features.

As such, when you take the e-commerce plan, you can create normal business websites and integrate e-commerce stores in those websites using the online store creation features of the Bluehost Website Builder. 

Considering the price for creating unlimited websites, these are plans that you probably would never like to miss!

Are there any downsides to the Bluehost Website Builder?

When it comes to technology and tools, you can be sure that there may be some downsides. As far as the Bluehost Website Builder is concerned, it’s not free from its fair share of problems either.

Mostly, you can find website builders for free these days; however, there is no such free plan in existence when it comes to the Bluehost Website Builder. 

Besides that, while the navigation is quick and the platform is easy to use, you could face certain limitations when it comes to editing images or customizing templates.

However, these things don’t really affect you in the long run, and you can quickly get on with the platform even with these small problems coming your way.

Do I Recommend Using Bluehost Website Builder?

Bluehost Website Builder is a highly robust tool and supports all your needs and requirements to create a feature-rich and functional website most easily and timelessly.

With that said, Bluehost is an excellent tool in your hand and would be helpful to you if you are a novice and non-technical person but want to build a great business website or e-commerce store under a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bluehost Website Builder different from other WordPress Website Builders?

Yes, Bluehost Website Builder is different. Generally, all website builders have drag and drop functionalities. However, they do differ in other features, usage, and benefits. While some website builders are restrictive and limit the users, Bluehost Website builder is most different in the flexibility it offers to its users for website creation and development. 

Does Bluehost Website Builder support all WordPress themes?

Currently, the website builder supports only a single theme but offers more than 1000 layouts to present the same theme. Over the future, as the platform grows, it shall start integrating and supporting more articles.

Can I upgrade my Bluehost Website Builder plan?

Bluehost makes an effort to keep things easier, convenient, and scalable for its users. As such, you can upgrade your plan anytime you like.

Bluehost Website Builder Review 2023 - Is It Worth to Invest?
Bluehost Website Builder Review 2023 - Is It Worth to Invest? 10

When you are eager to build your website effectively, then Bluehost website builder is there for you. Here comes an amazing Bluehost Website Builder Review that helps you to take further steps.

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