CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023)

Are you finding it tough to choose between CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels?

Worry no more!

In this article, we are going to compare both of them in a bigger picture.

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CartFlows is a plugin that lets you create sales funnels in WordPress. In order to use this plugin, you don’t have to be an expert; you can use it within your WordPress site even with fewer skills. It also doesn’t require new software and the need to learn it all together. 

Craft sales funnels of different sorts, customize them the way you want, use it to welcome new customers, and boost your conversion rate.

CartFlows includes lots of impressive features including:

  • Multiple funnel types
  • Ready-to-import templates
  • Optimized checkout
  • 1-click order bumps
  • Cart abandonment
  • Unlimited upsells and downsells
  • Global checkout
  • Easy integrations, and more


ClickFunnels is a comprehensive funnel-building software. You can create a page sequence covering the end-to-end sales process. It also works as a page builder and has the capability to help you market and sell products online.

Additionally, you can host your site on ClickFunnels using your domain name instead of purchasing other hosting providers. The features it provides are:

  • Pre-designed funnels and pages
  • 1-click upsells
  • Different types of funnels
  • Memberships
  • Order forms
  • Affiliate centers
  • Advanced customization
  • Automation
  • Follow-up funnels
  • Integrations
  • Split tests
  • Statistics

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels : The comparison

Now that you have some idea about each service, let’s compare their features in detail.

Let’s start!

Pros of CartFlows:

Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce

CartFlows requires you to have a website on WordPress and WooCommerce. Hence, if you already have a WordPress website, everything gets easier for you. Besides, you also don’t have to learn separate software just to use a plugin. 

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 1

However, you are limited to use only plugins and features that these services support.

Ready-to-import templates

Pre-designed templates are included in CartFlows to make your funnels more interesting. It consists of 4 templates in the free version and 6 templates for the paid version. 

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 2

You can use these templates on page builders like Elementor, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, and Gutenberg.

Multiple Funnel Types

With CartFlows, you are not just limited to sales funnels; instead, you can create other funnels like: 

  • Live demo
  • Free product, service, quote, or consultation
  • Lead magnet
  • Webinar list
  • Membership
  • Purchase cancellation
  • 2-step tripwire
  • Product launch, and
  • Client application

You may need third-party plugins in order to use some of these funnels.

1-click order bumps, unlimited upsells or downsells

Bring on more customers by providing additional on the checkout page to increase the likelihood of more conversion. You can add order bumps like complimentary items, products, training programs, or extended warranties. 

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 3

After a customer completes the checkout page, you can provide more offers for upsells. Such offerings are advantageous during one-time offers, cross-selling, higher-priced software, expensive products in large quantities, and more.

Cart Abandonment

CartFlows provides an option where the buyer’s information can be passed on to your CRM when they do not complete the checkout. 

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 4

This way, you can email them with relevant information on the product in order to encourage them into making the purchase.  

Global Checkout

This is a unique feature that allows you to replace the traditional WooCommerce checkout page with a customized checkout page.

Checkout custom fields

Customize your checkout page with more information like subscribe to your newsletter, customer age, etc. You can also remove fields that you don’t like.

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 5


You can integrate all the services that WordPress and WooCommerce support to ease out your workflow. 

Pros of ClickFunnels

Funnel types

ClickFunnels provides you with the following powerful funnels, useful for selling services, scheduling consultations, follow-ups, and so on.

  • Sales letter funnel
  • Product launch funnel
  • Webinar funnel
  • Auto-webinar funnel
  • Tripware funnels
CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 6

1-click upsells

ClickFunnels also provides you 1-click upsells where you can introduce new products or add-ons on your checkout page and offer a discount on these items. 

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 7

Membership site

You can create a membership website with ClickFunnels if you want to trigger a recurring income on a monthly basis. For this, you need to set-up subscription payments monthly from the members, without integration with other plugins or software.   

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 8

Order forms

Reduce the number of cart abandonment by creating a non-confusing and straightforward checkout process for customers through order forms. You can use a 2-step order form or the conventional style to store lead data in order to retarget the customers.   

Affiliate centers

Create and manage your affiliate program efficiently using the affiliate center. You can also create affiliate links that apply on funnel specific pages that affiliates can share to garner more sales. 

Advanced customization

Customize your logo, products, texts, and videos quickly and make them live, without going through any coding. You can also replace the page headline and a video placeholder with one of your own. 

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 9

Make changes with the help of current HTML code, adjust element spacing and color, and many more.   


You can use the Automation tab to set-up email messages along with their sequences in order to reconnect with your customers. Besides, there’s an option to generate email notifications as well in case someone makes a purchase.  

CartFlows Vs ClickFunnels Compared (2023) 10

Follow-up funnels

Create powerful yet simple follow-up funnels to speak to your customers directly based on the information they have provided like location, actions, items purchased, and so on.  

CartFlows vs. ClickFunnels: Usability

CartFlows: Designing and setting up of integrations is not that straightforward. Here, you have to continuously visit the different pages to get the task done.  

ClickFunnels: It is really easy to use while you require no expertise to get started with it. It also has a drag-and-drop page builder that makes the process simpler.

CartFlows vs. ClickFunnels: Customer support

CartFlows: You can directly type your question on its website or use its dedicated ticket support. There are lots of documentation, useful articles, and a YouTube channel that explain everything about CartFlows. 

ClickFunnels: It has a helpdesk along with a support chat to solve all your queries. 

CartFlows vs. ClickFunnels: Pricing

CartFlows: It is priced at $299/year.

ClickFunnels: Its pricing starts at $97/month.

Yeah, it is a year-month comparison. So, CartFlows is definitely much more affordable and a great alternative for ClickFunnels for better savings.

CartFlows vs. ClickFunnels: Who’s the Winner?

If you have a limited budget at hands and you already own a WordPress site, you can go for CartFlows, the #1 Sales Funnel Builder For WordPress.

However, if you are ready to spend some extra bucks and are looking for an all-round solution that you can use in any site, go for ClickFunnels.