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How To Buy FastComet Hosting From India [Complete Guide]

Being frustrated with most hosting companies, I decided to try FastComet hosting a few years back and till now, I don't have a valid reason to move out from them and I recommend the same to my site visitors.

Recently, one of my Indian visitors shared his difficulty in getting a hosting account with FastComet, I guided him with working solutions. I understood many people suffer from similar payment issues, so I decided to write up this FastComet India guide.

I already wrote an awesome review of FastComet and I compared FastComet with other top hosting companies in this post, and in my last post, I explained about speedup hosting plan where this website BloggingIO is currently hosted.

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Best WordPress Hosting India

Best WordPress Hosting India

WordPress CMS which powers nearly 53% of total sites present on the internet and it's growing at some aggressive rate thanks to its open source platform and contribution from the community of developers.

To enjoy the best experience with WordPress, you need to choose the Best WordPress Hosting available on the internet. To choose the Best WordPress Hosting India, you need to consider the following:

  1. Great Uptime
  2. Response time (Speed)
  3. 24×7 customer support
  4. Renowned company
  5. Easy payment options.
  6. Newbie friendly
  7. Easily scalable hosting.

Best WordPress Hosting India

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Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2018: Three Best Options

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

It’s certainly interesting about the way the web hosting is seen as nowadays which is pretty much different from what it used to be 15-20 years back from now. It’s a truth that many businesses have been earning the major part of their ROI from their websites over the years which actually proves as to how effective a website can be.

Perhaps, this is why a lot of businessmen these days don’t really hesitate to pay any amount in order to have the most powerful websites for their businesses. If you are one of those people looking for an extremely powerful website in all aspects of SEO to data security, a dedicated server hosting is what you need.  

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Best VPS Hosting 2018 : Three Best Options To Choose

Best VPS Hosting

For those of you looking for an easily scalable hosting service with a better security and performance than shared hosting, a virtual private server or VPS would be the ideal choice to go with. Also, it provides a greater space for customization of the environment according to one's need.

Best VPS Hosting 2018

I received some requests to write on the  Best VPS Hosting 2018 and tested our available VPS hosts based on uptime, pricing, support, and scalability and we have reached to some amazing conclusions as well. Interestingly, we found three of the VPS hosts unimaginably powerful.

First is the FastComet, then comes the TMDHosting and last but not the least the Liquid Web. So, without much ado, let’s share the valuable information with you all.

1. FastComet

FastComet is undoubtedly one of those VPS hosts that have the right mix of all the various important features needed to constitute a powerful VPS hosting. It’s based on fully managed servers to give you every single reason to not worry about anything pertaining to your website’s hosting. The setup doesn’t even take that long and once you have finished setting up your website, you can rest assured of an accentuated optimization.

The powerful yet simple cPanel helps you manage your website in the most efficient way. Besides, it offers a wide selection of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal, etc for you to choose from. The daily automated backup is another brilliant feature to keep your data always secure.

Most importantly, it’s highly scalable and you can scale up your cloud resources according to your needs.


  • Fully Managed Cloud SSD Hosting
  • Free domain name for lifetime.
  • cPanel/WHM license
  • Daily & Weekly automated Backups
  • Highly scalable
  • Dedicated customer support


  • Some valuable add-ons cost additional charges.

Why I rate FastComet as Best Web Hosting? Learn from my data based hosting reports.


TMDHosting isn’t still a much less known hosting Company. However, the Company has been able to prove its importance over the past few years and reach out many customers from all over the world. The SSD servers make the loading amazingly fast which is, of course, a very important aspect from the SEO perspective.

Besides, it offers high levels of website security with constant firewall protection. Furthermore, it’s highly scalable and the resources can be scaled up or down anytime according to your needs. It offers CentOS operating system, a cPanel license, a free domain registration, CDN integration, and SSL certificate with all the plans.

Most importantly, you have the most dedicated customer support by your side to help you every time you are locked away with any technical complexity.


  • Brilliant loading speed
  • Firewall protection
  • Easily scalable
  • Low cost
  • Free SSL certificate


  • Still a less known name with a fewer number of reviews
  • Lacks  reliability
  • Customer support is inexperienced.

TMDHosting offers the cheapest Best VPS hosting in 2018 where you can start your blog on Managed Cloud VPS for just $19.95/month.

3.Liquid Web

Liquid Web is, of course, a much-known name in the field of Hosting and what makes it so special is certainly the amazingly powerful features it offers. If you are looking for an uninterruptedly smooth hosting experience, Liquid Web is certainly the ideal option to choose with maximum uptime and real-time monitoring.  

The page loading is incredibly fast. Besides, the resources are highly scalable. If you are looking for a much advanced Best VPS hosting 2018 experience, there's certainly more you can do with Liquid Web. Root access, integrated firewall, built-in backups, DDoS attack protection, dedicated IP address, etc can certainly help you stay ahead of others by keeping things more organized and secure for your website.

The customer support is highly experienced and you can rest assured of the fastest resolution of every single issue with the technical support team.I recommend Liquid Web as the Best & Fastest VPS Hosting 2018 to use.


  • Maximum Uptime
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Highly scalable
  • Root access
  • Fast loading
  • Integrated firewall
  • Built-in-backups
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Highly experienced and prompt customer support


  • Nothing much


These were the three Best VPS Hosting 2018 that I thought are the best based on our tests. However, I would suggest you to actually give all of these three a try first and this will eventually help you determine on the most suitable VPS host for your website.

Pay special attention to the pros and cons as explained by us in this post when you try them out. However, the size of the hosting totally depends on your purpose and amount of hosting space needed by you. This may apparently seem to make much sense but trust me; it certainly has a lot to do with the page loading speed.


WP Engine Reviews 2018 – Best (Uptime + Performance)

WP Engine Reviews 2018

When I hear the word WP Engine, the first thing comes to my mind, “Why I need to pay $29/month to WP Engine when some other company offers the same managed to host for $2.95/month?”

I was wrong, completely wrong.

My WordPress fanatic client asked to go with managed WordPress hosting to host his websites. I was skeptical since I never worked on another platform apart from cPanel & WHM. I took the challenge and choose WP Engine to host the sites since they claim “WordPress Hosting, Perfected.” and moreover they are first few companies to come up with managed hosting solutions for WordPress.

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Cheap WordPress Hosting (2018) : Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The search for cheap WordPress hosting 2018 never ends.

There is always​ an need for cheap hosting be it for beginners or experts. Gone are the days, quality hosting doesn't come cheap. 

Thanks to the introduction of new technologies which paved the way for offering quality hosting at some cheap pricing.​

Below list shows you the cheapest WordPress hosting 2018, you can ever find in the hosting industry. I'm 100% sure, the below hosting companies never disappoints you because I holding an account with those companies for more than a year to host my niche websites. I personally tested, that's why I recommend them to the core.

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How To Get a Free .COM Domain Name For Lifetime?

How to Get a Free .COM for LifeTime?

There are two methods to get free.COM domain and let's see which one works.

Free .COM Domain

Method 1

Method 1 never exists because its highly impossible for a company to offer free .COM domain which costs $13.95/yr that too for lifetime. So you should find some other alternate ways. Let's check the another method.

Method 2

There is only one way to get a free .COM domain name but there is a twist. You need to get an hosting account to claim the free domain name.

Check the image below and look at the features you're getting along with free .COM domain name.

Since you're looking for a .COM domain apparently means, you're going to start a blog on some niches and planning to make money on it. Since the company offers hosting along with free domain for lifetime, you can create your blog on a brand new server without affecting your old servers. So its better to grab this option and start your blog hassle free. This blog too hosted on the same company for the past two years.

Free Domain Name for Lifetime. Is It Real? Yes. ( Click To Expand)

How to Get Free .COM domain for lifetime

Take this scenario, you're looking to get a domain, so absolutely going to start a site with it. You can take this free domain name opportunity with our recommended hosting company to start your websites on a completely new SSD server without comprising your already existing hosting account.

This site Bloggingio too got hosted on the same hosting company for more than two years

Looking for some other discounts? Here is GoDaddy Promo Code and avail good discounts.


You can even search on Google about how to get free .COM domain but I bet you won't get better solution than our guide. Few hosting companies like BlueHost offers free domain name for first year alone and you need to pay $14.99 for renewals.

While our recommended web hosting is the only company to offer lifetime free domain registration. Grab the opportunity when its available. 


Is FastComet SpeedUp Hosting Plan is the Best Hosting ?


You might know I'm a big fan of FastComet.

This post is written by a personal hosting expert from my team who analyzed the new FastComet shared hosting plan "SpeedUp."

He writes how the new hosting plan may give a stiff competition to other hosting companies, and here you go. 

While most parts got discussed in our FastComet hosting review , I will talk about few other things here.

FastComet SpeedUp plan

Since I was a paying customer with FastComet for nearly 18 months, FastComet introduced the SpeedUp plan to existing customers before going public.

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