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WordPress Black Friday Deals: WP Hosting, Themes & Plugins

WordPress black Friday deals

I understand how important Black Friday deals for WordPress fanatics and so we bring you the post “WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals”  which truly shares deals on hosting, themes & plugins which are worth buying in 2017.

WordPress Black Friday Hosting Deals

WordPress hosting needs no further introduction and has certainly played a huge role in providing the search engines with a consistent flow of relevant contents for their traffic. Literally, every WordPress hosting deal is something a lot of people are keeping their eyes on and perhaps, it’s one hell of a deal to be able to buy a WordPress hosting at a discount.

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Best WordPress Themes Providers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Our latest post focuses on listing the top or best WordPress themes providers for your blogs. Until some time, you can find the free WordPress themes fascinating but when your site grows you need a premium WordPress theme for better conversion, ads click, and sales.

There are nearly 100+ premium theme companies and finding the best company out of it, is something critical. I'm writing this post and recommending the best 5 WordPress theme providers after using 30+ themes from 14 WordPress theme companies for my various branded sites.

I analyzed each of my sites with the following parameters.

  1. Clean coding for better search engine crawl
  2. Regular updates
  3. Theme support
  4. Value for the money
  5. Essential Theme features*

*Essential theme features include responsive design, inbuilt shortcodes, speed optimized design, conversion focused ad placement areas and much more

After analyzing my sites, I left most companies and recommending the top 5 companies which come with above parameters

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Thrive Quiz Builder Review – Tutorials + 50% Launch Discount

You might know, I'm a great lover of  Thrive Products, and today I'm doing Thrive Quiz Builder review which is the latest product from . This review brings you the features and how to use tutorials related to Thrive Quiz Builder.

Do you know BuzzFeed's 60% of traffic from Facebook and other social networks comes through people who share the Buzzfeed quiz results?

Buzzfeed is not the only company to utilize the power of Quizzes, there are hundreds of viral sites and tech sites like Mashable, Tech Crunch uses them to drive the social traffic.

There are few main advantages of using Quizzes to our blogs. They are

  • Reduce Bounce rate naturally
  • Increased Engagement rate 
  • Quality visitors
  • Increase email subscribers.

Thrive Quiz Builder helps you to achieve the same with no coding skills, and I bet you can build advanced quizzes than the one on Buzzfeed.

Also read: Seven Thrive Themes products I can't blog without

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Thrive Content Builder Review – How To Tutorials (& Guides)

Thrive Architect, the upgraded version of Thrive Content Builder was launched with much more improved features and this version will be no longer available . 


Content is the king ( No fun intended )

Still Content is the king and sure you must see websites ranking without any backlinks or other SEO efforts.


You're making some 40% average income for a year and you think its time to make skyrocket your income for the upcoming years.

Again, you don't need to go for more quality content, spice up the already existing content with the help of Thrive Content Builder.

I'm warning you, after reading this Thrive Content Builder review you might hate default WordPress editor.

I'm sure about it.

Do you think I'm over hyping ?

Yes. I over hype if I love the product and no options, this Thrive Content Builder review is your best read today.

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Thrive Themes Discount November 2017 [ Up to 85% Off ]

Waiting for Thrive Themes Black Friday Deals?

You can search many blogs posting Thrive Themes Black Friday offers or somewhat like that. But the reality is, Thrive Themes won't offer any black friday deals and the pricing remains constant throughout the year.

Thrive Themes explains why they don't offer black friday deals like most companies do, in their blog post

So the thing is you can enjoy 24% OFF on Thrive Membership package throughout the year and regular discounts on individual products ranging up to 85% OFF based on number of licenses. 

Get Started With Thrive Themes Now

Thrive Themes Discount

Let's be honest. You might come across posts like Thrive Themes coupons which gives you a glimpse like there exists a coupon code. But in reality Thrive Themes never provided coupons since its inception.

But there is an Thrive Themes discount for all new and existing customers. The discounts usually ranges from 24 - 85% based on the product. More the licence you buy, more the discounts you can claim.

For Example, Thrive Leads costs ​$67 per license but if you go with 5 site license pack you can get it for $97 instead of $335 (That's an 29% discount from regular price).

Check Thrive Themes Product Discounts



Single license costs $49 where unlimited license costs $67

Replaced by Thrive Architect

 29% - 85% Off

 29% - 85% Off

 29% - 85% Off

76% - 83% Off

29% - 85% Off

76% - 83% Off

70% - 73% Off

29% - 85% Off

Thrive Themes Membership Discount

Apart from individual product discounts, Thrive Themes offers membership discounts on its existing products by which you can have access to all the themes and plugins, also you will get access to all the features releases for free of cost. If you look at my blog, I'm using 7 out of their 9 products and that's why I proudly promote them. A membership account comes handy if you have couple of sites

The above link redirects to Thrive Themes official website and grab the available Thrive Themes discount.

I want to tell you that Thrive Themes won't provide any coupon codes for new or old customers, all they provide a general Thrive Themes discount which is applicable for all users.

So don't get confused when other blogs use clickbait titles such as Thrive Themes promo codes or Thrive Themes coupons codes etc.

You need to know this for sure so that it gives you a clear idea about the Thrive Themes pricing.

If you have a look at their blog post about deals & discounts, you can clearly understand why they don't provide any Thrive Themes coupons.

Thrive Themes Discount

Though Thrive Themes won't provides any coupons, they do give discounts if you buy a yearly package or go with 5 sites or 15 site user license.

I will give you a brief review of how to get a discount on Thrive products.

Thrive Themes Membership Discount (24% Off)

If you love their entire portfolio of products ( I use 7 of their 9 products) you can opt for complete Thrive Themes discount in the form of Thrive Themes Membership discount (Have a look).

Thrive Themes membership discount comes with 24% Off if you choose annual membership. The below images shows you all (Pay annually, get 24% off).

The process to get discount is so simple like

  1. You can visit and Scroll to the bottom, check yearly option
  2. Get 24% Off on entire Thrive Themes Membership packages.
  3. The final price is $228 by which you can grab a total of 10 Thrive Themes and all the plugins.

Sounds simple right?

When you get this Thrive Themes membership, you will get the future releases for free of cost. For example, when I bought the membership account, there are only five products but later when they introduced two new products, I got'em for free of cost.

Thrive Leads Discount Code (85% Off)

Thrive Leads, the #1 lead generation plugin I ever used. As already seen above, you can get it free along with Thrive Themes membership else you can get Thrive Leads discount alone if you opt for 5 or 15 site license pack.

If you choose 15 sites license, you will get 85% off

If you choose 5 sites license, you will get 29% off

The image shows you all.

I suggest you the 5 site license pack, the $20 extra helps you to use the plugin in a total of five sites.

  1. Visit and check pricing page.
  2. Choose 5 or 15 site license pack.

Thrive Leads Coupon?

If you directly landed here, I need to tell again, Thrive Themes won't provide any type of coupons for their products. Instead, you choose membership plan or five site license packs to get discounts.

Thrive Leads discount works if you're a new customer and for the old customers, you can check your membership area to find any discounts.

Thrive Architect Discount (85% Off)

Thrive Content Builder is the fastest drag and drop WordPress builder plugin, better than many costlier builder plugins in the market.

Thrive Content Builder follows the same discount model of Thrive Leads.

If you choose 15 sites license, you will get 85% off

If you choose 5 sites license, you will get 29% off

The image shows you all.

  1. Visit and check pricing page.
  2. Choose 5 or 15 site license pack.

Thrive Architect Coupon?

If you directly landed here, I need to tell again, Thrive Architect won't have any type of coupons. Instead, you choose 5 or 15 site license packs to get discounts up to 85%.

Thrive Landing Pages Coupon

Thrive Landing pages comes free of cost along with Thrive Content Builder, the drag and drop WordPress plugin. Once you get access Content Builder you can locate Thrive Landing pages inside it.

The discounts are similar to Thrive Leads & Thrive Content Builder.

  1. Visit and check pricing page.
  2. Choose 5 or 15 site license pack.

Thrive Themes Black Friday

If you're looking for Thrive Themes Black Friday deals on their products like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Focusblog Theme, then you need to be aware of the fact, Thrive Themes wont offer special deals on this Black Friday and learn more about it ( Go to top of this page)

Thrive Themes Products I use Bloggingio

FocusBlog Theme - Thrive WordPress Themes that powers Bloggingio.

Thrive Leads - The plugin I used to get 100-150 subscribers per week on autopilot, using for the past 12 months.

Thrive Content Builder - The revolutionary (no alternative) content builder plugin, check my review here.

Thrive Headline Optimizer - The Plugin to A/B test of different titles for blog posts and bloggingio review here.

Thrive Ultimatum - The plugin to promote time sensitive deals.

Thrive Landing pages - The only plugin which comes with 100+ landing pages for any niches.

Thrive Clever Widgets - First of its kind, no other similar CTA based widget plugin is available right now.

Thrive Quiz Builder​ - The best Quiz plugin ever made for WordPress. Use the plugin in creative way, drive traffic and make sales, check our review.

Thrive Themes

Hope you love the Thrive Themes discount and If you're into affiliate marketing, please damn buy this Thrive Themes membership because each of the plugins is a gold mine to your Internet Marketing stuffs.


Best WordPress Plugins That Powers Bloggingio in 2017

Bloggers using WordPress must be completely aware of the importance of plugins. This post brings you the list of best WordPress plugins I use at bloggingio.

Plugins help us in various ways and frankly, WordPress is nothing without plugins. To improve the performance of a blog or to rank a website using SEO or need to improve affiliate sales and conversions, for everything, there is a plugin for WordPress.

WordPress is the CMS with the most number of plugins, and that is too a reason why WordPress is widely used.

If you're a WordPress fantatic, then you should definitely check WordPress Black Friday Deals

I get frequent emails like this from my visitors to write a post on the plugins I use for my site. So I thought to write this post, and I am finally publishing it today.

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7 Best Thrive Themes Products I Can’t blog without (2017)

Looking for discounts? Check our Thrive Themes Discount page to find deals on Thrive Products mentioned here.

Do you what's the awesome for Internet Marketers in recent times? It's Thrive Themes.

Many people don't know there existed a lead gen plugin called Hybrid Connect which was later branded / replaced by Thrive Leads.

I'm a hybrid connect user and later started using Thrive Leads ( Product of Thrive Themes) upon its release. From the day 1 of using Thrive leads I understood, they are going to become a massive resource for bloggers.

As per my prediction, they upgraded their product portfolio and whatever they released (think of Fast & Furious series of hit movies), became a massive hit among bloggers and Internet marketers.

In this post, I'm going to describe my most used Thrive themes products, and you can learn how it helped me to take my business to the next level.

Update : Now you can get 24% OFF on Thrive Themes Products for bloggingio visitors (discount link).

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