Unbounce, the industry leader in landing page builder has got a lot of positive reviews, thanks to the faster UI and a very similar tool to LeadPages which includes landing page templates, popups and sticky bars.

There has been a recent trend people looking for Unbounce Alternatives and at BloggingIO, being a conversion enthusiast, we put a list here at

LeadPages, the leader in landing page and lead gen software industry grown exceptionally well in recent years, thus people looking for alternatives too grown up due to various factors like affordability, support or people looking for simpler Alternative.

There are a lot of landing page plugins getting released in recent times, however I felt its not worth putting them in a list of alternative to LeadPages.

Being in the industry and using on similar set of tools, I spent hours to analyze the market and

When it comes to scarcity marketing that includes the extensive use of countdown timer, deadline, etc. Deadline Funnel happens to be the most extensively used tool among marketers.Scarcity marketing tools can largely help in creating an excellent demand for your products or services and convince visitors to consider buying them.However, Deadline Funnel is a little expensive which is why a lot of users are actually looking for an Deadline Funnel alternative that would be equally powerful yet…

Amazon Affiliate is one of the hottest program in the industry to make money online, yeah our team too run several sites with Amazon affiliate program alone.

What I have understood, even if you rank at top 3 positions, the site design plays a vital role in conversions.

While we struggled earlier to choose the Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliate sites, but upon lot of testing and failures, now we have a list of best themes that offers best conversions.

Whatever the themes, we use Thrive Architect on the above, which is our most loved page builder plugin since its launch. Though people recommend you some other plugins based on price, extra set of features or something else.

But when it comes to turning an ordinary looking blogpost into an conversion focused page, Thrive Architect is the only plugin I can recommend anytime and even my latest Facebook post conveys the same.

Thrive Comments This is typical me who always thought of how to make comments section interesting. There are few options like redirect commentators to another URL and place an optin form or add a checkbox which enables visitors to join our email list. But they never worked for me. I was never interested in Disqus like third-party comment system because they are known for buggy, slowing web pages and moreover few companies started to show…

Apparently, the Thrive Leads and Covert Pro look pretty similar since both are WordPress plugins that offer front end visual editor to create excellent conversion oriented opt-in forms to get your mailing list bigger.

However, there is more to the picture than meets the eye and you can certainly figure out the exact differences Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro through this post.

If you are into Email Marketing, you must have definitely come across the names, Thrive Leads and Sumo.

Of course, there are many other Lead Generation plugins available these days as well. As a matter of fact, these two plugins Thrive Leads Vs Sumo are certainly two of the most extensively used lead Generation tools.

A lot of people are actually trying to figure out the actual differences between these two amazing plugins but just as in most of the Lead Generation tools, it is not possible to spot the actual difference until and unless you give them a good try.

Hence, I decided to try both the plugins for a demo project and find out how these two tools differ from each other.