ChemiCloud Vs FastComet 2022: The Best of Two?

ChemiCloud vs. FastComet is something that customers often find pretty hard to comprehend as both seem to be equally good. This is also true to a very large extent that the two companies have maintained a brilliant track record over the years. 

Choosing between two good hosting companies has always been a difficult job. It takes a deep analysis of all the important factors and, of course, the places where one company has a leading edge compared to the other to reach a perfect decision. 

I understand that it will take you a huge amount of time to do such an analysis. This is the reason that I spent some hours and make things a lot easier for many of you who are quite stuck with ChemiCloud or FastComet.

Being a user of both hosting companies, here is my breakdown.

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ChemiCloud Vs FastComet

To comprehend better, it is important to first know the features that ChemiCloud and FastComet have in common.

  • While ChemiCloud offers brilliant protection against malware through Imunify360 Malware Protection, FastComet has an equally good security system too at the place with BitNinja Server Security.
  • Both ChemiCloud and FastComet offers users FREE Cloudflare CDN to help users reach their global audience with their content even faster.
  • Both provide customers with FREE backup and restore.
  • They also provide customers with FREE SSL and Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Both offer 45 days money-back guarantee as well.
  • As far as uptime and speed is concerned, I found both companies to be equally good with uptime of 99.9% and a response time of around 250ms.

Advantages of ChemiCloud 

Now, it is time to understand the advantages one company has over the other and let's start with ChemiCloud first. This will help you easily break out of the confusion, ChemiCloud vs. FastComet.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Chemicloud over FastComet is that ChemiCloud offers a FREE domain for a lifetime. FastComet had the same feature when the company started but recently, the feature had been discontinued. 

ChemiCloud Vs FastComet 2022: The Best of Two? 3

ChemiCloud provides customers with unlimited FREE site migration on all its plans. However, this does not hold true for FastComet and the number of FREE site migration differs from plan to plan in FastComet. The higher the plan, the higher will be the number of FREE site migration.

ChemiCloud Vs FastComet 2022: The Best of Two? 4

Another cool thing about ChemiCloud is that you can get Cloudflare Railgun optimization for FREE with any of the ChemiCloud's plans. However, you don't have the feature with FastComet.

The Railgun is intended to work 20% faster in serving faster page loads. That's the reason ChemiCloud loads faster than FastComet.

ChemiCloud Vs FastComet 2022: The Best of Two? 5
100% uptime – Response Time 143ms
ChemiCloud Vs FastComet 2022: The Best of Two? 6
FastComet 100% – Response Time 403ms.

Lesser the response time, faster the server.

Although both companies offer different types of hosting and plans, FastComet does not have Reseller plans to offer while ChemiCloud actually does.

Currently, ChemiCloud offers a 60% offer on all plans, however, FastComet has 65% OFF any discount on its plans.

Advantages of Choosing FastComet

If you think only ChemiCloud has advantages over FastComet, you might be slightly mistaken for FastComet which got some great advantages over ChemiCloud either. 

ChemiCloud Vs FastComet 2022: The Best of Two? 7

While ChemiCloud has 7 data centers across the globe, FastComet has a comparatively higher number of data centers with 11 data centers across the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia. This may not seem to be a big difference but it certainly helps you with more options to choose from.

ChemiCloud Vs FastComet 2022: The Best of Two? 8

FastComet provides users with FREE spam experts for email protection. However, ChemiCloud offers the feature for an additional charge.

FastComet has its own Inhouse developed RocketBooster Caching Mechanism that many users have found extremely effective in improving their sites' performance. However, ChemiCloud uses LiteSpeed Web Server thus enables caching through LiteSpeed Caching plugin for WordPress.

GlobalSign Private SSL that usually cost $69/year is something that FastComet offers for absolutely FREE of any charge. This is again something that you can't afford to have with ChemiCloud.

Wrapping Up

It is certainly not easy to determine as to which one of the two hosting companies is the best since both companies have pretty close similarities. Having said that, a lot depends on your purpose.

If you are looking for good yet affordable service, ChemiCloud is the right company to go with since it offers you a FREE domain forever. 

There is eventually no question of domain purchase and renewal as long as you choose ChemiCloud. If you are looking for maximum data center locations, FREE spam experts, and advanced caching mechanism, you could choose FastComet without a doubt

Precisely, you must carefully go through the advantages of both the companies and whichever company has the best advantages for your purpose is the right one for you.