5 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives That Rocks (2019)

As a company when ClickFunnels grows with a lot of customers, there has been a growing trend people looking for ClickFunnels Alternative which provides better offering and features.

ClickFunnels, the leader in offering marketing funnels to create and sell a product digitally with conversion focused technology has a broad history to talk about.

Coming post brings you the five Best ClickFunnels Alternatives that delivers exceptional products which can satisfy the things you don't have with ClickFunnels.

Here are the Five ClickFunnel Alternatives for 2019.


Instapage is a landing page builder that is widely known as one of the finest alternatives to ClickFunnels as it is both powerful in terms of features and comparatively much cheaper than ClickFunnels too.

Instapage is used by for marketing teams and agencies from all over the world and. It offers a very powerful web editor and also, offers the option of collaboration among the members of a team.

  • Instapage comes with a built-in analytics tool to evaluate the performance of your pages and subsequently, better campaigns.

  • Access real-time collaboration among the members of a team and this makes the process more accurate.

  • The Robust Heatmaps option allows you to track visitors and know as to which elements they click on and how far down the page they scroll

  • Easy A/B Testing.

  • Most importantly, it can be seamlessly integrated with all the CRM, email marketing, social, and optimization tools that you use almost every day

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2.Thrive Architect

The Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin and visual builder that can help you create the most comprehensive landing pages on the web with a simple drag and drop option and over 274 templates for all various types of businesses.

Also, it is much affordable than the ClickFunnels which is why it is seen as one of the best alternatives to ClickFunnels.

Most importantly, the builder is good for both new and intermediate entrepreneurs and small businesses. The tool has been developed in such a way that it helps you done with excellent designs without having to need much time.

  • It helps to design various types of highly interactive opt-in forms. The opt-in-forms can be customized as the behavior of a visitor. This certainly makes it pretty powerful.

  • You can build excellent scarcity campaigns using this tool for boosting your conversion. In fact, the Thrive Architect is especially known as a scarcity campaign tool.

  • The Headline Optimizer option helps you produce the most engaging content to attract more visitors and convince them to make a purchase.

  • It can be easily integrated with popular third-party apps such as MailChimp, Aweber, facebook, and more.

  • Also, the dynamic animations and actions to make your web pages more attractive and interactive. Also, that way, a visitor would find it quite fascinating and may like to come back over again.

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Leadpages is a very popular name when it comes to landing page builders and in fact, it happens to be one of the first few builders in the market.

Although Leadpages is more about landing pages and it focuses less on creating funnels, it can be effectively used to design funnels with just a little extra effort.

Apart from that, there are loads of free templates that can save you a lot of time. As an Alternative If we consider cost, it certainly has much reasonable pricing than ClickFunnels.

  • LeadPages has 2 different landing page editors; one for beginners and one for advanced users. The basic version is by far simpler than the advanced version.

  • It automatically sends out various digital goods via email to anyone joining your list

  • You can test multiple campaigns side by side before taking them live using the A/B testing option. This not only saves you a lot of time but also, helps you strategize your campaign really up to the mark to have the best results for your business.

  • You can optimize for organic search with easy-to-edit metadata fields and a wide range of SEO-friendly templates. This is a feature that can be hardly found with any other builder.

  • It allows you to create and show up popup windows anywhere to encourage your visitors to sign up for your email list.



Builderall is an amazing online business builder and marketing platform that helps entrepreneurs and small quickly convert their ideas into reality.

It is a well-conceived tool with comprehensive and powerful features to grow your business really fast.

The tool is pretty popular among entrepreneurs, service providers, digital marketing professionals, designers, coaches, and networking professionals, touted to be the all in one ClickFunnels Alternative to get started.

Most importantly, its developers realize the fact that business growth is surrounded by a lot of aspects that might be difficult as well as time-consuming for one to handle. This is the reason that it offers you the option to automate various tasks to save plenty of your time.

  • It helps you build business-centric websites or web pages with every useful element to boost conversion

  • It helps you incorporate many smart elements in your design such as animations, countdown and evergreen timers like Thrive Ultimatum, parallax effects, scrolling or time intent pop-ups, contact and registration forms, and much more

  • With over 20 templates and blueprints of professional sales funnels, the Builderall allows you to build amazing funnels to make more money.

  • Also, sales funnel created using this builder loads extremely fast since it has the best web technologies and dedicated servers in 5 different countries.

  • Powerful analytics, easy A/B testing and also, it allows you to analyze the areas of your website that draw the most attention.


SamCart is an excellent shopping cart solution for small business owners. It can be a good option for those who want to create a membership site.

However, SamCart comes with various other features and options too such as custom branding, Email, and CRM integration, creating funnels and more.

Most importantly, it is seen as one of the best alternatives to ClickFunnels as it has very reasonable pricing. However, if we consider features, it certainly has pretty decent and powerful features.

  • It allows you to create excellent funnels without having to spend much time.

  • You can build customized sales pages using this too and customize it to any desired extent.

  • It acts as an important gateway between WordPress sales and checkout success pages.

  • Also, it offers easy integration with major platforms like PayPal, HubSpot, Drip, Stripe, Zapier, and OntraPort

  • The Trial and Add to Order is a brilliant option for more conversion