Closerscopy Lifetime Deal 2022 – What’s Special In It?

When we talk about creative writing, it’s hard to miss out on the name of Closerscopy. It’s one of the most unique and feature-rich writing tools that you as a content writer and marketer would like to have in your basket, considering it has a lifetime deal.

Here is a brief detail about the lifetime deal of this excellent copywriting and content creation tool.

Closerscopy Lifetime Deal 2022 - What's Special In It? 1

Closerscopy Lifetime Deal

The usual pricing plans of Closerscopy start at $30 per month. However, with its lifetime deal, you can get a license for using this tool for life at a single payment of just $197.

Closerscopy Lifetime Deal 2022 - What's Special In It? 2

This payment is for the professional plan, limiting the content creation to a maximum of 1,20,000 words per month. So that’s quite a constraint.

Nonetheless, if you don’t wish to be constrained for your content creation needs and requirements, you can purchase the unlimited plan of the tool at a lifetime deal of just $327.

These payments seem heavy on the pocket initially; however, they are one-time payments, and if you see it that way, they are really beneficial in the long run.

Moreover, if you can not accommodate this payment into your budget, you can even pay for it in 3months on an installment basis. Every installment is $119. However, in this case, the plan would cost you $357 in total, which again is still a great deal.

Now, the question is, what do you get when you take this deal? Well, you get every Closercopy feature that’s available with this deal. Here are some of the most prominent features you will benefit from when taking the Closercopy Lifetime Deal.

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Features of Closerscopy Lifetime Deal

Once you take the lifetime deal of this tool, it opens up a plethora of content generation features and functionalities for you. Here is an overview of all the features you can get with this platform.

Longform Content

You can create all kinds of long-form content such as affiliate blogs and articles, product reviews and descriptions, etc., by using this tool. You just have to enter a small copy and hit the “Write” button in the tool. After that, the entire content shall write itself on the tool.


Closerscopy comes with more than 300 plug-and-play frameworks for writing and marketing your content. You can just choose from any framework and create the most exquisite and exciting copies that are sure to sell.


Just like content creation frameworks, the tool has thirty plus workflows that you can create for a step-by-step approach towards content creation to make sure that your copies are created well, and the content in them is quality and interesting.


Content creation is not about writing some words and sentences. You need to enter into the mindset of your readers to create content that would interest and engage them. With the insights feature of Closerscopy, you can have a peek into the readers’ emotions, study their behavior and reading activities, and then create the content accordingly based on what you analyze.


This particular feature is for creating sales letters. With excellent templates available in this section that is further curated by experts and available with all necessary insights, you can have the most excellent sales letters that will surely bring results in the form of excellent responses from your audience.


You can easily set up your teams and collaborate with them on this tool, thereby making it easier to work in real-time and making sure that all your content needs and requirements are met beyond your expectations at the right time. 

Multilingual Support

This is the most phenomenal feature of the tool. You can generate content in more than 127 languages on this tool with the multilingual features that it supports.

What is Closerscopy?

Closerscopy is an amazing writing tool with excellent features and functionalities that will give new dimensions to your writing and make sure that you grow as a content writer and marketer. The content you shall create with this tool will also bring a lot of success to your business.

At just $327, you get an unlimited plan with all features and no constraint at all. However, the paid plans of this tool are extremely costly, and if you go for them, you shall burn a huge hole in your pocket every month. With the lifetime deal running as of now, you have the chance to save a lot of costs.

Why Is Closerscopy Lifetime Deal Important?

With all the features that you get on this tool and the excellent deal available at the moment, you must not wait it out at all and hurry to avail of the lifetime deal. Why?

Well, that’s because the tool might not offer this excellent deal for long. The way this tool is growing over time, there is a huge possibility that the costs will peak over time, more so because the tool shall be focused on improving its features and functionalities for its users, which will demand a lot of money and investment.

So, having the tool at the mere price of $197 or $327 in the future may not be a possibility. So, it would be better that you grab the opportunity before it slips away right from within your hands. So, now that you know about it, go ahead and grab it soon! This is a deal that no one would want to miss ever.

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