Closte Review: Is This Managed WordPress Host Any Good?

Closte Review

Here is my honest review on Closte after using them from 2017.

In this Closte Review, I've shared the following insights :

  • Overview of Closte platform
  • Speed & Uptime and other fast factors
  • Features & support
  • Pros and cons

Note: This original review published a few years back is updated in 2020 with more clear info on Closte. Here is my Closte usage started back in 2017.

Without waiting much of your time, let's dive into the review.

Closte Review

What is Closte?

Closte is a managed WordPress cloud hosting powered by Google servers and LiteSpeed Caching with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Pros of Using Closte

1. Closte offers Fastest WordPress Setup

Users can have high productivity while using Closte and it starts right from setting up your website which merely takes  3 clicks. To begin with, all you need to do is decide whether to add a new site or moving an existing WordPress site or deploying a site via CloudSnap backups.

Then you need to choose the site name & data center.

The final step would be modifying the tech stacks like the choice of caching plugin, PHP version, etc, and then click on deploy. Your WordPress site will be ready to access in a few minutes.

If you are coming from cPanel based hosts, you will completely love how faster the process is, and even among Managed WordPress hosts with custom control panel, I think Closte is just simple yet effective.

2. Fast performance

Closte undoubtedly offers faster performance for WordPress and as I’m hosting with them since 2017, I found it to be pretty impressive with an average uptime of 100% in most months and an average response time of 579ms which is quite moderate but not great. 

Closte tech stacks are powered by LiteSpeed Web Server, PHP LSAPI, Opcache, and Object-cache.

Right now, there are no better tech stacks then what Closte adds to their servers for WordPress hosting.

3. Google Data Center + CDN +DNS

Since Closte runs on the Google Cloud Platform, it offers customers the advantage of choosing from the 23 Datacenter locations which are further powered by 142 Google Cloud CDN POP locations. This means users can choose the closest server to deliver their content at lightning speeds to their target audience in any part of the world.

Google Edge Locations

Further, with Google Cloud DNS, you have the benefit of a reliable and low-latency DNS which makes delivery even faster.

Closte also includes the latest tech like QUIC (next version of HTTP/2) and Brotli Compression (better than Gzip)

You might be using a lot of Google services like Gmail, Youtube, and their search engine. Have you seen whether their services are down, frequently? I bet No. 

Just think your WordPress sites are hosted just like their services? You are getting the best reliable solution to host your sites from Google Compute Engine + Google CDN + Google DNS.

4. Free WordPress migration & Staging sites

If you want to transfer a site from your old hosting, you should be able to do it with the greatest ease because Closte offers WordPress migrations by experienced developers for no additional cost.

Note: You can't do site transfer on your own using any plugins due to Closte limitations. So, their team offers unlimited site migration.

Closte also ensures zero downtime during migration. Before adding a new site, you need to choose the option “Move an Existing site” and provide the login credentials to their team.

In addition, Closte comes with the Staging sites feature that allows you to clone your live site using a Closte subdomain to test and make various changes to prevent errors. Once you are done with making the changes, the changes can be to your production in just one click.

5. Managed WordPress 

Closte upsells nothing and offers the most comprehensive package which includes

  • Automated backups
  • DDOS Protection
  • WAF security
  • Malware Protection

Apart from regular backups, Closte also creates long-lived distributed backups and disaster backups, so your data are completely safe and you don’t need a third-party offsite backup ever.

Web Application Firewall is the greatest module in securing your websites at the server level. Though Closte mention as Malware Protection, I believe it’s just for detection and you need to take care of removing it.

Cons of using Closte:

1. Unpredictable pricing

It's a love & hate story when it comes to Closte Pricing. Most hosts charge a fixed amount even if you use just 10% of the resources but Closte charges for just what you use.

This indicates, Closte wasn't aiming to become the #1 profitable host and all they care is providing the fastest hosting at 100% transparent pricing.

While CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Cloudsnap, and DNS charges are the same in every region, the Bandwidth & CDN charges vary by location. These two are the deciding factors in your final billing.

For example, the China region got 2x higher & the Australian region got 1.6x higher bandwidth charges than default bandwidth charges. Let's do a rough calculation.

If your target audience is in Australia and the site gets 100GB bandwidth, the estimated bandwidth charges alone will be $18 excluding all other charges. While the same on Cloudways (Linode or Digital Ocean Sydney Datacenter) would cost just $10 including all charges.

Here is the split-up of one of my invoices. You can see the one visit each from (China, Australia) along with one China CDN delivery, the costs are $0.60.

With a few hundreds of visits from such region, there is no wonder your bill amount will be unbearable in most cases.

Site like us, gets global visitors and people often run the site on site speed tools like Pingdom, GtMetrix, PageSpeed tools etc.

Now, for such sites with global visits, I definitely don't recommend Closte. The power of Closte lies in Google CDN but at the same time, its the most priced CDN in the world.

So, if you could little compromise on the speed, choose other similar hosts like Cloudways to have a fixed billing.

2020 Update: I started using Templ Hosting for one of my sites which comes with the same setup of Closte (Google Compute + Google DNS + Google CDN) with fixed price plans starting from $15 per month.

Check Review

2. Support

I hope you are already aware of it. Closte provides support via tickets and usually takes a few hours to get a reply.

This was screenshot from 2017 as I didn't get chance to raise new tickets. But other users are reporting such delays still exists.

The answers will be 200% straightforward thus feels rude at times, even I got to experience it while working on my client's account.

Closte will provide support on their tech setup (hardware & software) but won't help you on what you do inside your WordPress applications.

Closte doesn't hide this fact and they're transparent on their stands. So, you can't ask their team to fix your WordPress and if you are not so techie, Closte doesn't suit you, and choosing Templ or Cloudways is the ideal option.

3. Others

You can't use any other third-party CDN services like Cloudflare or StackPath. Actually, this a good practice considering Closte is a closed platform, but few of our clients felt bad as they paid annual subscription on CDN & security plugins.

Closte doesn't have email service which is pretty common among Managed hosts. If you need email service along with host, choose Liquid Web, they are doing good in recent times.

This is not a service issue but more of a platform issue. When you check, you can see all the Closte Sub-domains are getting indexed in Google which exposes sites hosted with them. I hope Closte fixes the issues in the coming days.

Closte Alternatives – Comes with the same setup of Closte (Google Compute Engine + Google CDN + Google DNS) but with a fixed price of $29/month. You can see things like 24×7 chat support, free malware removal & restore, speed audit & fix which you don't get with Closte.

Kinsta – Uses GCP but comes with KeyCDN instead of Google CDN. As of now, Kinsta can be crowned as the best WordPress hosting with the right mix of performance and support.

Cloudways – At $33/month, you can choose any Google location and comes loaded with their own CDN for $1/month.

Do I Recommend Closte?

Yes, is the direct answer if you are obsessed with speed. If your site can't be optimized anymore, but still needs a speed? Choose Closte and your site speed will be magically improved.

No, if you are concerned about pricing & support. Sites with no display ads, Amazon affiliate sites that involve lesser third party programs can be easily optimized and hosted on Closte Alternative hosting services mentioned above.

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