Cloudways vs WPEngine Comparison in 2022: Which Host is Best For You?

Cloudways vs WPEngine

Cloudways vs WP Engine is a pretty hard confusion for many cloud hosting enthusiasts as both the managed hosting providers seem to be equally good. Further, both the providers have a pretty good track record so far with users from all over the world.

Before writing this post, I have spent some hours getting really deeper into the various aspects of both the managed hosting providers. This post will walk you through some important aspects between these two managed cloud hosting giants.

Cloudways vs WPEngine Overview

Cloudways is a fully managed cloud hosting company and has been around for some years now. Customers can use this service to build, deploy, scale, and brilliantly manage web applications.

Cloudways Review

The company provides customers with 5 different cloud providers to select from and, of course, allows customers to deploy unlimited applications. Apart from that, the company ensures high performance and security.

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WP Engine started its journey in 2010 and the company is a leading managed WordPress cloud hosting provider now.

What makes WP Engine unique from other managed cloud hosting services is its innovative approach which comprises a perfect combination of Creative Agility, Enterprise performance, Actionable Intelligence, and Ecosystem Integration.

Cloudways vs WPEngine Features

1. Cloud providers

Cloudways offers customers with excellent freedom. The company allows you to select from 5 world-class cloud providers including Google, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr. On top of that, the service also lets you scale up your cloud resources with the greatest ease.

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WP Engine, on the other hand, offers two cloud providers to choose from; Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The WP Engine hosting service has an extremely scalable architecture to easily manage traffic spikes up to 100 million users.

2. Security

Cloudways provides customers with rock-solid security backed by dedicated firewalls, 24/7 Real-time Monitoring, HTTPS Encryption through Free SSL, IP White Listing, Security Patching on a regular basis, and Two Factor Authentication.

WP Engine security is extremely reliable too with Threat Detection & Blocking, Managed Core Updates & Patches, Disaster Recovery, code reviews, and regular security audits relating to the internal environment.

3. Developer-friendly features

Cloudways helps with brilliant team collaboration which is characterized by Git Integration, SSH and SFTP Access, One Account for Multiple Teams, Dedicated Staging Environment, Server Transfer to transfer ownership of servers.

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WP Engine also offers a lot of powerful managed WordPress features for team collaboration and developers with Git and SFTP Connections, One-Click Staging, Isolated environments for testing, Ownership Transfer, User Permissions, Activity log.

4. Site Migration

Migrating the WordPress website to the Cloudways platform is unimaginably simple with the Cloudways WP Migrator Plugin. The WordPress hosting plugin allows you to migrate your website without any downtime.

WP Engine also provides users with a pretty effortless Site Migration through its amazing WordPress hosting plugin called the Auto Migration Plugin.

Customers could use this plugin to transfer their sites from the old hosting platform without any downtime and without much time.

5. Control Panel

Cloudways gives you perfect control of your account through Server Settings and Packages via UI, 1-Click Backup & Restore, Cron Job Manager, WP-CLI Pre-installed, Change Application Webroot, App Settings via UI.

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WP Engine also offers plenty of brilliant managed WordPress features to give users complete control over their accounts and some are DevKit, Multi-Site Conversion, SSH Gateway, User Permissions, Wordpress Plugins, GeoTarget, Activity Log and more.

Cloudways vs WPEngine Support

Cloudways has a brilliant customer support service for Server customization and configuration as well as for application-level issues and it includes 24/7/365 Live Chat, Online Ticketing, Phone Access, and Private Slack Channel.

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Apart from a fully managed WordPress hosting service, WP Engine offers an award-winning 24×7 customer support team wherein all the executives are Managed WordPress experts and the customer support service offers assistance through phone, Live chat, and tickets.

Cloudways vs WPEngine Pricing

Pricing, as always is a very crucial factor and can be extremely useful in comprehending the WP vs Cloudways. Cloudways allows you to start for as low as $8/mo (only with our promo code) and the highest tier plan costs $1,035/mo.

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The lowest plan in WP Engine starts at $25/mo and the highest plan, Scale costs $241/mo. Apart from that, the provider gives you an option to contact the sales team and have a customized plan for your purpose in case, you need more than what is offered in the available plans.

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However, if we compare the startup plans of these two companies, Cloudways certainly gets a leading edge. Let me explain the reason.

While Cloudways offer you 25GB storage and 1 TB of Bandwidth, WP Engine offers only 10GB storage and 50GB Bandwidth for $25/mo ( more than double of the Cloudways startup plan).

Cloudways vs WPEngine Performance

Uptime and speed are undoubtedly two of the most important factors that you must check before selecting any WordPress hosting company. A good WordPress hosting service must offer a reliable uptime and speed.

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As far as the Cloudways performance goes, it is certainly brilliant and is characterized by an extremely dedicated environment for an optimized server and app performance. The SSD drives can help a dynamic WordPress website with 3 times faster speed.

Another salient feature is auto-healing and it ensures that many are issues resolved automatically. CloudwaysCDN allows users to deliver the best performance to their audience in any part of the world.

With such cheap pricing, the Cloudways performance is great when compared to WP Engine and that's one of the reasons why I rate Cloudways as the cheapest WPEngine Alternative list post here.

Users have the advantage of choosing from over 60 data centers to deliver your content at a lightning speed to your target audience. Some of them are Canada, the USA, Brazil, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Netherland, Singapore, India.

Apart from that, Cloudways has it's in house WordPress plugin called Breeze for performance boost which comes pre-installed. Further, PHP7 and HTTP/2 enabled servers also largely increase the speed to a large extent thus making it the fastest hosting right now.

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WP Engine is known for its Enterprise-level performance with high availability, and blazing fast speed.

WP Engine has data center locations across the USA, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and Asia to ensure that you make your content available to any part of the world at an extremely fast speed. Some of them are Virginia, Ohio, Ireland, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, Belgium, Taiwan, Tokyo, and more.

Cloudways vs WPEngine Comparison in 2022: Which Host is Best For You? 10

Every WP Engine WordPress website is exceptionally fast backed by fully managed global CDN, Proprietary caching mechanism called EvenCache, PHP7 and HTTP/2 support, and more

Uptime is also unimaginably reliable with clustered configurations in dedicated environments, proactive monitoring, multi-layered security measures, and scalable architecture.


It is pretty normal to be a little confused between Cloudways and WP Engine and not able to choose between the two managed hosting providers since both are equally reliable. It was not even easy for me in the beginning either to find out which provider is better.

However, as I took a close look at the features, I found Cloudways with a leading edge at certain places. It would not be wrong to say that Cloudways hosting is more affordable than WP Engine hosting since the provider offers more resources at a much lesser cost.

Cloudways also has another advantage over WP Engine as it offers customers, 5 cloud providers, to choose from. Other than this, the companies are equally good with all the other important aspects such as performance, security, development-friendly features, scalability, a wide range of data centers.