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What Is Conch AI? What Are Its Features?

If you are searching for anything to enhance your writing skills, look no further other than Conch AI. 

Conch AI is one such AI writing assistant that helps you with the fundamental problem of writer's block. Moreover, Conch AI is one of the best chatbots to help students curate their essays or research papers. 

So if you are interested in knowing more about Conch AI, congratulations, you have landed at the right place. 

Let us get started. 

A Closer Look At Conch AI

Conch AI is an AI-powered writing model with various features to enhance your writing and improvise content. 

With the help of Conch AI, you can generate introductions for your blog post, outline for an article, summary, and conclusions. 

Thus you can save more time on scripting content. 

On top of that, Conch AI comes with a built-in AI detector that analyzes your generated content and gives a score so that you can modify the content to decrease the AI score. 

What Is Conch AI? What Are Its Features? 1

Thus it helps users by avoiding searching for a separate tool for AI detection. 

The most outstanding comfort we noticed while using this Conch AI assistant is that you can add it as an extension on your Chrome browser. 

Hence it is highly compatible with your Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, WordPress, and other applications. 

Discovering The Unique Features Of Conch AI

Similar to ChatGPT, Conch AI has many features that ultimately boost your productivity and simultaneously offer an exceptional experience. 

Hence, understanding Conch AI's features becomes essential when you have an idea to use the AI tool for your business or other works. 

ConchEnhance – Detect AI And Improve Your Style.

Conch AI is incorporated with an in-built AI bypasser that lets you escape from the AI detection in the content using algorithms such as GPTZero and Turnitin. 

In detail, even though the Conch AI generates the contents (for example, an essay) with the help of an AI, the Conch AI platform helps you get unnoticed by an AI detector tool. 

This can be achieved by altering the AI score shown by the Enhance feature. The AI score is nothing but showcases how much of your content is written by AI. 

You can access or try this feature by clicking the Enhance button on the writing assistant interface. 

What Is Conch AI? What Are Its Features? 2

Once you click Enhance, the results will be shown with an AI score, grammatical errors, and problems in the content style. 

Furthermore, you can rewrite the whole document if the AI score is high or there are many errors. 

Conch AI provides an Edit mode where you can return to the writing assistance interface and make any changes if you are unsatisfied with the AI score.  

Also, note that you need to spend a certain amount of tokens to rewrite the document. 

ConchBib – In-text Citations 

One of the most significant advantages of Conch AI is including citations in your content. The tool is designed to write anything as per your wish and includes citations in your document. 

You can access the feature by selecting the text and then clicking on the desired citation from the suggestion list that appears. 

What Is Conch AI? What Are Its Features? 3

To be clear, once you select the text, artificial intelligence analyzes the text and searches for the resources that can be cited. 

Besides this, the Conch AI also suggests how to cite different sources properly along with the formats. 

But remember that citations can be added only if you have subscribed to the PRO Conch AI plan. 

Furthermore, ConchBib – In-text Citations saves time for its users as there is no need to search for citation sources manually by heading toward Google. 

This is helpful for writers who write long-form documents or research papers as they can make sure at the moment that all sources are cited. 

Apart from this, what is interesting is that providing ConchBib – In-text Citations reduces the risk of producing plagiarised content. 

By providing potential sources as citations, the Conch AI helps writers be confident that they have given where citations need to be and where it does not need. 

Rewrite – Find The Perfect Words.

The rewrite feature is our favorite part of the Conch AI tool. It helps to rewrite the sentences or paragraphs into shorter or longer sentences, and even you can modify the tone of voice. 

Beyond this, the rewrite option is entirely effective if your sentence is improper or incomplete and the sentence structure is not fine. 

What is more advantageous here is that you can improve the accuracy of your document and make it engaging! 

You can access the rewrite feature by clicking on the pencil icon in the right corner of the writing assistance page. 

What Is Conch AI? What Are Its Features? 4

Once you click on the rewrite icon, you will get a dialog box asking you about the rewrite length of the selected text and the tone of voice for the selected text. 

What Is Conch AI? What Are Its Features? 5

Autocomplete With AI

Are you feeling difficulty while completing a sentence? Do you need help finishing the paragraphs within the word limit? 

If yes, don't worry. Conch AI has come up with a feature called Autocomplete, which helps you complete the sentence if you are stuck with it! 

In detail, the Conch AI uses Artificial Intelligence, allowing writers to complete sentences or predict the next words.

Thus, writers are free from writer's block and continue developing their ideas. 

Moreover, another advantage of autocomplete feature in Conch AI is that it helps to save time and effort for the users. 

What Is Conch AI? What Are Its Features? 6

Rather than you have to think on your own each time and finish the sentence or paragraph. 

That is, with Conch AI's help, you can select the sentences from the suggestion and finish the content within seconds. 

Also, the Autocomplete feature of Conch AI is customizable, as you can limit the suggestions or adjust the predictions. 

This will be particularly helpful for writers with certain goals, specifications, or concepts in their content. 

Pricing Of Conch AI

Conch AI offers three plans, and you can save more time by choosing the right one. 

What Is Conch AI? What Are Its Features? 7

This primary and free plan lets you generate 1000 words per month. The other features include chrome extension and enhancer at no cost


The plan allows you to generate 10000 words per month and includes a $4.99 per month price. The plan also helps you to skip the queue and ads displaying when you try to generate a sentence. 

This pricing plan includes the feature of a citation generator, which will be found helpful while writing any research papers. 

This is one of the significant advantages of switching over to a PRO plan instead of the basic plan.  


You can enjoy generating unlimited words per month by switching to the CONCH LIMITLESS plan, and the pricing is $9.99 per month. 

This is the best plan as it allows you to completely utilize the AI tool by accessing almost all features. 

Using this plan, you can get early access to features that make you stand out from the market, and there is no token limit. 

Furthermore, you can also pay annually for the tool. For instance, the billing of the CONCH LIMITLESS subscription will be $119.99. 

What Is Conch AI? What Are Its Features? 8

Bottom Line 

Conch AI is an excellent AI writing platform that helps users write quickly and, at the same time, effectively. 

Additionally, some mind-blowing features of Conch AI include rewriting the sentences, integrating AI to enhance the style, implementing citations inside the content, completing the sentence structure if stuck in between, and a few more. 

So at the end of the day, I strongly recommend Conch AI as a must to try tool if you use content in your work or if you are a student! 

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