ConvertBox Pricing in 2023 – Are They Affordable?

Convertbox Pricing Plans are very different and unique compared with its other alternatives. The good thing is that they are much affordable. Converbox is more lenient with its pricing models and offers its customers Lifetime deals.

You have to pay one-time prices for availing of the Converbox Lifetime Deals. So, let’s get to these pricing plans without any further ado!

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ConvertBox Pricing – Overview

As mentioned, ConvertBox has two different pricing plans that are currently available at a lifetime deal. Now, the prices of both the plans vary with a cost of just $95; that is, by paying an additional amount of $95, you upgrade to the premium plan of ConvertBox.


The major difference in both the plans is in the credits you get for the views and websites. Besides that, certain other things are better with the Pro plan than the Standard Plan. However, the question is, what difference do both these plans have, and must you even bear the extra cost?

Everything is detailed hereinbelow with a detailed overview of both the plans, one after the other. So, let’s have a look!

ConvertBox Standard Plan – $495, one-time cost

ConvertBox Standard Plan comes at a one-time cost of $495, and when you pay that price, you get access to all the features and functionalities of the platform.

ConvertBox Pricing in 2023 - Are They Affordable? 2

You get all the ConvertBox templates in this Standard plan, and the good thing is that all these templates are tested for conversion.

  • With these templates, you can build your lead capture pages and landing pages within minutes.
  • Moreover, since the templates are tested for conversion, you can be assured that they shall bring in leads and even convert them to customers.
  • You can make the lead pages better within the templates with the seamless features and functionalities for customization.
  • You can use dynamic text replacement for adding more personalization to your sales and marketing emails and messages.
  • You can even run surveys and quizzes to get a better understanding of your target audience.
  • The platform also provides you with detailed reports about your campaigns, thereby helping you analyze the results and improve your strategies for the future.
  • No need for any coding or programming knowledge
  • The platform is pretty sleek and easy, and you can get a lot with the Standard Plan itself.

Moreover, there is no ConvertBox Branding involved, so all the services you use with this platform are entirely white-label services.

The only limitations with this platform are the number of views and websites you can leverage. As such, you get the platform for 10websites, and the views are limited to a maximum of 250K views a month.

Well, these are not that vast restrictions, for that matter. However, if you find them limiting you in any way, it might be worth investing $95 more and getting the Pro plan.

Let’s have a look at that as well.

ConvertBox Pro Plan – $590, one-time cost

As mentioned earlier, you get all the platform's features within the Standard Plan itself. So, why even offer this Pro plan?

ConvertBox Pricing in 2023 - Are They Affordable? 3

Well, with the Pro plan, your limits are much increased. Instead of just 250,000 views a month, the Pro plan just doubles the limits, and you get 500,000 views every month.

Additionally, the number of websites you can use ConvertBox also shoots up from 10 websites to 50 websites.

These additional and higher limits become helpful when your operations are at scale or even when you plan to scale them further.

Besides that, you even get multiple user accounts when you opt for the Pro plan. As such, you can create and work with up to 5 different accounts once you have reached the ConvertBox Pro plan.

So, basically, the additional $95 is for enhanced limits rather than advanced features and will be beneficial to you only if your operations are at a very massive scale. In any other case, you can really do well even with the Standard Plan.

ConvertBox Lifetime Deal Pricing

ConvertBox has two different plans, and both are at a lifetime deal offer. Here is a quick look into both the plans

ConvertBox Pricing in 2023 - Are They Affordable? 4
  1. ConvertBox Standard Plan comes at a price of $495.
  2. ConvertBox Pro Plan comes at a price of $590.

Now, when you compare these prices with other pricing plans of alternative tools and platforms like ConvertBox, these seem like very lucrative deals, given that competitor platforms have their monthly and yearly plans priced at $100 or even $200.

The question is, which one of the two deals is a better option? Will the Standard Plan be enough, or you must really pay the extra $95 and take up the Pro plan?

Well, the answer to these questions lies in knowing what you get with each of the plans. So, let’s dive into the details of both these pricing plans so that you get all the understanding you need for making a decision as to what plan you must take.

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What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is the most robust and feature-rich lead capturing tool to create lead pages within minutes. Not only is the device capable of helping you make the most feature-rich, appealing, and attractive lead pages, but it also ensures that those pages actually capture leads and even lure them to conversion.

Considering that, it’s the perfect solution in your hands to meet your business’ lead generation and conversion goals and take it to newer heights of business growth and success.

However, the tool doesn’t come free of cost, and the official website doesn’t reveal its pricing plans, well, at least, not until you request the same, and this will require you to leave your email address with the platform.

But then, you make your email address available to ConvertBox for all their other marketing and promotional emails. You might not want that, especially when you are just not very sure if you even want to start using the platform in the first place.

So, if you don’t want to leave your email address with the ConvertBox platform, not quite to only be aware of its pricing plans, you may have been putting yourself on a quest of looking for alternative ways to find out Converbox Pricing. Well, your search ends here!

Will these Lifetime Deals be Available Forever?

Now, the lifetime deals of ConvertBox look very useful and lucrative. However, it will be in your best interest if you avail of them as quickly as possible. Why? Well, because they are not going to be available forever.

As far as the lifetime deals of ConvertBox are concerned, they could end anytime after the end of this year. After that, ConvertBox is moving to monthly pricing models like all its other competitors, and just like those competitors, the pricing plans shall be pretty hefty.

As such, the Standard plan would cost you $75 a month, and the Pro plan shall cost $150 a month. Now that’s definitely too much.

So, it will be best to make your decision now and take the lifetime deal while it’s still available.

Is The ConvertBox Pricing Affordable?

Though there is no way to get the ConvertBox Pricing before signing up, I have listed the pricing details clearly.

I hope that you found the article helpful and are now closer to the decision of taking a ConvertBox Plan, especially when you know that the phenomenally lucrative lifetime deal that can give you access to the platform for a one-time payment can end; any time now!

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