Convertbox Review 2021

No doubt! Convertbox is an excellent opt-in tool and a growth tool. I have been a user of Convertbox for months. It replaces the multiple software in your arsenal.

Here, I would like to share my personal experience with using Convertbox. 

Convertbox Review 

So, why have I indulged in writing a Convertbox review?

It is because I have fallen for the fantastic features of Convertbox and would love to share them with you.

After many downfalls, I have finally decided to kick my existing lead-generating software. No, it is not terrible as you imagine. Instead, it doesn’t give me as enough leads as I expect.

I outwent the old tool and came in with the young and more agile lead capture tool – ConvertBox. Once I revealed the name of this wonderful tool, you might get more questions.

  • What is Convertbox? How it benefits my website?
  • Is it a WordPress plugin? What are the attractive features of ConvertBox? 
  • Is ConvertBox suitable for every business? 
  • What about the pricing? 
  • Is this guy promoting the tool? (And, some irrelevant ideas)

I have caught your back. Here comes the answer to all your unanswered questions. 

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox, a fantastic tool, helped me create and manage my website with different Opt-in and CTA forms. It helps in easy connecting and integrating with your target audience. I have witnessed a change in my lead conversion rate; of course, a positive difference!

Connecting with the audience matters the most for any business!! It becomes easy with ConvertBox.

When you connect with your audience at the right time, it helps you generate more leads and improve sales. ConvertBox helps in converting on-site communications through the highly compatible features and allows my website to provide more information to visitors.

You may use this tool to develop inventive popups and capture visitor’s addresses. It also helps in offering promo coupons and discounts. Yes, I remember the success rate I achieved using the ConvertBox tool for my recent incentive campaign. It also helps in providing relevant information to the visitors. 

ConvertBox is suitable for all websites; you can install this super ConvertBox tool on your website to confirm that I am not bluffing.

How ConvertBox helped me to get enough leads?

For website conversions, I would recommend ConvertBox blindfolded. No matter what your conversion goals are! You can use ConvertBox as it adapts to any website and starts doing its work to provide enough conversions.

I have been taken away with its unique conversion-triggering templates and opt-in forms. I have picked one and started my campaign. And, the customization is also easy. The compelling lead capture forms stood at their peak, and it helped me bring great conversion rates.

Every day when you fail to optimize your website completely, ConvertBox will be your savior. When appropriately used, ConvertBox helps you to optimize your website and increase visitor engagement. It also plugs in any leakage in your funnel. Let me tell you a secret. Leakage in the funnel is the major downfall for a developing website. Make sure it is fixed in yours.

In short, ConvertBox is a tactical guide. When understood right, you can bring immense benefits to your website. 

Is ConvertBox a WordPress Plugin? How to Install ConvertBox?

And, Yes, many questioned me whether ConvertBox is a WordPress plugin. Yes, you can download and witness the benefits of ConvertBox through WordPress. I just went to their homepage and installed the tool. It took me less than 2 minutes.

It is just a piece of code to be added to your website. You can also go for WordPress download if you wish to go for the less complicated process. I hope this image helps you to know more about the installation of ConvertBox on your website.

ConvertBox is different from other lead generation tools as it delivers top-notch features to the users. Oh yes, I forgot to mention its features. Here you go!

Features and Pricing of ConvertBox

I really have to mention that I was taken away by the features of ConvertBox. Not only it increased the engagement of the website but also bought up the conversion rate to the peak. Let me tell you the features.

Intelligent Targeting

Random targeting always lets your website down. Without knowing this fact, I have been targeting randomly for years. It made me challenging to achieve the goal as I have not been targeting my audience mainly. After using ConvertBox, I was able to come out of this random targeting myth. With its intelligent targeting feature, ConvertBox helped me to increase my conversion rate.

ConvertBox’s feature has been assisting me to target the right visitors with customized messages. I customized the messages based on the data, user activity, ESP, and other CRM data.

A quick tip follows up! You can also address the visitor by their name that makes the messages more personal. 

Lead Capture Forms

I find it easy to collect my visitor’s data with custom fields with the amazing lead capture forms. I love to do email marketing campaigns. So, I have customized the form with fields that insisted on making a field to get email information from my visitors.

ConvertBox’s strong form automation helps in integrating with ESP and other contact forms. Complex forms, popups, promo codes, discounts, and other timeframe popups are available with amazing templates.


Once you have done getting information through custom popups, it is time to track. A campaign without tracking seems no deal. So, tracking is the main feature to look for in any tool you ought to use. ConvertBox’s active tracking helps you to monitor and track visitor behavior. 

At the same time, it also provided me the vital information about the visitors entering your website. With this, I can able to breakdown the user interaction into parts. And, I have fixed some parts in my website that didn’t bring enough clicks, or some might be underperforming.

Countdown Timers

Countdown timers in ConvertBox are the feature I love the most. It helped me to create an urgent drop-down list. Recently, I have used this countdown timer on my website with an amazing deal. Unbelievably, the sense of urgency worked out well. My visitors made me fall in surprise. The success rate and the conversion rate is above my expectation. Many thanks to the amazing countdown timer feature. 

With ConvertBox, you can add a variety of features to your website, including planned deadlines, special discounts, and urgent offers.

Segmentation Funnel

The segmentation funnel helps in establishing several choice funnels. It helps you to deliver professionalized offers and deals according to the visitors’ interests. You can also rely on the multi-step funnel in order to provide customized offerings. 

Say, I started giving offers based on the sales funnel. It helped me to convert my visitors to buyers within a few attempts with ConvertBox. 

Pricing of ConvertBox

Even if we fail to compare any tiny fact of an opt-in tool, you can fairly see that ConvertBox offers value to your website and increase your conversion rate.

ConvertBox has been currently offering a limited-time lifetime offer. In this, you can get many features without paying any ongoing fees. It is set to expire soon. 

To be clear, ConvertBox offers its features for $99 per month, whereas this limited-time lifetime offer is available for $495. 

What I love most about ConvertBox?

Orally defining the features of ConvertBox, let me illustrate to you the features that I love the most.

Scheduled targeting

Often I do not need the campaign to run all over the day/month. ConvertBox’s Scheduled targeting helps me to fix a specific time and date. It becomes fairly easy to start and end the campaign. It helps you to set up limited-time promotions. 

Unless you have a team for you, you cannot manually fix the timing of your campaign. But, Convertbox users sit down, relaxed, and enjoy their conversions. Within four to five clicks, you can conclude the time and date for your campaign. 

Implements well with marketing tools

ConvertBox becomes a flexible companion when it comes to integrating with other marketing tools. ConvertBox has become the universally compatible way that includes marketing tactics. You can rely on the new integrations, including AWeber, ConvertKit, Demio, HubSpot, Klaviyo,, etc. 

Thus, I have been seamlessly integrating tools with ConvertBox.

Flexible AB Testing

Though this is no longer new to you, I am quite impressed with this feature. The split-testing feature in other tools made me sit longer to confirm whether the changes go with the right flow. 

To curb the timing, ConvertBox’s AB testing feature helped me up. It helped me to build the opt-in box. Once you have done editing, you can make a simple variation if the changes bring a major impact to your site. When the variant is created, you can make the variations and test it again. Similarly, you can make multiple variations.

Perfect and analytical Reports

I am sure that many people, including me, love to see the results or analytical dashboard to get a detailed report. ConvertBox sets right in this path for every businessman.

It offers the report to all-important numbers. It is not difficult to understand. In ConvertBox, you can see stats for every group. It helps to drill down all the specific groups and individual ConvertBoxes. Added, you can find a unique “Interactions” metric. It helps you to convert the visitors if you fail to catch their attention in a previous attempt.

A single analytical dashboard

As discussed earlier, an analytical dashboard is key to make a successful campaign. ConvertBox has all the functions and lead capture options that amaze you. The analytical dashboard of ConvertBox is one among them. 

Though the dashboard is not enough to match your convenience, you can use it to set new rules that include visitor targeting and other tracking activities. 

Am I promoting the ConvertBox Tool?

After reading the review until here, you might guess that I am an affiliate for ConvertBox. Definitely NO. With my personal experience, I love to make you familiar with the tool. 

And, here comes the things that I do not love in ConvertBox. 

What I do not love in ConvertBox

Not every feature fits your need. There may be some features that do not make you happy. 

Design limitations for mobile users

Though you can customize your popups and opt-ins easily, there are few design limitations. My problem increases when I use the mobile editor. I feel it is quite limited for mobile users. I do not find any mobile-specific features. You do not get any problems with its performance or responsiveness.

But, I feel quite disappointed with its performance on mobile. It would be great if they add up any unique mobile-specific features and design options for mobile users.

No page to page reports 

Detailed reports and in-depth analytics seems the pillar for a successful campaign. Though I get the data for all individual ConvertBoxes, I didn’t feel it completely. As I didn’t get numbers based on page-by-page performance, I feel a bit down.

ConvertBox delivers a 15 percent conversion rate on one page and 5 percent on the other. If I get page-to-page reports, it becomes easier to bring the conversion rates up for every page.

How Businesses Use ConvertBox to Increase their Conversion Rate?

After coming up with the versatile ConvertBox tool, you can cover all the visitors in the funnel starting from scratch. If you are a businessman looking for ways to use ConvertBox, here comes your guide.

Opt-in Forms

The slide-in forms are the most frequently used opt-in form. When you wish to provide downloadable content to your visitors, you can use ConvertBox’s Opt-in forms. Using this, you can include guides, cheatsheets, podcast/video companions, and ebooks.

Slide-ins are the most frequently used forms in websites. It helps you to provide secondary content to the visitors. Try to use attractive colors and images in it. It helps in standing out even more.

Exit Intent Page

ConvertBox helps you come up with a final offer to the visitor who is about to abandon the site. Using the exit-intent page overlay, ConvertBox helps in targeting those visitors. It is nothing but a modern lightbox overlay with a dark full-screen takeover. Though it is clean and basic, many website owners love to use full-screen takeovers that result in more conversions.

Exit-intent pages available on the website retain visitors and promote the products and services. It results in the domino effect with increased conversion rates.

Click Targeted Links

ConvertBox’s text links and picture links always help in triggering the visitors. It is the most popular conversion feature. When the triggers have been enabled, you can display the popular opt-in form. It helps in attracting visitors and increasing the conversion rate. Using the Opt-in form, you can include downloadable files or guide for your visitors. 

ConvertBox also allows you to control the people who can see the messages. It results in increased Opt-in rates. Ensure you provide attractive add-ons like manuals, podcast notes, courses, and limited-time access to your services.

Seasonal Countdown Promotions 

Countdown timers and promotions are the major reason that increases conversion rate of the website. When you rely on ConvertBox’s countdown feature, you can set wide promotion activities. It offers lower rates to the product or services with unbelievable offers. Using the countdown timer, you can bring urgency to your offers. 

It encourages the visitors to act immediately and also creates a sense of urgency. It emphasizes the scarcity of the product. It is a fantastic tool that increases sales and conversion on your website. Regardless of the product/service you sell, you can make use of ConvertBox to increase the conversion rate.

Personalized Message To the Link

When you wish to greet the consumer with a personalized message, you can make it in a single go with ConvertBox. It categorizes visitors based on demography and user behavior. You can easily figure it out with other opt-in forms available in ConvertBox.

Added, you can use multiple templates to send personalized messages. Say, you can send personalized greetings to your visitors on their special day.

Wrapping Up My ConvertBox’s Review

I hope I have concluded this piece of article with my genuine experience. I have thought to give you ConvertBox’s review as many businessmen dwell upon multiple tools but fail to pick the right one. This is why I urged you to make this article a helpful guide for you.

I have not come across a completely one-sided, unbalanced rave-up with the virtues of the tool. I am still in awe of the differences ConvertBox made to my site. ConvertBox has made me do easy actions, even for a super-complex one.

ConvertBox, being an outstanding piece of tool, makes you better at, understanding your audience. I would have no hesitation in bringing the pros and cons to your eyes. Do not miss any extraordinary tool that paves betterment for your conversion rate. Cheers!

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