CopyAI Review 2021 – Does this AI Writing tool good?

Does it happen that sometimes your creative mind goes in a fix and refuses to give you the right words to write for your copy? Well, every writer gets into these kinds of fixes from time to time. This is why AI-based writing tools came into the picture – to help you out of your writers’ block.

This article reviews one such AI writing, too, that is, CopyAI. From what this tool is to what it does and how it can be helpful to you, this CopyAI review shall cover it all.

What is CopyAI?

You know the times when you need to come up with a perfect copy, but your mind doesn’t budge, and words don’t come on your document. You just keep staring at that blank screen. CopyAI fills up that blank screen with just the words you need to see.

It’s a copywriting tool built and designed based on the GPT-3 AI language. Being trained for writing creative copies, it’s perfect to meet all your writing needs and requirements so that you can kick off your writers’ block far away from you to never ever let it find its way back.

All you need to do is open a template suitable for the writing form you’re working on, fill in some details about the topic you want to write on, and then sit back and wait for the results. The screen will show you various options within seconds. You can edit those options, and if you like none of them, you can generate some more write-ups.

Now that’s something very cool and a blessing to you as a writer. So, you surely want to know more about it. So, let’s get to it and see in more detail about the things that CopyAI could do for you.

What Can CopyAI Write for You?

When you know there’s a strong, robust, and creative writing tool to your aid, you’ll want to know what it could exactly write for you. Well, to put it short, CopyAI can write just about anything for you.

Here’s a walkthrough of everything that you can do with CopyAI.

Ad Copies

Your advertisements need to be highly creative and appealing, and they need to go live on time. So, you can’t let your creative block come in the way of it. You can just use CopyAI to work on any ad copy you want. Be it a PPC ad copy or any other social media ad copy for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc., CopyAI will create attractive copies once you fill in the details about the advertisement you want to run.

Sales Copies

When you’re trying to make a sale, there are different ways to have your target audience fall for it. As a copywriter, you need to follow different formulas and strategies like Pain-Agitate-Solution, where you mention the challenge, elaborate on it, and finally talk about the solution; Before After Bridge, where you say the current and after scenario along with the way to bridge the gap; AIDA, where you bring attention, create interest, fuel desire, and then finally prompt to take action.

Now, creating copies based on these formulas seems easy. However, you need to work your brain a lot for that. CopyAI can do that work for you at a much faster pace. You can simply choose a sales copy template, enter the formula you need to follow, and the tool will deliver the content you need.


Unlike other writing tools that come with long-form text editors, this tool is not made for that purpose. So, it wouldn’t write an entire blog post for you. However, when it comes to generating blog ideas and titles, the tool will deliver creativity that you’ve never seen. Not only that, it can write introductory and concluding paragraphs as well.

Moreover, while you can’t get an entire blog ready to post, you can still get content outline and bullet points that will serve as a roadmap to completing your blog article much faster.

Website Content

Again, you’ll not get the entire website content on a silver platter using this tool. But what you can get is content for working on the on-page SEO for your website. As such, you can use CopyAI to write your meta titles and meta descriptions, header, footer, and sub-header content, and other short-form content like titles and taglines for specific blocks on your web pages and websites.

Social Media Content

Social Media is all about short, crisp, and creative content. CopyAI is the perfect tool for this purpose. The tool will meet your end-to-end social media content needs and requirements, from helping write content for your posts and captions to working on content creation for your reels ideas and other stories.

E-commerce Content

E-commerce business is not just about selling some items on your e-store. It’s about engaging your audience, providing them with enough information about your products, and doing everything that will make people convert and shop.

With CopyAI, you can create compelling product titles, product descriptions, product benefits, and other microcopies for sales and marketing within minutes.

Other Features of CopyAI

With all the things mentioned above, you could write with CopyAI. You can be sure that it’s the tool you need as a copywriter. So, you would want to look at what other things it offers. So, have a read further.

Unique, Plagiarism-Free Content

In today’s copywriting and content marketing space, originality is everything. Your ads will sell only when they’re creative, new, compelling, fresh, and, most importantly, unique. CopyAI acknowledges the importance of this uniqueness and delivers plagiarism-free copies that are highly impressive and attractive.

Multiple Results

Having options is never bad, and you get them with CopyAI. The tool not only generates great, unique, and plagiarism copy, but it generates a lot of them so that you can choose the best among many. Did you not like any of the results? Well, that’s not a problem either, because you can just go for a re-run, and the tool will put to screen more fresh options to make a choice from.

Multilingual Support

Sometimes, you may need to create a copy in a language you don’t know or in multiple languages. CopyAI helps with that, too, with support for over 25 different languages, and the tool is constantly working on adding more.

CopyAI Pricing

Everything comes for a price. Well, that’s not the case with CopyAI. The tool is free to start with, however, just for 7days.

After that, you need to choose from the Solo or Custom plan. The Solo plan comes for $49/month; however, if you get it billed annually, the cost goes down to $35/month. But as its name suggests, this shall come with single-user access and would serve well only when you’re an individual is working.

The Custom plan has the same features as the Solo plan, except it supports multiple users. You can collaborate with as many users as you like, and the price will depend on that number. Also, this plan is billed yearly, so you’d have to be ready with upfront payments.

Who is CopyAI Ideal for?

As mentioned above, the tool will not write long-form content. So, it may not be ideal for content writers. However, you could still use it as a content writer if you need a basic idea and take over the rest of the content creation task.

Besides that, the tool is made for creating compelling copies. So, it’s going to ideally serve copywriters, content marketers, social media managers, PPC ads specialists, and any person seeking to write good marketing copies for product and services promotions and sales.

Pros of CopyAI

With what it does, the benefits are already very much clear. But for speaking out loud, here are all the benefits that you get by putting this tool to use for your copywriting requirements.

  1. It helps overcome writers’ block, and you never have to worry about running out of words.
  2. It makes your work faster and effortless.
  3. You get multiple options to choose from, so you have the scope to find even the best from the best titles, ad copies, sales copies, descriptions, or any other thing you write with this tool.
  4. It provides a complete roadmap to writing expressive, informative, and compelling blogs.
  5. It eliminates language barriers and helps you generate copies in multiple languages so that you can connect better with your target audiences on a global level.

Cons of CopyAI

Well, with its immaculate abilities to create copies of any kind, it’s hard to point out any downsides of CopyAI. However, one thing about it is that it’s not made for the creation of long-form content, unlike other AI writing tools. So, if you’re more about writing long posts, articles, descriptions, and reviews, then the tool wouldn’t serve you well, except for giving just a basic outline.

Now, you may consider it a downside, but to put it in a better way, CopyAI is a tool for copywriters and not content writers.

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Do I Recommend CopyAI For You?

Creating compelling copies is the heart and soul of your marketing, and CopyAI helps put more life into this heart and soul. The tool is amazing to meet your writing requirements and definitely a must-try.

I hope this CopyAI Review has helped you get enough information about the tool, and you’re on the way to reaching out to its website and taking at least a free trial!

Happy Writing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Copy AI?

It allows you to create written material in a matter of seconds and ensures that your draught is as real as possible. It's a fantastic tool for helping you develop content to sell yourself and your company. All you have to do is go to their website and make an account. 

What does Copy AI do? is a fantastic tool that uses artificial intelligence to simplify copywriting by essentially writing it for you. It allows you to create written material in seconds and ensures that your draught appears as genuine as possible.

What is AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting is essentially computer-generated prose produced using natural language processing methods.  AI copywriting tool boosts its CTAs and online ad language. They had human copywriters complete a similar job, and the results were compared.

CopyAI Review 2021 - Does this AI Writing tool good?

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