Copysmith AI Review 2023 – Is this Writing Tool Really Effective?

Presenting my comprehensive Copysmith AI review.

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Let's commence our Copysmith AI review.

What is Copysmith AI?

AI or artificial intelligence has been evolving fast, and it has helped ease out many of our tasks and jobs over time. But who would ever imagine that there would be a time when artificial intelligence would take over for writing as well?

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Well, believe it or not, it has, and in a beautiful manner. The AI-based writing tool is taking over the content industry, and the tool is one such tool made for the purpose.

It’s an AI-based writing tool that you can create content within minutes. Be it content for any short post, a single like caption, or a long-form article, Copysmith AI can do it all.

Not only would it create content from scratch for you, but you can even rewrite the part that you’ve already created, edit it, and do almost everything about writing. With this tool in hand, you need not worry about words refusing to support you and your mind because generating words in a sensible manner that is also creative, readable, and understandable is what the AI tool does.

How Well Does Copysmith AI Perform?

Copysmith AI is never about just writing down. You need to go beyond just putting some words in the right order and ensure that the content is unique, accurate, and good with grammar and readability. How far does this tool achieve that?

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Here’s a look.


When you’re putting something into writing, you need to ensure that it’s true to the fact. This requires extensive research at your end. As a human, you could do that, but would a tool do that as good as you can?

Well, to put it straight, it can, but only to some extent. AI tools can confuse the accuracy of things they find over the web. So, you need to fact-check the content to ensure 100% accuracy. But, the AI tool is still good for help as it does save you a great deal of time you would otherwise have to invest if you were writing everything from scratch.

Grammar and Readability

Your content needs to be perfect for its grammar and deliver a high readability score. That’s what defines perfect and good quality. With Copysmith AI, you can be assured of this.

AI-based tools need to be trained to achieve sensible and meaningful writing with perfect command of the language. Copysmith is one tool that’s prepared perfectly well for it. There are no significant issues with Grammar with Copysmith AI, and the output will pass all kinds of Grammar tests.

It’s possible that you’d have to make some tweaks here and there using Copysmith AI, but overall performance for grammar and readability is excellent.


The uniqueness is always a significant factor for consideration. You need to make sure that the writeup you’re creating is unique in every manner and does not coincide the slightest bit with any content already existing over the web.

Copysmith AI is perfect in ensuring this aspect. If you run plagiarism checks in Copysmith AI, it will pass with no more than 5% of plagiarism detected. This 5% is a normally accepted range considering that there’s so much content that some sentences are bound to coincide with each other.

With that, the tool promises 100% uniqueness in whatever you create out of it.

Who Can Use Copysmith AI?

With what it offers, Copysmith AI has benefits for all. As such, any person with content creation needs can use Copysmith AI. Copysmith AI can help with your content needs and requirements, whether you're a freelancer, agency, or entrepreneur.

It’s even helpful to meet your content marketing goals and objectives. So, you can not only use it as a writer, but it’s equally good for marketers too. The bottom line is that if you have content needs, you can pawn them off to the AI tool.

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How Much Does Copysmith AI Cost?

The review so far as regards what Copysmith offers and the performance it delivers has been amazing and leaves no reason for you not to try it. So, you definitely want to know how much would it take.

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Well, it takes $19 a month to start with, and you get just the minimal basic features with credit for approximately 20,000 words. The higher plans provide unlimited credits and other advanced features, though. You can also choose the Pro plan @ $49/month, where there are 5 user seats available.

Besides these fixed plans, you can even get a custom plan based on your specific content writing needs and requirements.

These pricing models are pretty affordable and something you must definitely try out to get an edge in your content writing.

What Can You Do With Copysmith AI?

With the brilliant library of writing templates that the tool offers, you can do pretty much everything from getting your initial content ideas to putting those content ideas to reality with this tool.

Here are more details about the templates to help you understand their purpose and put them to the right use.

Content Rewriter

Has it ever happened that you have a content piece or copy in your hand, but you need to make some tweaks to it? Well, that happens all the time. With the content rewriter template, you can do it in minutes. You just need to put your writeup in the template, and it will convert it into a different, unique piece of writing, just like you need.

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Content Enhancer

Sometimes, you write some content, and as you proofread, you feel like it could be better. However, what you could do to make it better is something that you cannot figure out. Copysmith AI does that for you. Not only does it figure out what to tweak, but it makes those tweaks too to help enhance and improve your content.

Blog and Article Writing

Writing long-form content is never easy. You can forget to say that when you have Copysmith because writing any write-up is a breeze with this tool. From helping you generate initial ideas for your blog posts to creating its outline and finally putting up the entire article to a document, Copysmith AI does it all, and that too within minutes.

Product Descriptions and Affiliate Content

Writing product descriptions, reviews, and other affiliate content could tiring. These are long-form write up and require a lot of research. Copysmith AI is best known for its skills and functionalities to pull off long-form content. With this tool, you can create all kinds of product descriptions, reviews, and affiliate content within minutes. 

Ad Copywriting

When writing an ad copy, you need to make sure that it’s creative enough to attract the readers and make them want to click. Copysmith helps create these ad copywriting copies within minutes with its amazing templates. Be it a Google Ad, Facebook Ad, Instagram Ad, Carousel, or anything else, the Ad Writing templates of Copysmith help you well.


The journey of converting your business to be a brand is highly based on your content. Be it press releases, SEO, landing pages, or anything else for branding, your writing needs to be top-notch, and the branding templates of Copysmith AI ensure the quality you need for your content.


Running out of writing ideas is difficult for any writer, and brainstorming is the best way to get out of such a situation. Copysmith AI has templates to help you with that process too. Be it generating the ideas for your content, having a list of topics, or creating headlines, Copysmith has templates for everything. That gets you closer to having your document full of meaningful words and creative writing that converts.

So, with all these different templates, writing definitely becomes a breeze with Copysmith AI. However, how good, accurate, and unique is this tool's writing? Well, that’s what the next part of this review checks – the performance of Copysmith AI as regards its accuracy, uniqueness, grammar, and readability.

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CopySmith AI Alternative

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Concluding Copysmith AI Review 2023

Copysmith AI is an amazing content creation tool, and it provides a certain edge to your writing. Not only does it help you create your content at best, but you can market it well too.

With Copysmith AI, you never have to worry about writers' block, and your documents won’t stay blank for long. In fact, they shall flow with beautiful, meaningful, and sensible content all the time.

Considering all that, Copysmith AI is a great tool for you as a writer, and while it won’t take away all the burden on your head, it will surely help you big time, and you can easily take your content game up a notch by putting this tool to use.

Happy Writing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copysmith AI?

Copysmith AI, Inc. is a platform for copywriting and content development for artificial intelligence (AI). Copysmith is an AI-based content generator that writes product descriptions using GPT-3. A team of copywriters, marketing specialists, and AI researchers from global IT companies created its platform.

How does Copysmith AI work?

Copysmith is a fantastic tool that uses artificial intelligence to simplify copywriting by essentially writing it for you. It allows you to create written material in a matter of seconds and ensures that your draught is as real as possible.

Is AI copywriting good?

Yes, apart from single content, AI would be a good fit when you go for bulk writing projects. Sure, AI copywriting tools can help you with your marketing, but they're not a total replacement for human content development.

Copysmith AI Review 2023 - Is this Writing Tool Really Effective?
Copysmith AI Review 2023 - Is this Writing Tool Really Effective? 5

Learn how Copysmith AI can help you generate content quickly. This in-depth Copysmith AI review covers the features, use case scenarios, pricing options...

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