CourseCraft Reviews 2022: Is This Platform Any Good?

CourseCraft Reviews

This is my updated CourseCraft Reviews of 2022. I covered all the CourseCraft features in detail, including their support.

Selecting the best online course platform is a daunting process since you're going to spend a lot of time and some of your hard-earned money to help you develop your company.

Having a qualified and trustworthy company among 25.000 companies is your right to have outstanding opportunities, features, and support.

CourseCraft Review

An easy way for creatives to develop and sell an e-course. The excellent online course creator, CourseCraft, offers tools to create superbly built, self-paced online courses. It is suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

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Sample Course Created with CourseCraft

Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced entrepreneur, CourseCraft makes it relatively easy to get up and running with your online course.


CourseCreate manages to build incredible features to help you create great online courses. Get the most out of it and explore its good selection of tools.

  • Simple and Flexible Editor – Simple to use and flexible enough just to fit any sort of course. Generate as many lessons as you need, and upload pictures, videos, and downloadable files.
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  • Connect to PayPal or Stripe – It's quick to get paid. It only takes a few clicks to connect to your Stripe or PayPal account or both and earn a deposit as soon as someone joins your course.
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  • Lessons Scheduling – Save time and plan the classes. You may set the date of publication to a particular date or send your lessons a number of days after enrolment.
  • Easier Integration – It just takes a few clicks to connect to your blog or website. Embed codes make it easier for customers to sign up for your course.
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Email Integration
  • Forms and Quizzes – You can simply add forms, quizzes, or surveys to your course and see the entries. It is a perfect way to communicate with the participants.
  • Add-ons – You can sell additional optional add-ons to your lesson. Everything from downloadable to hours of training, or something else you can think of.
  • Private Courses – Restrict access to your course with an access code. This is great for internal training.
  • Collaborators – CourseCraft enables you to collaborate with friends and colleagues on your course. They are going to build and edit lessons and collaborate with you to create awesome course material.
  • Promo Codes – Easily deliver sales and discounts using the promotion codes. Restrict the code to a single course or give a discount on all of your courses.
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  • Comments – Interact directly with the participants of your course on every lecture. Have a conversation, answer your questions, or encourage them to upload photos of their work.
  • Custom Branding – Replace your own CourseCraft logo and change the color scheme to ensure better integration with your brand. This produces a really polished appearance for your college.
  • Stats – Know where you stand on CourseCraft's handy stats page. Track and see trends in your opinions, downloads, and sales. You own your list of participants and export them at any time.

Check out the online course creation tools here.


  • Provides ease of use due to its flexibility, simple and easy control panel, and personal customer service.
  • Helps you create beautiful looking pages that are no more difficult to put together than a Word document with images and format.
  • Hosts all of your media, including video up to 2.5 gigabytes in size, audio files, images, PDF’s, downloads, and more.
  • The Society level CourseCraft plan has a very useful feature that allows you to add them as collaborators so that you can create and edit beautiful lessons together.
  • Integrates with your blog or website. Using Embed codes, people can enroll in your course without leaving your site.


  • Coursecraft's premium version is a little bit more expensive than other rival companies.
  • Sometimes, there is software inconvenience and gets slow. It is a problem when near any deadline or exams.


       All versions, including free of charge and premium plans, have major features.

  1. Free Version – $0/month
  • 9% transaction fee
  • Up to 100 participants per course
  • Up to 2GB uploads per course
  • Unlimited courses
  • Instant payouts
  • Drip lesson scheduling
  • Integrate with your website
  1. Club – $29/month
  • 5% transaction fee
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Set up payment plans
  • Sell add-ons with your course
  • Auto participant geolocation
  • Custom branding
  1. Society – $59/month
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Use your custom domain
  • Work with collaborators
  • Manage and pay affiliates
  • Unlimited free seats
  • Configure sales tax

Every CourseCraft subscription is automatically billed monthly or annually if you wish to get a more significant discount. You can pay via Paypal and Stripe for an easier transaction. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.


       If you have questions about making a course, trouble logging in, seeing errors, for some feedback, or other technical issues. CourseCraft enables it to reach its Customer Services support with a highly skilled CourseCraft team founded in 2010. 

        For personal inquiries, you may contact the members of the CourseCraft team, whoever you want to speak with, among Sara, Ryan, and Matt.

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        CourseCraft also created a website to help you maximize the use of its service. They have answers and advice users anytime with 24/7 availability and guarantee user-friendly, simple, and easy instructions to follow. It will be on your convenient side to lessen the hassle and time-consuming technical difficulties. 

          The CourseCraft help team provides efficient and effective services to smoother transactions and excellent quality functional tools. They also created a ready to read advice for customers' common inquiries.

  • Getting Paid and Pricing – Everything you need to know about receiving payments and CourseCraft pricing.
  • FAQ – A given answer to most customer’s questions.
  • Edit Your Course – CourseCraft team assists and helps you learn how to create and edit content for your course.
  • Promote and Sell Your Course – Share your course and get people signed up.
  • Your CourseCraft Profile – Account Settings, Creator Profile, and other useful stuff.

Do I Recommend CourseCraft For You?

Everything you want to know about CourseCraft is given above and transparent information to provide you with a fair and honest review of CourseCraft. You may now have enough information to decide and choose a perfect CourseCraft plan to assist you with your learning materials and other needs.

CourseCraft Reviews 2022: Is This Platform Any Good?
CourseCraft Reviews 2022: Is This Platform Any Good? 7

This is my updated CourseCraft Reviews of 2022. I covered all the CourseCraft features in detail including their support.

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