CrawlQ AI Review 2023 – Is this worth your money?

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Having the right writing tool in your hands that helps you create stellar content based on market research and buyer personas is everything you need to have higher conversions and sales. The CrawlQ AI is precisely the tool for the purpose. Do you want to know more? Well, read on.

This CrawlQ AI review has everything you need to know about this fantastic AI writing tool.

What is CrawlQ AI?

CrawlQ AI is an AI-based content writing tool. However, it’s nothing like the other ones in the market. While other tools help get over writers’ block and create content for you, this tool makes unique articles and creates personalized content by using excellent market research for content creation.

What Does CrawlQ AI Do?

Basically, the CrawlQ AI tool has two things to offer. One, a market research automation solution that’ll help you analyze the market find the search intent, and create your buyer personas in almost half the time you’d take to do it all by yourself. Second, an automated content creation solution will help you make the most optimized content to significantly enhance your ROI by almost 60%.

With that, it’s everything you need to notch up your content creation and content marketing game. Moreover, it’s not just content creators the tool helps. It goes a lot beyond just being a tool for content creators. And that’s what brings us to the next topic of discussion in this review.

As mentioned, the CrawlQ AI tool is for content creation based on thorough market research. So, it has two basic elements:

  1. Market Researcher that helps you get insights into the latest market trends and find buyer personas along with generating some interesting stories, facts, questions, and answers.
  2. CrawlQ AI helps convert all the raw data, insights, stories, facts, questions, answers, and every other thing that you got with the market researcher into beautiful pieces of content and copies.

Now, the tool does both these things with some amazing set of features. So, let’s see all the features you get with CrawlQ AI.

Search Discover

For finding your buyer personas, you need to know your target audience and what exactly it’s looking for. The search discovers feature in CrawlQ AI does just that. The feature is basically a part of the Market Research solution of the tool. It helps you get the exact insights you need for creating the most relatable, compelling, and exciting content for your audience.

Within minutes, the tool can find the relevant market niches and sub-niches that will be most relatable for creating a story to deliver to your target audience. Not only that, but the CrawlQ AI tool will also study the search intent of your target audience and leverage it to optimize the content when the time comes to create the same. 

With all of this, you get everything in your hands to move to the process of content creation, and automation with the other CrawlQ AI features described hereinbelow.

Heading Generation

Finding the perfect heading that would compel the audience to click and read further is a difficult job to do. Not with CrawlQ AI, though.

CrawlQ AI is perfect for creating the most interesting, relatable, and clickable headings for your content. From the very title for your blog or article to the subheadings, the heading generation feature of the tool has got you all covered.

CTA Buttons Creation

Your CTA buttons need to go beyond generic terms like “Buy Now” or “Visit Now.” They need to be more compelling and attractive. They must be convincing enough to make the prospective buyers click and enter into a transaction.

Now, if your creative chords are not working to create those compelling, appealing, and convincing texts for your CTA buttons, you have CrawlQ AI to your rescue. The CrawlQ AI tool knows what your target audience is like, and with that idea, it will create a text for CTA buttons that’s more likely to be clicked.

Content Creation

This is the specialization area of the tool. The market research and other insights that the tool gathers with its Search Discover feature create a fantastic article that your audience will love to read and act upon.

Not only can you use the tool for writing, but it’s equally suitable for optimization as well. With the right insights into the latest market trends, the CrawlQ AI is just perfect for meeting all your creation and optimization needs.

It’s not at all like the other writing tools that just help your writer block and put content in your document. CrawlQ AI goes beyond that to create an optimized piece to boost conversion rates and investment return.

Check out the content optimization tool here.

Content Rewriter

More often than not, you’re faced with the need to rewrite your content. You may not find the first copy as compelling or attractive, might need to make some tweaks and edits, or it can be any other thing, but whatever it is, rewriting content is not as easy as it seems.

You need to put in a lot of time and effort for rewriting even the most minor pieces of content. CrawlQ AI Content Rewriter makes everything easier for you by editing and rewriting your copies and contents within minutes.

Content Enhancer

Sometimes, you need to make your content more compelling and attractive by making minor tweaks. However, while you might know that your article needs enhancements, you might be facing a tough time finding the exact places where you need to make those changes.

The Content Enhancer feature of CrawlQ AI helps ease things out for you. It automatically makes all the tweaks and enhancements your content and copies need to look better and more enjoyable.

With all these features, CrawlQ AI goes a great deal in helping you meet your end-to-end content creation needs. Moreover, the way it’s designed, you can be sure about the grammar and uniqueness of the content. CrawlQ AI creates unique, unplagiarized articles perfect in every sense, including grammar. So, you don’t ever have to worry about the quality. With that, it’s a must-try tool for you, which brings you down to asking how much will it cost. So, let’s get to that.

CrawlQ AI Pricing

CrawlQ AI comes with multiple pricing plans that you can choose from. First, you can get a free trial of 7days which offers the entry-level plan features. After 7-days, you can choose to continue with the entry-level plan at the cost of $39 per month or choose another higher plan based on your specific business needs and requirements.

CrawlQ AI Review 2023 - Is this worth your money? 1

Not only do you get multiple fixed-price plan options, but you can even have a customized plan as per your specific needs and requirements. Additionally, you’ll never be tied to the tool in any manner, as you can cancel your plans anytime.

Moreover, you can even start your free trial without giving your card details. With all this, entering and exiting the CrawlQ AI is easy. However, once you use it, there’s hardly any chance you would want an exit.

Who is CrawlQ AI For?

As mentioned, CrawlQ AI goes a lot beyond being just an AI-based writing tool. It creates content based on thorough market research. As such, it can help any person who’s looking to make sales based on market data and analytics trends and leverage the same for content creation and reports.

To put it short, CrawlQ AI is for everyone, right from creators to agencies, owners, market-researchers, product design engineers, CMOs, CTOs, and every other person working at that level.

With that vast user base, one would definitely want to know what exactly it does. Let’s unravel that in the next part of this review.

Concluding CrawlQ AI Review 2023

CrawlQ AI has been upsurging the digital marketing industry, and in today’s time, content needs to be based on relevant market trends and customer needs and requirements. CrawlQ AI is the perfect tool to help you with this exact purpose.

I hope this review has helped you understand the tool, and you’re all set to up your content creation game.

Happy Writing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrawlQ AI?

crawl is a cutting-edge, AI-powered market research tool and content creation that creates tailored, targeted copy to increase conversions.

How much does CrawlQ cost?

CrawlQ has a starting price of $79.

Does CrawlQ offer a free trial?

Yes, the users can enjoy 7 days free trial before they enter into the paid plans of CrawlQ. 

CrawlQ AI Review 2023 - Is this worth your money?
CrawlQ AI Review 2023 - Is this worth your money? 2

Wondering if CrawlQ AI is worth your money? Find out in this comprehensive CrawlQ AI Review covering CrawlQ's features, customer service, and pricing.

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