How Many Discord Users Are There? Discord Users Statistics 2023

Discord is a well-known chat application. We've also seen how it may be pretty beneficial to creators. Discord allows creators to transform their fans into a community.

Discord has around 350 million registered users and over 150 million active users worldwide. Although Discord began as a tool for gamers to speak while playing, it has grown in popularity, especially after Covid lockdowns.

Let us indulge in knowing more about Discord and its user statistics.

Discord Users Statistics

Discord has 150 Million Monthly Users. 

Discord has now developed to 350 million enlisted users, of whom 150 million month to month is dynamic users. You would now be able to run it on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPad, Linux, and internet browsers. 

The main development came in 2020, when it developed from 56 million month-to-month users to 100 million, with a further half expansion in 2021. Obviously, Covid has given individuals considerably more time at home to talk on Discord servers. 

Discord has seen a substantial expansion in enrolled users in the most recent years. In May 2017 and 2018, it had 45 million users and 130 million users, respectively. The same goes for May 2019, June 2020, and June 2021, whereas the count goes about 250 million, 300 million, and 350 million, respectively. 

Discord Users Sent More Than 850 Million Messages every Day in 2018 

In December 2020, Discord had 250 million enrolled users, and the stage declared that its users sent more than 963 million messages per day. This implied individuals sent 25 billion messages each month across Discord's web and versatile stages. While we don't have any later details than these, the number of messages sent would have risen extensively from that point forward. 

4 Billion Server Conversation Minutes Daily 

We might not have ongoing details regarding the number of messages sent, yet Discord has given us current measurements regarding the time length of discussions. Every day Discord users normally have 4 billion server discussion minutes. 

10.6 Million Peak Active Users 

Information identifying with simultaneous use isn't quite as exceptional as broad use information. Be that as it may, in mid-2020, Discord's pinnacle simultaneous users finished out at 10.6 million. This number is, without a doubt, higher at this point because of the impacts of Covid-upheld lockdowns. 

19 Million Active Servers on Discord 

Dissension's idea of having a different server for each gathering has become so well known that there are currently 19 million dynamic servers each week on the stage. Disagreement's increment in fame guarantees it contends with other prominent interchanges applications, like Microsoft Teams and Google Chat (previously Hangouts), just as its drawn-out rivals Skype and TeamSpeak. 

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An Average US Discord User Spends 280.6 Minutes a Month 

Conflict users can invest a lot of energy visiting on the stage. The Wall Street Journal reports that the normal Discord user goes through 280.6 minutes of the month on the stage in the US. That is almost 5 hours of the month or 9 minutes each day. 

12. 3% of Teens Rank Discord as Their Favorite Social Media Platform 

While you might battle to see Discord as a web-based media stage, it, in fact, meets that definition. For 3% of US youngsters in Fall 2020, it was their beloved social stage. While this is well behind prevailing high schooler stages, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, Discord is comparably famous with adolescents as Twitter. The sky is the limit from there, so than Facebook.

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Discord Employee Stats

The average Compensation for Discord Employees is $131,679 

As indicated by figures dictated by Comparably, the normal remuneration for Discord workers is $131,679 or $63 each hour. This is lower than the middle pay of $152,902 or $73 each hour. The most generously compensated occupation is a General Counsel at $305,359 every year, and the least is an Admin Assistant at $45,659 yearly. 

On the off chance that you split pay up by the office, normal Discord compensations are Finance at $94,657, IT at $127,391, Customer Support at $77,728, and Design at $105,609. 

200,000 People Joined the fourth Annual Discord Snowsgiving Celebration 

December is Snowsgiving time on Discord. It's the season where the Discord people group from all compasses of the planet meet up in a solitary server through the occasion soul. You can make new companions inside the Snowsgiving waiter, take part in countless challenges and giveaways, and offer back by supporting a beneficent association. 

December 2020 saw the fourth Annual Discord Snowsgiving Celebration. This brought about 200,000 individuals to join the server. They raised more than $200,000 for Doctors Without Borders and incorporated seven days in length computerized live concert highlighting visitors like Kaskade, TOKiMONSTA, Nova Miller, and DJ Snoopadelic (also known as Snoop Dogg).

Discord Revenue Statistics

Discord Has Raised $482.6 Million in Funding 

Various sources differ on the specific degree of financing that Discord has gotten, but as per Crunchbase, Discord had gotten a complete subsidizing of $482.6 million as of February 2021. This cash came from 12 financings adjusts, with $3.3 million coming most as of late from an auxiliary market round on Feb 1, 2021. The lead financial backer on that event was Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

Discord Valued at $7 Billion of every 2020 But Predicted to be worth $15 Billion Now 

One of Discord's 2020 financing adjusts was esteemed at $7 billion. In any case, in acknowledgment of its expansion in prominence from that point forward, this will change fundamentally. In August 2021, Bloomberg announced that Dragoneer Investment Group was relied upon to lead a venture that would esteem Discord at around $15 billion, as indicated by individuals acquainted with the matter. 

Discord Has Acquired 3 Organizations 

Discord has obtained three organizations in the most recent couple of years. It bought Blitz App in November 2018, Ubiquity6 in June 2021, and Sentropy in July 2021. Barrage App is an individual gaming mentor for League of Legends, Valorant, CSGO, Fortnite, and the sky is the limit from there—controlled by AI. 

Discord has Turned Down an Offer of basically $12 Million 

Discord perceives its latent capacity. Its supervisory group and proprietors aren't in a rush to sell. The organization, as of late, rejected purchaser interest from Microsoft Corp., which allegedly would have paid essentially $12 billion for it. Evidently, they have additionally had conversations with Epic Games Inc. also, Inc 

Discord Earned $130 Million Revenue in 2020 

While Discord has now and again battled to track down an unmistakable adaptation model, it has, in any case, brought in cash. The designers presented Discord Nitro in January 2017, where for a month-to-month membership charge of $4.99, users acquired different benefits over non-paying Discord individuals. They renamed that bundle “Dissension Nitro Classic” in October 2018 and acquired an improved “Discord Nitro” costing $9.99/month. In June 2019, Discord presented Server Boosts, which added extra elements to a server for a $4.99/month charge. All the more, as of late, Discord has tested charging for advanced stickers. 

Because of these changes, Discord supposedly acquired $130 million in income in 2020, up 188% on the earlier year's $45 million.

Final Takeaway

Though you do not know more about Discord and its users, the blog might have helped you understand that the community is huge enough to start your promotion. Get started now.