5 Best Disqus Alternatives (Free + Premium) 2022 – Which Is Best For You?

Disqus Alternatives

Though Disqus provides premium features like spam block, emoji reactions, social login, nested replies, and many more. There are certain problematic things about Disqus that have caused people to shift to other alternatives. 

This post discusses the list of best alternatives to Disqus comments for your faster yet affordable sites.

The Best Disqus Alternatives Are

1. Thrive Comments

In my view, I would recommend Thrive Comments, a WordPress plugin, as the overall best Disqus alternative. It is a part of Thrive Themes. When installed, it takes the WordPress commenting system’s place and offers much more functionality than the actual WordPress comments could ever provide to its users.

Thrive Comments Subscribe

Thrive Comments aims to increase engagement in the comment section, encouraging more readers to comment on the content. The significant difference between Disqus and Thrive Comments lies in the authority of comments. 

Why Thrive Comments?

In Disqus, all the comments will only be on the Disqus portal, and you need to manually move your comments back to your WordPress dashboard. On the other hand, Thrive Comments fully integrate with WordPress; you have full freedom to perform all the activities you want on your WordPress dashboard.

Thrive Comments enables visitors to share their comments on social media. First-time commentators will get a special “welcome to the community message,” which will further make them your loyal commenters. 

You can also sort your comments into categories like new comments, comments left to reply, comments per post, etc., and leave a valuable message still not available in Disqus. 

Over time, you get extensive reports on your visitor activities and statistics on your active commenters. You can get 600+ comments on a single post and incorporate comment moderation to sort your comments. 

You can also assign comments so your team can automatically reply to that comment and link keywords for accurate results. Other features included are one-click delegation and automatic resource links. 

You can also assign user badges to encourage e interactions and add upvotes or downvotes to understand user reactions. You can also display featured comments and allow users to comment from linked social media accounts. 

Auto-generate visitor data include different CTA for your first-time commenters and the option of lazy loads. The pricing starts at $39/month for one site. 

Thrive Comments has a yearly payment plan, whereas Disqus only offers a monthly plan along with a free plan. But the free one comes at the cost of a lot of advertising, which will only lose you commenters rather than encouraging them to do it.

2. Hyvor Talk

Hyvor Talk is a lightweight Disqus alternative plugin. It takes care of its comment area and has easy installation attributes. It can be used on any CMS and enables you to customize your Hyvor portal fully.

Hyvor Talk

You will not find ads or tracking code in Hyvor talks and the plugin also complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). On the other hand, the free version of Disqus is filled with ads, and neither has any rules to safeguard end-user privacy.

Why Hyvor Talk?

Using Disqus affects your website’s loading speed and slows it down, whereas Hyvor Talk works at lightning speed, causing a minimal effect on your site. It allows full customization of your comment box. 

You can add multiple colors and reactions to your comment area to improve engagement, which is not available in Disqus. Other features included are a single sign-on, importing or comments from your Wordpress site, export comments in JSON format with a click, email notifications, pre-moderation, and supports multiple languages emojis, voting, mentioning, images, etc. 

If you are looking at the most affordable and efficient Disqus alternative, you can go for Hyvor Talk that starts at free and a paid version starting at $5/month. 

3. wpDiscuz

The next affordable Disqus Alternative is wpDiscuz. wpDiscuz is a top-rated, AJAX-powered, superfast comment plugin with the most advanced features. It offers multiple layout options to give your site an elegant and professional look.


Why wpDiscuz?

One of the prominent features wpDiscuz offers is Inline commenting; users can write their views or ask questions between the lines. This feature is missing in most of the comment plugins, including Disqus.

The reader can also rate the blog and the comments they like on the post. wpDiscuz gives live notification of the reply or rating made on the viewer’s analysis. It offers complete statistics of the statements made on its dashboard. 

You can see your website’s engagement increment or decrement through the portal. The plugin is GDPR compliant and protects your commenter’s data privacy. It offers spam protection by enabling reCAPTCHA while commenting.

wpDiscuz offers more than hundreds of features for free. But, it also has many paid add-ons that you can install for your website.

4. Commento

The next WordPress Disqus alternative, Commento, is among the most popular comment plugins. Its primary purpose is to provide an additional free comment section and safeguard the privacy of the commenter.


It is not a direct plugin; you have to embed the code in your WordPress HTML to use it smoothly. Commento can be used in platforms like WordPress, Wix, Bloggers, and Ghost. 

Why Commento?

Commento offers regular features like pinning the comment, upvotes, downvotes, spam detection, and nested replies. You can easily import data from Disqus by following just a few steps. It is very lightweight compared to Disqus and will not make your website slow. 

The commenter will also receive an email notification in case of any response to its message. They can quickly leave their message without signing up. 

It provides these services at just $10 per month, making them very affordable. And, if you are still confused, go for the 30 days trial in which you don’t even have to register your credit card.

5. ReplyBox

Next is the privacy-rich Disqus alternative, ReplyBox. It is a lightweight comment system. It does not allow ads, tracking, or affiliate links on the comment box. This can be used in WordPress, and it takes care of the privacy of its commenters.


Why ReplyBox?

ReplyBox works on code; you have to add the HTML snippet to your WordPress code. It blocks spam from the comments and can create comment threads using a reply box. The commenter can subscribe to get emails on every comment or reply made on the post. 

You can approve new comments manually on the reply box portal for instant moderation, add links, quotes, code blocks, and lists, and emojis as well. ReplyBox supports natural discussion with nested comments, email notifications, social logins, custom CSS, webhooks. 

Many new features are about to launch, like emoji reactions, design opinions, and pining comments. ReplyBox is affordable than Disqus, starting at just $6 per month.

Why do you need Disqus Alternative?

  1. Sells private information: One of Disqus’ most bothering things is selling personal information like names and email ids of commenters to 3rd parties, which is just not acceptable.
  2. Shows add: The free version of Disqus shows a lot of ads. This decreases engagement and reduces loyal commenters of the website.
  3. Not customizable: Disqus is a very rigid plugin and does not offer any customization. So, you have to adjust to the design pattern shown by Disqus rather than customizing it yourself.

When to Choose Disqus?

  1. Very affordable: Disqus is majorly chosen by people mostly because of its free plan. If you are looking only at the pricing, you can go for wpDiscuz because it also offers an open comment system.
  2.  Integrates with WordPress: The installation process of WordPress is straightforward and does not require any technical knowledge. You can incorporate Disqus not only with WordPress but also with Blogger, Tumblr, and Drupal.
  3. Advanced features: Disqus offers all the features you would require, but it now needs to update itself. The alternatives discussed above offer many more premium services than Disqus.

When Not to Choose Disqus?

  1. Quality vs. price: If you want to give your website’s visitors a quality comment box that encourages them to comment below, then Disqus might not be a great choice. Disqus is affordable, but it neither safeguard its commenter’s private information nor provides an add free comment system.
  2. Fast loading page: Disqus is heavier than most of the comment plugins present in the market. The heavier the plugin is, the slower it will make your website, and you will not want this to happen to your site.
  3. Difficulty in commenting: Ease of commenting is essential, but with Disqus the commenter has to first register itself with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any WordPress plugin, which can discourage some of the visitors to comment below.

Which Is The Right Disqus Alternative For You?

In my opinion, I would recommend Thrive Comments as the overall best Disqus Alternative. If you wish to choose the affordable Disqus alternative, go for wpDisuz. When looking for the suitable Disqus alternative best for CMS, select Hyvor Talk.

These were some of the most efficient Disqus alternatives, but your choice should depend on the type of comment box you want to see on your website.