Divi 4.0 Review (Theme Builder Review): My Initial Impressions

This is the very first copy of our Divi Theme Builder Review and I will constantly update with the latest happenings with Divi 4.0 here. Its been a long back promise from Elegant Themes to offer a complete WordPress theme builder and now it has arrived.

Now, we can't simply say, Divi is a landing page builder, it's more than that and possibly a future of how you folks are going to build sites and let's dive into Divi 4.0 Review.

Divi Theme Builder Review

What is Divi Theme Builder (Divi 4.0)?

Divi Theme Builder is the fully-featured website templating system to build a complete WordPress website right from header to footer with a common design language which you can save and use for creating several pages with the help of global elements options in Divi 4.0

How much time you felt weird looking at your own time where the homepage is designed using theme elements while your sale landing page was designed using page builder plugins.

How hard you try, you can make a 100% match between a page builder and theme design together. Well, there are several times it happened to me and here is what Divi 4.0 brought you to overcome such design awkwardness.

Divi Theme Builder Review

Global Design Language

You will get complete control over your design. Make it for one time, repeat the same for multiple pages just by cloning the design and give viewers the trust, they're visiting the same time, not some external pages.

Here is the below screenshot where the buttons are made into global elements where once you made a CTA button, it can be used anywhere with a single click.

Fine Tuned Control

Saved a global element and you don't want to show on some pages? No codes needed, just the Divi 4.0 editor takes care and you can display elements only when needed thus makes a complete over your pages.

Custom Headers and Footers

Divi Makes it so easy front end to edit headers and footers

The major issue with page builders is headers and footers. The theme and page builder never aligned when it comes to visual design and here you can manage custom headers and footer very easily. With pre templated designs, you don't even need to make any moves with CSS to design things as Divi Theme Builder takes care of everything.

Here are some of the samples you can find amusing.

Check Different Demo Here

WooCommerce Integration

There is no better theme builder than Divi to make things interesting. See how cool the below WooCommerce theme where you can edit 100% of elements present over there.

To make things better, Divi 4.0 also comes with WooCommerce modules which can make your theme 100% customizable helps you to put your CTA button anyplace as you found the better place using heatmaps

Dynamic Content

The dynamic content is one of the interesting things is you can pull any of the content and use it anywhere on the site just by choosing those elements. This dynamic content is highly useful for displaying product-related coupons and deals when you write about the product for multiple pages.

Visual Treat to Edit Blogpost

The best thing that happened with Divi Theme Builder 4.0 is the visual blogpost edit options. Just look at the below image where editing to make a visual treat for visitors.

Adjust width & height, choose what to display, show/hide metadata.

What's Next on Divi 4.0 Theme Builder?

While I started using, as usual, faced few bugs which happen since its the first launch and the support team already promised to have multiple updates this week itself.

While my above Divi Theme Builder Review comes with just screenshot of individual elements, I pulled off a few complete sites where you can get the complete of this theme builder works out

If you're planning to get an account, make sure to check for Divi Discount Code where I posted some latest coupons that can bring you massive launch deals.

Click on the below image to view larger or click on the above link to check demo from Elegant Themes.

Once our team complete the development of new theme, I will further update this Divi 4.0 Review with tutorials.

About the Author: Mohan Raj

Professional Cloud Consultant and a passionate blogger. Currently, building our first SaaS product for marketers.

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