Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story 2023?

“Will Instagram Alert Others When You Screenshot a Story?. Absolutely not! Instagram does not send notifications when you capture a screenshot of someone's story.”

“Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?” is the hottest topic every Instagram user wants to know the answer to.  

And so, we decided to disclose the answer today through this article.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story?

“Will Instagram Alert Others When You Screenshot a Story?. Absolutely not! Instagram does not send notifications when you capture a screenshot of someone's story.”

Likewise, Instagram does not notify people when you screenshot other Instagram content like their profile, followers list, and photos.  

No msg has been sented

Instagram notifies people only when you screenshot their disappearing photos and videos shared through direct messages (DM).  

However, do you remember that Instagram in 2018 released an update that notifies users if their stories are taken screenshots? But don't panic. The update was taken back even after a few months. 

Hence, it is evident that Instagram can also introduce such a feature to notify people about screenshots of their stories. We may expect this in future updates.

Why Do You Want To Screenshot An Instagram Story Or Photo? 

You would like to screenshot Instagram story, reel, or photo to watch it later, share it with your friends, or for future reference. 

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story 2023? 1

Most importantly, Instagram users wish to screenshot an Instagram reel or a photo rather than bookmarking it because they can view it offline without needing an internet connection. 

Similarly, taking a screenshot is quicker and simpler than bookmarking a photo.  

To be frank, taking an Instagram screenshot of a photo, a story, an IG reel, or user profile screenshots is common nowadays.  

But on a personal note, help other people enjoy their privacy on the social media platform. Also, sharing a story screenshot or a related post of others without getting their permission is awkward.  

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenrecord A Story?

Instagram does not notify or alert a person when you screen record an IG story, photo, profile description, followers list of others, or an Instagram highlight.  

In short, screen recording stories, followers lists, or any content on someone's Instagram story highlights is similar to screenshotting since it does not inform them that you have screen-recorded anything.  

How Do You Screenshot Disappearing Messages On Instagram Without Notifying The Sender?

Though it is not possible to screenshot an Instagram DM sent as a disappearing message without notifying the sender, we are going to help you with three tricks. However, we strictly advise Instagram followers not to use these methods for illegal activities.  

Right, let us dig in deeply. 

1. Screenshot Using Your Web Version

Navigate to your web browser

Open the Browser

Open Instagram website 

Go to instagram web page

Log in to your Instagram profile 

Enter username and password and click login

Open the disappearing photo in the direct message or video you want to screenshot.

Click the photo to view

Screenshot it now

Take the screen shot

That's all; the sender on Instagram won't be notified! 

2. Screenshot In Offline 

It is just a simple trick to escape from the screenshot notification, but it works pretty well. 

Go to your Instagram account on your phone

Open Instagram

Open a video or photo of others that you want to take a screenshot of.

select the image

Next, put your phone in “Airplane mode.”

Put your phone aeroplane mode

Then, take a screenshot.

Screen shot taken

We mean this because Instagram needs an active internet connection to track your activities. So, if you are offline, Instagram will not be able to find that you took a screenshot and will not notify others. 

3. Take A Snap 

If you have any other device nearby, for example, consider you have another mobile phone or tablet (might be your friend's or family member's).  

Open the photo or video that you want a screenshot on your phone and use the other phone to capture a snap of the disappearing photo.  

How To Save An Instagram Post Instead Of Taking A Screenshot?

You can save an Instagram post with multiple photos that you like by simply bookmarking it.  

Yes, you heard it right. Instagram allows you to bookmark photos, posts, and videos you liked if you want to access them later. 

But how do you bookmark a post on your Instagram mobile app? 

Navigate to your Instagram app on the phone.

Instagram feed page

On your insta feed page, select the post or reel you want to save and click on the three dots icon at the bottom right corner.

Click three dot

Click on the Save icon.

Click save

Now, the post will be saved in your “Saved” folder. 

You can see the reels you saved

You can view this post later by,  

Click on your profile picture icon at the bottom right corner.

Click your profile

Then click the hamburger icon (a three-horizontal line icon) at the top right corner.

Click Hamburger icon

Select “Saved” from the list of options.

Click on saved

Here, you can access all your saved videos, photos, and so on as a collection. 

You can see the reels you saved

Drawbacks Of Saving An Instagram Post

However, to be honest, there are some key differences and limitations when you bookmark an Instagram post rather than taking a screenshot.  

Some of them are;  

You need an active internet connection to view the Instagram posts in the “Saved” folder, which is stored in the mobile app. At the same time, you don't need an internet connection to view screenshots, as it is stored on your device. 

Furthermore, if you share a saved post with your friends, they can view it only if they have an Instagram app installed on their device. But with a screenshot of an Instagram post, you can share it even on other social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook and for your friends who are not even on the Instagram social media app.   

Most importantly, when you take a screenshot of an Instagram story or post, you don't need to worry about the original post being live or deleted by the owner. 

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