FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended)

The most awaited FastComet Cyber Monday (Black Friday Extended) Deals are live for 2018 and the exact Black Friday discounts can be found below

Complete FastComet Cyber Monday 2018 Deals Info



Valid Till

1. FastComet Shared Hosting Deal


26, Nov 2018

2. FastComet VPS Hosting Deal


26, Nov 2018

3. FastComet Dedicated Server Deal


26, Nov 2018

FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 1
FastComet Black Friday

What's In FastComet Cyber Monday Black Friday 2018 Deals?

Every company comes up with its own Black Friday Deal and here I explain why you need to get an account especially with FastComet.

Bloggingio is hosted on FastComet for last few years and I never looked back, they never gave me a reason to move out. 

I started with a single FastComet account and now holding three separate accounts hosting more sites of mine.


FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 2

So, with an 45 days money back guarantee, I recommend you to try FastComet along with these awesome Black Friday deals.

FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 1

Through this FastComet Black Friday Deals, you can enjoy maximum benefits on shared hosting and Cloud VPS hosting.

What’s So Special about FastComet?

FastComet has a leading edge over the other hosting providers and that's why I love them and recommend the same to my visitors.

1. Fast Loading Sites:

Thanks to SSD, HTTP/2, NGNIX and five layers of caching mechanism, FastComet sites loads faster than most of its competitors. All the accounts comes preconfigured with all optimization techniques, so you just need to load your contents to enjoy faster load times.

If you're from India or other Asian countries, get an Singapore data center location during your Black Friday purchases, since they tend to offer fast loading sites to Indian visitors.

FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 4

Site gets loading in 0.144secs i.e 144 milliseconds (loads in less than a second)

FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 1

2. Free Daily & Weekly Backups

Every hosting company upsells backups as addon and charges you extra. FastComet offers free daily & weekly backups upto 30 days and why not you can even restore your site for free of cost.

If you check my FastComet comparison with HostGator, you can see HostGator charges around $2 for daily backups and few companies does free backups but charges while restoring the sites.

FastComet does a quite brilliant job in offering free daily, and weekly backups. There is also no charges involved in

FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 6

My backups are stored in remote locations and likewise you can get access to last 30 days backup copies.

3. 24/7/365 The Perfect Customer Support People

How do I mean, Perfect? Take a look at this image. Whatever may be the issues, you can reach the concern department directly where the staffs are well trained on those technology.

FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 7

Your ticket reach right person at right time. So your tickets will be solved on time and the average response time is below 10 minutes.

You got the fast loading sites, powered by daily backups and supported by awesome customer support folks, that's why I recommend you the FastComet Black Friday Deals to enjoy hassle free hosting experience.

This is not the end. FastComet offers much more things which you can resist.

4. Same Renewal Price Forever

Bought a hosting account for $3.95/mo? You can enjoy the same pricing for your lifetime. I bet FastComet is the only company to offer same renewal price for lifetime.

You can take a look at other companies & its renewal pricing

  • HostGator - $5.95/month - $8.95/mo (renewals)
  • BlueHost - $4.95/month - $8.99 (renewals)
  • GoDaddy - $2.42/month - $7.99/mo (renewals)
  • FastComet - $3.95/month - $3.95/mo (renewals)

Now you can understand, why I ask you to go with FastComet, right?

FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 1

5. Free Domain Forever

Another FastComet exclusive. Host your website with them, they will renew your domains for free cost, till you have an account with them. Say you hold the account for 10 years, FastComet renews your domain for those ten years for free of cost which usually costs $13.95/year on GoDaddy.

FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 9

6. Eight Datacenter locations

Every top hosting companies like HostGator, BlueHost, DreamHost, InMotion Hosting, GoDaddy etc comes with less than 3 datacenter locations while FastComet comes with seven datacenter locations across three continents USA, EU and Asia pacific.

Recently, FastComet did a survey and asked members to choose a datacenter location which will be there eight datacenter location and soon it will be live.


While most companies limits SSH access, charges extra for CDN services, FastComet offers everything for free of cost. There is no upsells on any of their products, once you get an account, you can deploy a full fledged site in few minutes.

There are extensive tutorials on how to use CDN, activate SSL for free, so you don't even need to contact support to do these stuffs. FastComet Black Friday Offers available on web hosting and cloud VPS hosting plans.

What else you would like to have from a hosting company? FastComet comes like an all in one hosting solutions with no up sells like security,backups etc. 

Now you can understand, why I staying on FastComet. If I would have stayed out, I paid higher renewal charges, no free SSLs, poor customer support, poor uptime & load time etc. I saved a lot of money since the day I started using FastComet.

How To Claim FastComet Deal?

The FastComet promo starts on November and ends on of November. Perhaps, this is a huge opportunity to have a real powerful hosting and you can’t afford to miss this one. Here is how you can avail the offer:

  • Click Here to visit the FastComet Black Friday sale page
  • Select the plan of your choice
  • After you reach the checkout page, pay via CC/ PayPal
  • Offer is valid on November, 2018
FastComet Cyber Monday Sale 2018 (Black Friday Extended) 1

If you're moving from somewhere else?

Get an account during this FastComet Cyber Monday Black Friday & enjoy free site transfer with zero downtime and your site will load faster with FastComet once the transfer is complete.

Also, you can transfer your domain & enjoy free domain hosting for lifetime.

Click Here to access all other Black Friday Hosting Deals 

Concluding ~ 

This is one of the best deal you can enjoy during this year. Though you can see many companies offering 85% OFF, the renewal charges hurts you and moreover such companies fails to satisfy the need of customers.

On the other hand, FastComet a fine tuned new age hosting company offers everything your old hosting company failed to provide.

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