FastComet Review (Mar. 2018) – The Perfect Hosting Company?

FastComet Review.

How do you feel, when your hosting company gives you the best managed hosting experience and you keep on making passive money every day?

I'm talking about FastComet, the best web hosting I ever used, and I can proudly recommend them, not just by words but from my experience of using them for the past 18 months.

If reading texts in not your cup of coffee, you can directly visit official website to know more about them.


FastComet Review

Youfind this name FastCometnew and never heard off, (they have grown a lot in the past three years) and now, I hold three separate accounts hosting multiple sites of mine.

Fastcomet review: The growth

Credits: Google Trends (2013-17)

I hold three separate accounts.

There are tons of reasons why I recommend them as the best alternatives to top hosting companies and through this FastComet review, I shared my insights about the company.

Pros of FastComet Hosting

#1 Google & Humans love fast loading sites

You might know Google ranks the website based on Page speed, and so hosting plays a significant role in your SERP ranking.

People tell you, website speed can be improved by optimizing images and by using caching plugins.

But what's the use of it?

Every website uses Smush it and W3 total cache plugin. So how to make your website even faster?

One optimal solution is to use SSD Hard drives in hosting servers. SSD drives have the tendency to improve website speed by more than 300%.

The screenshot is taken just a few days back, and you can see my site loading up with just 144ms in the USA.

You might think, is SSD drives a big thing to write at the beginning of this Fastcomet review? Actually, this content was first wrote on 2015 where most companies never started offering SSD hosting and FastComet was the first of few companies to do so.

Last Feb 2017, I moved one of my site to FastComet from an renowned web hosting company and luckily, I captured the loading time of the site and have a look into it.

I also added March 2017 uptime where the site's loads on an average of 347ms every month.

To continue further, I want to let you know that the speed is achieved on Speedup plan. The plan offers more resources like RAM & CPU cores, and also reduces the number of sites hosted per server.

Let's have a look into the server resources of each plan. Higher the plan, higher the resources. If you're looking for the fastest web hosting plan, you can choose Speedup plan else you can choose ScaleRight plan which gives you the balanced CPU cores and RAM where you can host unlimited websites.

#2 Most Advanced Caching Mechanism

Most of hosting provider use three-layer caching mechanism while FastComet comes with five layer caching mechanism. The Five layer Caching Mechanism includes

  • 1. VARNISH caching
  • 3. apc/oPcache
  • 5. memcached

Varnish cache is the superior caching technology which improves your Time to First Byte (TTFB) to a greater extent 10x thus delivering the fast loading websites.

You just need to Turn ON to enable Varnish cache.

FastComet Review October 2017 Update: The company started supporting HTTP/2 . It is responsible for reducing latency which interms increases loading speed further. The HTTP/2 is enabled by default on StartSmart and ScaleRight plan.

#3 Improves your Site SEO

Wondering how it improves your site SEO?

Fastcomet has a good policy which is ignored by most web hosts. They don't allow Websites which has child porn, spam and scam sites to get hosted on their servers. Check this

First, know how shared web hosting works.

It's a single server where hundreds of websites hosted on the same IP. Let's look at this condition.

If a server contains 200 sites and 100 of them are related to porn, gambling, viruses, etc. as mentioned above, then its not good to host your websites on such company which might leads to a penalty from Google.

So what if your hosting company doesn't allow such sites, and you never need to worry about your sites.

#4 Same Renewal Price

You can renew all your services at the same prices you signed up. For example, if you got a single website plan for $3.95/month, you can renew with the same price for lifetime.

How awesome, is it?

Can you name a hosting company offering same renewal price? It's highly impossible because most companies charges 5x during renewal and that's why I recommend this hosting.

#5 Free Backup & Monitoring

JetBackUp is the company which provides Cpanel based Backup tools which usually costs around $3.95 per month for a single domain but comes free of cost with all hosting plans from Fastcomet.

This is how the JetBackup looks in cpanel.

You can take full account, File, DNS Zone, Email accounts, Cron jobs, SSL Cert and Database backups.

Suppose anything gets messy, you can always restore from a point-in-time recovery snapshot, completely free of charge.

#6 Proactive Security Monitoring

They will do a regular audit on their servers to protect sites from virus scan and malware.That's what tech people say as Proactive monitoring.

Their Web Application Firewall stops attacks at the network edge, protecting your site from common web threats and stops attacks before they even reach your website.

In this Fastcomet review, I'm writing about new security updates below.

May 2017 Update: FastComet made an partnership with BitNinja to offer better security for its servers. BitNinja is know for its all in one security solutions defending websites by incorporating machine language to prevent attacks.

#7 Seven  Eight Data center Locations

While writing this FastComet review, the company provides service from eight data centers across the globe. They are

  1. Chicago, US North
  2. Dallas, US Central
  3. Newark,NJ
  4. London, UK Europe
  5. Frankfurt, Germany, Europe
  6. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
  7. Singapore, Asia-Pacific
  8. Tokyo, Japan, Asia

FastComet offers the most data center locations when compared to competitors. 

#8 Observer Monitoring

How many times did you felt frustrated when your site goes down? Shared hosting is all about sharing resources and when some website takes more resources, it affects other websites on the same server.

To avoid unnecessary contradictions, FastComet introduced Observer Monitoring system where you can track your sites resource usage on your own, so you can actually understand whether your sites outgrown shared hosting environment or other sites affecting your sites performance.

#9 Free Domain Hosting for Life

If you host with them for life, then they will host your domain for life for absolutely free of cost (No first year free, second year $15 blah blahs).

Even if you host with them for ten years, they'll renew your domain for free of cost. Another stunning offer from this company.

#10 Customer Support

Hands down. The best customer support folks works at FastComet. Each employee undergoes three month extensive training on core technologies before handling support tickets.

You can see from the below image, if you have problem on SSL installations, you can reach the right person by clicking on SSL installation/setup without wasting a single second.

They have a rocket-fast support team which takes 10 minutes or less response time for all ticket inquiries.

This is the last ticket I raised at 8:04 and got a reply with solution at 8:08​

Apart from it, you can use website transfer by which you can move your site from your old host for completely free of cost.

 #11 FastComet Uptime

I never added uptime results in this FastComet review, since most of the time it's 99.99%.

However, few visitors asked about the uptime of their servers. Check out the screenshot which shows 100% uptime of this site. Check out my past two months uptime, and I got 100% and 99.99% in recent times.

You can also check my website loading time which is aggressive fast across the globe.

Note: The server is based in Dallas, so that site loads fastest in nearer location and takes some 1 sec in farthest location and this happens due to the latency.

Let's look into some of the Fastcomet reviews made on social media sites.

People love customer support

The love for speed

Love from Startup companies

Speed + Support = FastComet

Customers recommending FastComet to Strangers

Steps to buy hosting account

Choose your prescribed plan and pay through CC/ PayPal


Host one website


  • Free domain for life
  • Unmetered traffic 

$2.95 / month

Same renewal price


Host Unlimited websites


  • 2X server resources
  • Unmetered traffic

$5.95 / month

Same renewal price


Host Ecom websites


  • Free Globalsign SSL
  • Unmetered traffic

$9.95 / month

Same renewal price

Facts & Features:

  • Full SSD Hosting ( Both files and databases)
  • Free domain name forever
  • Same renewal price
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • InHouse developed five layer caching mechanism.
  • 24/7/365 support ( <10 mins response for tickets)
  • 99.99% uptime ( 100% uptime on Jan,Mar,Apr,Jun)
  • 395ms response time ( 20X Faster than other companies)
  • Free CDN 
  • Free daily and weekly backups
  • Point in time recovery snapshot
  • Spam experts powered Email Hosting for all accounts
  • for proactive website security
  • JetBack, cPanel based backup solution
  • Seven data center location
  • Free Let's encrypt SSL like most companies
  • One step ahead, free Globalsign SSL ( costs $69/year)

Fastcomet Review ~ Verdict

You can choose FastComet web hosting if you need

  • Fast loading sites.
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Advanced security

Any questions regarding this host, please comment below and I am ready to help you.

This FastComet review first appeared on and credits goes to the respective site owner.

FastComet Hosting

FastComet Hosting

SSD Powered Hosting

10.0 /10

Free Domain Forever

10.0 /10

24/7/365 support

10.0 /10

Free CloudFlare CDN

10.0 /10

Free SSL

10.0 /10


  • SSD-only hosting
  • Same renewal price
  • 24/7/365 priority support
  • cPanel powered hosting
  • Free Domain forever


  • Setup charges

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