FastComet Vs SiteGround

FastComet Vs SiteGround 2022

For those who are a little caught up with the dilemma,” FastComet vs SiteGround”, this post will certainly help you break out of it by giving you a perfect recommendation on both the companies and their differences. 

We will walk you through some of the important aspects such as history, plans, speed and uptime, and more of these two companies and this should certainly help you make the right decision.

FastComet Vs SiteGround – Quick Summary

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FastComet entered the industry in 2013 and has emerged as one of the top companies in a short time. What actually gave it such a leading edge over the others is a couple of exclusive features such as domain forever and, same renewal price alongside a very reliable service. However, these features have recently been discontinued. 

As far as the features are concerned, FastComet covers all the important features that one may ever need for a decent web hosting. Most importantly, FastComet is pretty focused on security and it ensures rock-solid security through constant monitoring by experts alongside using technologies like BitNinja Server Security.

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SiteGround started in 2004 and is among those companies that played a major role in making hosting extensively popular among the people. Back when it started, it has largely helped people believe that one can host a website without having to touch a single line of code. 

SiteGround has delivered a reliable service for the past many years. The service has been both user-friendly and advanced. If we consider the features, SiteGround certainly offers the right mix in every sense. If we consider security, SiteGround ensures high levels of security through its Custom Web Application Firewall and AI Anti-bot System.

FastComet Vs SiteGround Pricing

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FastComet offers all the common types of hosting such as Shared, Cloud VPS, and Dedicated Servers. Of course, the lowest plan that one can start with is the shared hosting plan, FastCloud for $2.95 per month.

SiteGround covers important hosting types such as Shared, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Enterprise WordPress Hosting. The lowest plan you can start with is the shared plan, StartUp for $3.95 per month

Take in mind, the SiteGround pricing of $3.95/month is available for 12 months billing too however the $2.95/month with FastComet is available only when you sign up for 36 months.

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However, for both the companies I suggest you to choose the mid-range plan since the lowest plan comes with limited resources and just one site support. As far as the mid-range plan goes, FastComet has FastCloud Plus for a special price of $5.95/mo and a renewal price of $14.95/mo. SiteGround has GrowBig for a special price of $5.95/mo and a renewal price of $19.95/mo.

If we consider the renewal price, FastComet is certainly the clear winner.

FastComet Vs SiteGround – Speed & Uptime

Without a decent speed and uptime, your website will fail drastically no matter how hard you try. Being a customer of both hosting companies, I can say it 100%, both rocks in terms of performance, although SiteGround comes with every possible optimized setup whereas I connected with the FastComet team asking for better optimization.

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As we tested out SiteGround demo site, we found it to have a speed of 344ms and uptime of 99.99%. In the case of our FastComet demo site, we recorded a speed of 286ms and an uptime of 99.98%.

FastComet Vs SiteGround DataCenter

SiteGround has 5 data center locations comprising London (UK), Amsterdam (NL) apart from Singapore (SG), Iowa (US), and Chicago (US). 

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However, FastComet has more data center locations and has 9 data center locations across the US, Europe, and Asia; Chicago (IL-US), Dallas (TX-US), Newark (NJ-US), Frankfurt (DE), Amsterdam (NL), London (UK), Mumbai (IN), Singapore (SG), Tokyo (JP), Toronto (CA) and Sydney (AU)

FastComet vs SiteGround Support

FastComet Support assists the users via Live Chat and Tickets and SiteGround Support offers assistance via Live Chat, Phone, and Tickets. As far as the aspect of service goes, both the companies have been pretty reliable. 

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Tickets are resolved within 15 minutes at the max and the Live Chat is connected in a few seconds. Besides, both the support have the most competent and friendly executives to assist you.

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Needless to say, both companies are pretty reliable but FastComet has a leading edge over SiteGround in some aspects. FastComet renewals are comparatively cheaper than those of SiteGround. It also has more data center locations than SiteGround.

On the other hand, SiteGround is the industry leader in the hosting industry and one of the brilliant companies when it comes to server optimization & streamlined server performance. With the launch of Google data center powered plans, SiteGround became the industry first to offer Managed Google hosting for less than $5/month.  With a bunch of hosting enthusiasts, there is no stopping for SiteGround in the coming days.

Finally, Choose FastComet if you looking for an affordable hosting solution with all in one package. Go for SiteGround when your site needs better server management and optimization for better speed and performance.

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