Fastest WordPress Hosting 2022

These are the Fastest WordPress Hosting for 2022.

In fact, I'm holding an account with all these companies hosting my own sites here.

So, if you are looking to host your sites on fast hosting on the planet, you'll love our WordPress hosting recommendations.

10 Fastest WordPress Hosting Services

  • Liquid Web is the fastest web hosting for WordPress with 100% uptime and  245ms load time.
  • SiteGround is the fastest shared WordPress hosting starts at $3.95/month and recorded 410ms
  • GreenGeeks ranked as the fastest US-based WordPress Hosting with 412ms.
  • Kinsta ranks for the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting with 100% uptime and 281ms load time.
  • The WordPress hosting with the fastest load time is Liquid Web 245ms starts from $19/month.
  • A2 Hosting is the fastest Unlimited WordPress hosting with unlimited NVMe storage and Bandwidth.
  • GreenGeeks starts at $2.95/month is the fastest and cheapest WordPress hosting.
  • WP Engine is the fastest WordPress hosting for high traffic sites.
  • Kinsta is the fastest cloud hosting for WordPress with Free CDN.​

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is the next generation managed Cloud WordPress hosting with features you don't find on other WordPress hosts. Out all service providers, Cloudways offers a maximum of 40+ server location to host your high traffic website from any part of the world.

As said many times, Cloudways understood the market need and launched its hosting platform. Even after years of launch, there is no direct competitor to Cloudways, and that's the real truth.

Even though Cloudways claims to be one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers, let see how it performed in real test. The uptime is 100% and the average response time is about 271 ms.

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2022 1

If we look at the factors that are helping with the performance, there are several advanced technologies such as built-in cache mechanism includes Varnish, Memcached, and Redis, Optimized Stack, CloudwaysCDN, and the Breeze caching plugin. 

While I use WP Rocket on my site, you can also use Cloudways own Breeze plugin for optimizations.

Since Cloudways is a new age hosting platform, they developed their techs for everything. If you take cPanel based hosts, they depend on third-party services for security and backup.

But Cloudways is characterized by rock-solid security such as 24/7 real-time monitoring, two-factor authentication, database security, application isolation, regular security patching, dedicated firewalls, IP Whitelisting, and Free SSL certificate.

Cloudways also comes with developer-friendly features comprises of SSH and SFTP Access, Git Integration, Application & Server Cloning, Staging Area & URLs, WP-CLI Pre-installed, and more.

You can opt for a $22 plan for better performance since they offer 2x more resources, thus automatically improves your performance a lot.

Users can use the Cloudways WP Migrator Plugin to transfer your websites from your old hosting account right from your WordPress dashboard. Cloudways also offers a decent Customer Support service to assist you through 24×7 Live Chat, Phone, and Ticketing. Check more info on my Cloudways review for 2021.

Bloggingio Exclusive Cloudways Promo Code For 2021 for maximum savings.


  1. Premium CDN charges additional [WP Engine & Kinsta pricing includes paid CDN for free]
  2. Support needs some improvement. It was like a Hit or Miss kind where few agents are top-notch while few fail to understand our concerns.

2. Liquid Web

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting plans comes as the most mature hosting solution in the list. Liquid Web is an independent high performance hosting company operating since 1997 and hosts some of the busiest sites of the Internet.

Being a customer of Liquid Web VPS since 2015, I bought their managed WordPress plan and really impressed with the results. The uptime is 100% and the average response time is 245ms.

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2022 2

Most hosts put hard limits on server resources since they rent servers from third-party cloud providers like Google. However, Liquid Web built its server from scratch. They have complete control over the hardware, which makes them free resources to users.

What I'm talking about resources?

Managed WordPress hosts have a concept called PHP Workers.

This PHP workers take care of the concurrent requests happening on your site. More the PHP Workers, more the concurrent requests will be processed on time; if not, your website will throw 504 errors.

What I found is that Liquid Web comes with 10 PHP workers even on a stater plan wherein no other host comes closer to with Liquid Web offerings.

Thus the response time of 245ms which is the fastest WordPress hosting I ever tested. The site hosted on the US datacenter, yet, you can also choose between UK, EU, or Australia locations.

The tech stack of Liquid Web includes multi layer caching through their Cloud accelerator, which combines Ngnix microcache with optimized Redis instance for WordPress applications. This makes the server pretty faster as you can many hosts in this list offer Redis as an addon and charges $100/month.

Customers can always expect robust security with Liquid Web backed by advanced features such as

  • Automatic SSL added by default.
  • Automatic backups (30 days retention, you can also create instant backups when needed)
  • Auto Plugin Updates (The Visual comparison tool scans your website before and after updating a plugin. If the site faces any issue, the update will be reversed)
  • 1- Click staging sites (with sync tech, you can also sync contents between production/staging sites in one click, later at any times)
  • Stencils (Create a stencil from an existing site and use it to spin up new sites using it as the baseline rapidly)


  1. User Interface is not up to mark.
  2. Support is through ticket, although available 24×7 US-based.

3. Kinsta

  • Plan: Starter
  • Price: $30/month
  • Pros: Google data centers, WordPress only company.
  • Deal: Two months free on annual payment.
  • Website:

Started in 2013, Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting service provider that runs on the Google Cloud Platform. After WP Engine, Kinsta is the recent crush among affiliate marketers to host their money sites as they offer the best in class support and performance.

Kinsta claims to be one the fastest WordPress hosting providers and uses industry's leading technologies comprising LXD software containers, Nginx, PHP 7.4, MariaDB, and compute-optimized VMs.

The affiliate site I host reflected 100% average uptime and speed of 281ms on an average.

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2022 3

Kinsta puts a lot of attention on security backed by advanced features comprising 24×7 Server Monitoring, DDoS Protection, SSL, and Hardware firewalls.

What I found interesting about Kinsta are premium offerings.

  • With Google Cloud powered servers, you can choose among 20+ data centers across the globe.
  • Amazon Route Premium DNS for all customers
  • KeyCDN powered CDN with 34 POPs, comes with all premium features
  • LXD containers server deployment (keeps every account isolated separately and not shared)

With all this premium setup, they made their plans available for $30/month, which is excellent as I don't see the above two companies offer premium CDN for free. Maybe you can use free Cloudflare but doesn't match with the premium offerings.


  1. Limited server resource on $30 starter plan
  2. You need to choose Pro plan to run WooCommerce sites.

4. WP Engine

  • Plan: Startup
  • Price: $30/month
  • Pros: #1 Managed host by market share.
  • Deal: Save $60 – $400 or three months free on annual billing
  • Website:

Started in 2010, WP Engine delivers a perfect WordPress digital experience for mission-critical websites. They're the first one to introduce “Managed WordPress Hosting,” and the WP Engine is unimaginably one of the Fastest WordPress Hosting I tested.

WP Engine is the first managed WordPress host I used two years back and never looked moving back to other hosts because of the reason, WP Engine is more than a hosting company.

The average response time of WP Engine is 303ms 

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2022 4

WP Engine calls itself a WordPress Digital Experience Platform, and the features are stunning.

The create agility helps you to innovate and launch faster in the market. Some of the exciting things under it are.'

  • Access to all StudioPress Themes (priced $600 yearly, if bought from
  • Auto migration plugin ( Makes things pretty faster, does better migration than human)
  • Most Essential Features ( Free SSL, CDN, Staging sites, backups, Auto WordPress updates)
  • Geo Target (Provides location specific contents to visitors for increased leads and conversions)
  • 24/7/365 support (best in industry support when it comes to WordPress)

The tech stack includes

  • Amazon and Google data centers across the globe
  • Evercache ( WP Engine inhouse developed caching mechanism)
  • 100+ POPs Premium CDN
  • Application Performance ( WP Engine automatically finds which part of the website having technical issues)
  • Page Performance ( Scans every page on the site and shows speed score, identifies slow loading pages)

Out of all the features, the application & page performance, Geo targeted pages, Access to industry best StudioPress themes, AWS data centers, CDN by MaxCDN with 45 global POPs are something only WP Engine offers.


  1. There are multiple USA server locations, but WP Engine only decides where to host your site.
  2. The addon features are pricer, though WP Engine is the only host to have those features.

4. FastComet

  • Plan: FastCloud Extra
  • Price: $9.95/month
  • Pros: 100% dedicated CPU, Guaranteed 6GB RAM & 6 CPU cores.
  • Deal: 70% Off 2021 
  • Website:

FastComet started in 2013, and I started hosting this site with them from 2015 to till now. Technically, FastComet is affordable yet Fastest WordPress hosting in the entire industry, but as a brand, they are not so famous among web hosting enthusiasts.

Here is my performance report of my site hosted on FastCloud Extra plan. The site loads in less than 355ms and offers 100% uptime most months. 

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2022 5

The primary reasons that make FastComet faster are

  • 100% dedicated CPU
  • Guaranteed 6GB RAM & 6 CPU Core

You can go to any shared host website, and check resource status is available. So far, after analyzing 60+ web hosts in the industry, FastComet offers the highest resources on the shared host.

A 6GB RAM/ 6 CPU core would cost over $100/month on VPS plans. Think about getting the same on a shared host? Now, you know why I use multiple accounts at FastComet and running multiple sites within it.

FastComet offers the best value for money and can be the fastest shared WordPress hosts.


  1. Comes with cPanel, People look for non-cPanel on Managed WordPress hosts.
  2. Renewals cost higher, so better to get long term deal.

5. SiteGround

SiteGround started in 2004 now hosts more than 2 million domains and registers the best growth YoY.

When I joined SiteGround, all I felt is the trust factor created by the team with their fastest WordPress Hosting server performance, support, or even the user interface helps you to understand how dedicated the SiteGround squad is.

SiteGround hosts your site on Google Cloud server; they're the first one to introduce Google servers on the shared hosting plan. You know how Google services work, just like Gmail, Youtube, Search engine, the servers too well maintained with the latest infrastructure.

My tech site recorded 99.99% uptime and 409ms load time in recent times. 

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2022 6

The tech stack includes

  • LXD containers (just like on Kinsta)
  • Google cloud servers
  • Ngnix caching
  • SG Optimizer plugin ( inhouse caching)

SiteGround recently ditched cPanel and launched its control panel, which is an excellent upgrade in 2021. With new dashboard, SiteGround competes with the likes of WP Engine, Liquid Web and Kinsta and offers premium features like

  • Staging sites
  • White label site management
  • Dynamic caching
  • On-demand backups
  • Free SSL/CDN/SSD

SiteGround comes with 24×7 support through phone, ticket, and live chat.


  1. Few essential features are missing in the new dashboard
  2. Typical shared web hosting limitations.

7. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is the underrated company I ever have seen. They started in 2008 and never been acquired by any big brands like EIG. I can connect to live chat in a few seconds, and 99% times, the agents are US based.

They are fast in adapting to new technology like they enabled HTTP/3 QUIC for the fastest in-browser load times and didn't think any other top hosts added it. As far as I know, GreenGeeks is the only shared host that enabled Quic on their platform. HTTP/3 QUIC itself going to improve the speed making this host another best Fastest WordPress Hosting starts at just $2.95/month.

Like this, GreenGeeks has many advantages like inhouse developed caching mechanism, LiteSpeed web server, own data centers, unlimited disk space, industry best environment-friendly host, and many things that can be added to their cap.

GreenGeeks is powered by LiteSpeed web server. If you aren't aware, LiteSpeed is twice faster than Apache web server in the handling process, thus offers fast loading time. Many new age companies like ChemiCloud run entirely with LiteSpeed right from the beginning.

As a result, LiteSpeed combined with Maria DB + Powercacher, the load times are impressive comparable to $30/month hosting plans. GreenGeeks Premium plan is available at just half price $11.95/month.

More than speed, I'm satisfied with its uptime, as I got 100% most times and response time is about 412ms. 

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2022 7

GreenGeeks also made the WordPress deal even better with

  • Unlimited Site Migration
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Daily backups
  • 24×7 live chat support


  1. Upgrades will be harder since there are no managed VPS plans.
  2. Renewals are a little bit higher compared to other shared hosts in this list.

8. A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting needs no introduction in the WordPress industry, as everyone aware of their bold claim “20x faster” and holds with their statement.

Right from the launch of their service in 2001, A2 hosting talks about speed. They worked hard to show some difference companies, and this reflects in their plan.

The Turbo Max plan offers 4GB RAM and four core processors, which is next best to FastComet resources. With somewhat less supply, A2 got the fastest performance with 333ms.

Thanks to the years of excellence in speeding up WordPress sites, the A2 Turbo or Turbo Max plans come with

  • Litespeed webserver
  • Premium AMD EPYC Hardware (NVMe SSD)
  • A2 Optimized WordPress setup

Since FastComet hosted on Apache and A2 with LiteSpeed offers better speed.

Apart from these tech stacks, there are few things that I like & unique to A2 are

  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • Performance plus (Maintain traffic spikes)
  • DDOS Protection ( on the cheapest plan too, I love it)
  • Website staging
  • Localized payment gateway (Pay in your country currency)

All the above features are unique, and I bet you won't find another host. With the anytime money-back guarantee, you can understand how confident they've on their services.


  1. It's pretty hard to mention one here.

9. ChemiCloud 

ChemiCloud is the only new-age company placed on this list. Founded in 2016, ChemiCloud understood what the industry needs and launched their plans & features accordingly.

I'm using their Turbo plan for the last six months, and I'm happy with their service. I can call out what makes them unique to be placed in the list of the fastest WordPress hosting services.

Our website recorded 99.96% uptime and 433ms load time on an average.

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2022 8

Thanks to excellent ChemiCloud features like

  • LiteSpeed web server + caching
  • Cloudflare Railgun optimization

Since I talked about the Litespeed server earlier, let us discuss on Railgun.

Railgun is a Cloudflare optimization tool available on their $20/month plan, but ChemiCloud made it free for all users.

According to Cloudflare,

“Railgun ensures that the connection between your origin server and the Cloudflare network is as fast as possible.

Railgun compresses previously unreachable web objects by leveraging techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video. This can result in an additional performance increase.”

Apart from it, ChemiCloud doesn't upsell many things, and everything comes included in a package

  • Website staging
  • DDOS protection
  • Free domain for lifetime.
  • Free SSL Certificate/CDN
  • Free daily backup & site transfer.

Enjoy 24×7 customer support via live chat and tickets. Since they're new, they focus entirely kept on satisfying customers. I got hosted on their San Fransico data center, but I'm getting good visits from Canada too. I asked for data center change, and then within two hours, they moved our servers to the New York location, which is nearer to Canada.


  1. Discounted price only on 36 months signup.

The Top 3 Fastest WordPress Hosting (Summary)

If you insist on picking the best three out of all hosts, here is my list.

  1. Cloudways – they're the fastest hosting for WordPress. There is no wonder if some other company copies Cloudways hosting model ( 5 cloud providers, 100% control over resources, no server limits ) and offers a similar experience in the near future. They're not only Fastest WordPress hosting but affordable too, just $10/month, even reduces to $8/month with coupon. One more thing, you don't need to pay 12 months upfront, just monthly billing is enough.
  2. FastComet – Compare the resources. They offer guaranteed 6GB RAM/6 CPU Cores/ 100% dedicated CPU. No other shared WordPress hosting offers this enormous amount of resources. With this plan, FastComet promises to handle 100,000+ visits per month. If you believe your site fits in this configuration, just go for it. Sign up for only $5.95/month (limited time)
  3. WP Engine – It was tough choosing this spot as Kinsta is equally good. However, WP Engine is the #1 Managed host with a high market share. Compared to Kinsta, WP Engine offers higher pageviews, better CDN than Kinsta's CDN, allows more number of domain hosting on top tier plans, Access to all StudioPress themes, long time money-back guarantee than kinsta. Moreover, Kinsta doesn't offer an initial discount, but WP Engine provides a minimum of $60 to $400 discounts when paid annually. Thus WP Engine provides better value for money.


Even after reading this much content, you feel hard to pick the best fastest hosting since all the nine hosts listed here have something unique offerings in their own way.

Damn, that's why I use all the above companies for my works.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the fastest and easiest WordPress Hosting Provider?

Based on your criteria, a non-cPanel based host offers the easiest WordPress deployment. Thus the top options are Cloudways, SiteGround, Kinsta, and WP Engine.

2. Which Shared WordPress Hosting Company Performed The Fastest?

The fastest shared WordPress hosting companies are GreenGeeks, FastComet, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and ChemiCloud.

3. What is the Fastest Loading WordPress Hosting?

Based on our test, Liquid Web Managed WordPress host offers the fastest loading time of 245ms on average.