9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022

This article presents a compilation of the fastest WordPress themes that load within seconds and equip your website with satisfying user experiences.

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 1

The Fastest WordPress Themes are

1. Neve

In my view, the Neve WordPress theme is the overall fastest WordPress theme. Neve comes with fantastic customization abilities through which you can create personalized appeal for the page headers, footers, layouts, and other sections.

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 2

Whether you want to create a corporate business website or just a personal blog, Neve is perfect for the purpose. Moreover, you can even support your e-commerce goals and requirements as the theme readily integrates with WooCommerce.

Built on a mobile-first approach, this theme is AMP compatible and has excellent responsive features that make it great for operation on any device and screen.

Moreover, working out these customizations is a breeze with an extendable content editor that easily integrates with page builders like Elementor, Divi, Brizy, etc.

With all these features, Neve comes as the perfect theme of choice for having a fully functional, responsive, and SEO-friendly website that brings results.

Here’s a more a glance look at all the features of Neve.


  1. Built for speed, Neve is a lightweight theme with 100 Grade Speed and loads in less than a second.
  2. It is highly customizable and easily integrates with a number of WordPress Page Builders.
  3. It supports AMP views for the website and has fantastic responsive features with a mobile-first approach.
  4. It is an SEO-friendly theme that makes sure to rank your website on the top SERPs. 
  5. It integrates well with other WordPress plugins without compromising the speed, thus helping create a feature-rich and robust website.

Pricing Plans

Neve comes with three pricing plans, the lowest starting at ₹4449/year. This starter plan is ideal for a personal website. For more business-like requirements, you can move on to the Business and Agency Plans that cost ₹7499 and ₹11999 per year.

Alternatively, you can get the theme for a lifetime by making upfront payments of ₹14999 for Personal Plan, ₹21999 for Business Plan, and ₹35999 for Agency Plan.

All these are discounted offer prices running now, so if you’re considering getting Neve, you want to do it soon because you never know when the offer expires.

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2. GeneratePress

Secondly, I would recommend GeneratePress as the next overall best and fastest WordPress theme. GeneratePress is a free, open-source WordPress theme that helps you create brilliant websites whether you’re looking for an agency website, business website, or even just a personal blog.

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 3

GeneratePress comes with a block-based builder using which you can customize the elements of the website in separate blocks and give it a very visual and appealing look. The customization gets easier through integration with multiple WordPress Page builders as well.

With extensive features for maintaining speed and visual appeal and a focus on accessibility and support, GeneratePress is ideal for all, be it web developers, freelancers, or agencies.


  1. Free and Open-source theme accessible to all.
  2. The block-based website builder allows easy customizations.
  3. It is highly compatible with WordPress page builders and plugins, making it easier to add features, functionalities, and customizations to the website.
  4. Reduced Page Loading time with 100% speed score.
  5. All-time support from the expert team.
  6. More features to unlock with Premium.

Pricing Plans

Being free and open-source, GeneratePress is readily available and free to start with. However, for more features, you can go for the premium plans available at a yearly price of $59 or a one-time payment of $249 for a lifetime subscription.

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3. Genesis

Genesis is the next fastest WordPress theme on my list. Genesis is an open-source WordPress theme offered by StudioPress. With speed, flexibility, accessibility, and compatibility in mind, Genesis is the perfect theme to take your WordPress website to new levels.

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 4

Genesis easily integrates with the Gutenberg editor, helping you build and customize the website in different blocks. The framework is SEO-friendly and secure and makes sure that your websites rank in the top positions on search engines.

Not only could you create websites with Genesis, but it’s good to even support your e-commerce store. Moreover, you never have to worry about the users accessing your stores or websites through mobile devices owing to the excellent responsive features of the website. 

Here’s a list of all the features available with this website theme.


  1. One-click setup that gets you started within seconds.
  2. Gutenberg Block Editor helps customize different elements of a website in blocks.
  3. It has responsive features that make it ideal for all kinds of devices.
  4. Integrates with WooCommerce, thus supporting your e-commerce needs and requirements.
  5. Highly customizable for website elements as well as brand logos.
  6. Free and open-source, which makes it accessible for everyone.
  7. Unlock more features in the Pro version.

Pricing Plans

The theme is open source and free to use. However, to overcome the limitations of the free version, you can go for the Pro version for just $360 a year.

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4. Suki

Suki, the next lightweight WordPress theme built with speed in mind. Suki is highly customizable with compatibility with multiple WordPress Page Builders, making it great for achieving a visual appeal in your website.

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 5

With the best practices for maintaining website speed, the Suki theme loads at record times and has a lighting fast speed. 

Additionally, it supports seamless integration with several WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, etc., making it great for creating multi-purpose websites.

The best part is you can do all of this without writing a single line of code. So, Suki is an extremely great theme for non-technical people who’re looking forward to creating a user-friendly website with a simple, sleek, and easy interface.


  1. Highly customizable
  2. Responsive theme
  3. SEO-friendly
  4. Integrates well with Page Builders and Plugins
  5. User-friendly with stable codes and high security
  6. Free and open-source to start with

Pricing Plans

Suki is free to start with. Moving to the pro versions, you can choose between the Pro-Essential and Pro-Design plans, which cost $59 and $79, respectively. These are yearly prices for the plans.

Besides the yearly plans, you can also take a lifetime license at $249 and $299 respectively for the Essential and Design plans.

5. Marketers Delight

Coming up next is Marketers Delight, the perfect theme for your WordPress website. This theme features speed, flexibility, accessibility, and security at its core with a strong marketing framework.

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 6

Marketers Delight integrates well with different plugins making it ideal for creating a feature-rich website that supports your marketing goals and ideas. The Gutenberg block editor supports seamless content delivery on the website, which integrates well with the MD Site Designer to bring out the best typography and design on your site.

Moreover, the Marketers Delight toolkit comes with highly developer-friendly options and features to create admin pages and add custom fields and metadata within minutes.


  1. Lightweight theme with amazing optimization that seamlessly meets marketing and SEO goals.
  2. MD Site Designer ensures sleek and clean design with the perfect typography and text spacing.
  3. Gutenberg Block Editor helps easily customize different blocks in the website.
  4. The MD toolkit features developer-friendly functionalities helping create admin pages and other metadata and custom fields in no time.
  5. Integrates with different plugins and tools to better support marketing goals and requirements.
  6. Easy addition of like, share, and comment buttons to make the website more interactive and user-friendly.


Marketers Delight comes with an active site license at the price of just $97. Once you purchase the license, you can use the theme on multiple sites as per requirements as long as your license is active and valid.

6. Astra

Astra is one of the fastest themes available on WordPress that most people love to use. Built with speed in mind, Astra is extremely lightweight, with less than 50KB for its resources. Being this light, the theme loads seamlessly in less than 0.5 seconds.

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 7

Astra is highly customizable, with seamless no-code customization options and compatibility with Gutenberg Page Builder. Not only can you customize the theme, but it’s even website ready with many pre-built websites to pick from, thereby reducing the design time.

Additionally, you can equip the website for online stores and e-commerce businesses through seamless integration with WooCommerce.

Not to mention that the theme is SEO-friendly and will help rank your website on top pages in no time.

The best part is that it’s absolutely free, and you can limitlessly extend the functionalities by unlocking more features in the paid versions.


  1. Highly customizable with drag-and-drop header and footers and compatibility with Gutenberg Page Builder.
  2. Feather-light with less than 50KB resource size making the theme deliver excellent speed and page load time of less than 0.5seconds.
  3. Seamless Integration with WooCommerce makes it ideal for building e-commerce stores.
  4. SEO-friendly and responsive features add to the user experiences.

Pricing Plans

Free to start with, you can extend the benefits of Astra by moving to pro plans which are available in three different formats. The plans start at $47/year, and for added functionalities, you can move on to the higher plans at $169/year and $249/year.

Besides the annual plans, you can get lifetime licenses for the price of $249 for the Pro plan, $499 for the Essential Bundle, and $699 for the Growth Bundle.

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7. Blocksy

The next theme is Blocksy which becomes your companion with its lightning speed and increased performance. Blocksy is a no-code, lightweight, innovative theme with customizable website builder features and lighting speed to provide you feature-rich, high-performance WordPress websites.

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 8

Blocksy has a clean code that equips the entire theme with seamless features and functionalities. It’s compatible with multiple page builders that help you create and edit website designs and pages with ease, and you never need to write even a single line of code. What adds to the ease is the readiness for Gutenberg, which makes it easy to work out the pages in blocks.

Blocksy is WooCommerce ready as well, which makes it ideal for e-commerce store creation too.

In addition, the theme comes with other necessary web development features such as customization, responsiveness, SEO-friendliness, integrations, multilingual capabilities, etc.


  1. Highly innovative and customizable theme with no-code requirements that make development a breeze.
  2. Lightweight theme with low resource size that makes it load at a lightning-fast speed.
  3. Gutenberg-ready theme that makes it easy to build the website in blocks.
  4. E-commerce ready through easy integration with WooCommerce.
  5. SEO-friendly
  6. Responsive features
  7. Multilingual capabilities

Pricing Plans

Blocksy comes with three different annual licenses. The Personal Plan provides a license for one site at a yearly cost of $49. When Blocksy Black Friday 2022 gets live, the pricing might get a 40% further discount.

If you need to build more than one site, you can go for the Professional Plan at an annual cost of $69 and a license for five sites.

For requirements over and above, you can take the Agency Plan with an unlimited site license and a cost of merely $99/year.

Alternatively, for the Personal, Professional, and Agency plan, you can get a lifetime license at the cost of $149, $199, and $299, respectively.

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8. Kadence

Kadence is one of the most notable themes available for WordPress website development. Kadence is not only a theme but a complete website builder. It’s innovative and comes with intuitive themes and plugins.

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 9

The well-designed, lightweight theme with responsive and SEO-friendly features makes this theme perfect for building effective websites that deliver fantastic performance and fulfilling user experiences. 

Be it a personal blog, corporate business website, or even an e-commerce store, everything is possible with the Kadence framework owing to the pre-design launch templates, intuitive toolkit, and seamless plugin integration.


  1. An intuitive website builder with numerous pre-designed customizable templates that are easy to launch for the website.
  2. WooCommerce Integration makes it ideal for online store development.
  3. Blocks Toolkit helps deliver stellar content with high readability.
  4. SEO-friendliness and responsiveness add to top-notch user experiences and satisfaction.
  5. Social Media Presence creation through the ability to add social media buttons on the website.
  6. Easy navigation and seamless user interface with excellent typography and scroll to top features.

Pricing Plans

Kadence offers three yearly plans, which cost $59, $129, and $199 based on the features and functionalities they provide. Alternatively, you can take a lifetime license at an upfront payment of $599.

All the plans come with a 30-days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. So, in case you’re not satisfied, you’ll not lose your money and can get a full refund within the said time limit.

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9. OceanWP

If you’re a beginner looking out for a customizable, responsive, and SEO-friendly theme, OceanWP is the choice for you. OceanWP comes with simple, intuitive, and customizable one-click launch demo templates

9 Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 10

It allows you to create and build your website within minutes without needing to write even a single line of code.

Not only can you launch the website with ready-to-use templates, but you can even customize them with ease with end-to-end customization options for layout, headers, footers, typography, colors, etc.

OceanWP is also e-commerce ready with simple WooCommerce Integrations. Additionally, you can integrate it with other plugins too.


  1. Beginner-friendly theme with no-code build-up.
  2. Ready-to-use and launch demo templates to help create websites within minutes.
  3. High customization abilities for every aspect of the website.
  4. Seamless integration with WooCommerce supports e-commerce development.
  5. Integration with other WordPress extensions for added functionalities.
  6. Responsive features make it ideal for all screen types.

Pricing Plans

OceanWP is a highly affordable theme with plans for three sites starting from as little as $27/year. This is the cost of the personal plan. Moving on to the more advanced business and agency plans, the business plan provides a license for six sites at the cost of $47/year, while the agency plan costs $77/year with a license for up to 50sites.

Alternatively, you can take lifetime licenses for each plan at the cost of $111, $191, and $311, respectively, for the Personal, Business, and Agency plans.

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Why is the Fastest WordPress Theme Important For A Website?

When creating a website, you want to make sure that it’s visually attractive and appealing. The more the visual appeal of your website, the more likely the visitors to explore it and convert. So, you want to use themes that are good with their visuals, colors, tones, animations, etc.

With the right website themes, you can establish unmatched visual appeal and uniqueness. However, you want to be careful when choosing these themes because visual appeal is not the only thing they determine. Website themes that have a lot of animation and other visuals are notably bulky, which hampers your website's speed.

If your website does not possess speed, no matter how visually appealing it is, the users will not stay. Speed of the website comes as the most important factor in making the visitors stay and explore. Statistics have revealed that if a website takes anywhere more than three to seven seconds to load, it shall experience an increase in bounce rates.

Which is the Fastest WordPress Theme For You?

In my opinion, you can go for the Neve theme that gives you flexible plans to opt for. It is a value-for-money pick too. If you wish to proceed with a lightweight theme, Genesis, Suki, and Astra themes suit well. When it comes to beginner-friendly and affordability, you can go for the OceanWP theme.

The theme of a website is a cornerstone in deciding its visual appeal. But in addition to the visual appeal, you need to look into the speed and loading time of the themes as well. If the themes do not load fast, the users will most likely leave your site before they even get a chance to look at it.

So, visually attractive themes with lightning-fast response time must be your focus and priority when choosing WordPress themes. This article has listed down nine of the fastest WordPress themes for your consideration. Each theme loads within seconds and provides intuitive features with a developer-friendly and user-friendly interface.

I hope this article shall be helpful and you’d be able to find the fastest WordPress theme that perfectly meets your web development requirements.

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